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  1. I would think that RCI also has video footage of the side of the ship from the outside. When we have done bridge tours, the wings that stick out give you a view all the way down the side of the ship until you come to the cantilever hot tubs. I'm sure there are cameras on the other end too. This kind of video would give a complete view of what happened.
  2. I would think that a letter from the father would have to be notarized - not just signed.
  3. This is a message board. No one gets to dictate what kind of replies people post. People will post warnings. People will post parenting advice. That is part of what a message board is. I think they will be very strict. I have seen them push down spikey hair to measure a kid on board for both the flow rider and the water slides. Unless the child met the height requirement they were turned away. Disappointing to that family, but rules are in place for a reason.
  4. Keep in mind that when we say "Cookies" we are talking homemade style cookies - NOT oreos or other typical store bought in a bag type of cookies.
  5. She may have thought that since she booked BEFORE the change, that she was AUTOMATICALLY Grandfathered in. This is NOT the case. RCI might have added her $50 OBC to her cruise planner and she already spent it without realizing what she was using. Not saying that this happened, just pointing out what might have. Unless she responded to the email, booking before the change would still result in the OBC.
  6. If God forbid anyone gets Noro Virus, I cannot imagine being quarantined in such a small cabin.
  7. You should have had an email from RRI several months ago asking if you wanted to be "Grandfathered" in to the DDD or receive the $50 OBC. If you did not actively "select'" the Grandfathered in selection, they moved everyone to OBC. Did you make any pre-cruise purchases? If so, you might have already used your OBC.I just checked, and my two Allure cruises for October already have the DDD $50 OBC available for spending in pre cruise purchases. You might have spent it without realizing it. As I said, unless you SPECIFICALLY replied to their email, all guests were moved to OBC.
  8. Remember too, that art only has financial value if you can find someone who is willing to buy it from you at the price you want to sell it fo. I think that a lot of the cost of on board ship art goes into the framing, not the art itself.
  9. We will be there April 16 with Navigator, Brilliance, Mariner. We sure won't be buying a water park pass. We were there last year with one medium size ship and the slide lines were crazy long. Can't imagine paying all that money and only getting to go down a slide a few times.
  10. Another thing to consider. I personally would not be comfortable taking someone else's child without them having a passport. It takes some time to get a passport, so make sure if your daughter is changing her mind, she does in far enough in advance for the new guest to secure a passport.
  11. Question for those in the know! We will get our fourth block on Allure this fall over in Europe. I would prefer not to have to cart the heavy block home with me. Can I ask to just receive one six weeks later when we are on Oasis? To be honest, my other reason is that I already have an Allure block. Just wondering if there is any flexibility here.
  12. Do the crew a favor and just give them regular currency. I have no idea where this 'cutesy' idea of giving $2 bills came about, but why would anyone want to give a gift that the recipient could likely have difficulty spending?
  13. Our very first cruise, sailing out of Port Canaveral, we had dolphins swimming/jumping beside our ship the entire way out of port. It was awesome, as if the local tourist board had set it up. 45 cruise later and we have not seen dolphins EVER again! Seriously, the only thing we have ever seen is some flying fish a couple of times.
  14. Does anyone know if the forward facing cabins on Explorer - 9502,9504, 9202,9204 are the same size? (I know the central ones are bigger because they are family cabins.) I am wondering if you lose square footage if you take the cabins on the end.
  15. Ask yourself too, if you really want your 11 year old in a club that has much less supervision, and boys who are three years older than her.
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