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  1. JMG...If no one replies by end of next week...I will you let you know. We leave on Adventure this Saturday!
  2. When I first saw article I was thinking they were going to a Haven/Yacht Club type of experience. Then when I read the amenities...I quickly realized its just another Havana type( a notch up)exclusive area... All this does is take space away from ship...I see little value and agree if I want upscale there are other lines which offer a better experience
  3. I did not find it...I was unable to remove my wife (system locked in both of us)because we are both under same reservation # and both adults must purchase beverage package... No biggie...I called RCL and the agent confirmed the system does that but she happily booked 1 package with Vroom and the other without it. I was pleasantly surprised how I got right thru to an agent and everything was done in less than 5 min.
  4. I'm not worried...I received confirmation of the credit request almost immediately from RCL so I have proof/backup...Many others have done the cancel/rebooking with no problems....Sorry to hear of your delay in your refund.
  5. Nope... It automatically puts a package of the same type under my and my wifes name once I choose a deluxe beverage package . Can't modify it.
  6. CoralC... Thank you. I was hoping I could do online...but to save a few bucks I'll put up with phone call game!! LOL
  7. With Cruiseline transfers they will wait until bus is full... Best bet is to do self disemabarkation if you are capable of carrying your own luggage off ship. If this is not possible...Go to guest services and request to be in one of the first called group numbers. Show them your flight time and they will give you a early zone number. Basically your zone will be called after self disemabarkation guests, Diamond/Platinum/FTTF guests. Self disembarkation is your best bet
  8. I would like to purchase 1 Deluxe Beverage Package with Vroom and 1 Deluxe Beverage Package . Why does RCL require you to purchase 2 Deluxe Beverage Packages with Vroom?? This makes no sense at all. So frustrating. Had I known this I would not have cancelled my current beverage packages (without Vroom). Now I'm forced to buy 2 packages with Vroom or just buy Vroom individually and pay almost $5/day more for Vroom vs the Price included with Beverage package
  9. You likely will dock well before 8am.... Assuming ship is cleared as usual....you should not have a problem. I would plan on a hour to Airport once you leave ship. This would include getting baggage, clearing customs, getting a cab and travel to Airport.
  10. I wouldn't knock Carnival.... Equally as good, better in customer service, food and smiling staff, then MSC...not including Yacht Club of course.
  11. We did it last year.... while on MSC Seaside. The buffet offers a fairly large selection. My then 8 year old grandson is a picky eater and they had child food offerings such as chicken nuggets, etc. We had an enjoyable day.... lots of options to keep the kids busy whether it be at the pool or ocean.
  12. Regarding your billing debacle... This may sound too obvious....but " I said to go ahead and pay with the Visa on my account, and we headed to breakfast."  Couldn't you have just shown them your paid receipt?? I'm pretty certain it shows the last 4 digits of the card you used to settle the account.
  13. We cruised on Seaside last March as well in YC.... And I agree with your comments. We may have been on the same cruise because twice during the week I saw a older Gray hair gentleman come up stairway from Top Sail lounge in baggy shorts and a polo. That party was promptly seated.
  14. Missing my point.... We never signed anything on our Vista cruise in the Dining Room. Thats why I believe waiter just mixed up numbers....and probably had them on a piece of paper and when billing out just used the wrong # consistently. That makes me think it wasn't a one time thing and he used that mixed up number for the whole cruise. Mistakes happen...no need to sweat the small stuff if you weren't impacted financially.
  15. We give our waiter our folio number on 1st night and he never asks for our card again. And I and my wife have atleast 2-3 drinks during dinner. (FYI...we always have Cheers) Additionally our 1st drink is already on our table when we sit down (late seating). IMO...waiter just mixed up folio numbers and charged another table to OP's account. Also..when I review my bill I could careless how many beverages are listed, as if I could remember anyway!!....as long as I see a $0.00 I'm satisfied. Interestingly... I didn't read OP stating they had beverages each evening in MDR....Did they??
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