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  1. Florida sinks to a new low or did we rise to a new high? Either way Florida had 8942 new cases today, with 39 deaths. We are officially on the "Hellinahandbasket" path. P.S. Just announced - effective immediately alcohol can no longer be sold for consumption on premises from any bar or restaurant.
  2. We finally got partial payment for our April 13th. cruise this week. Nothing yet for the April 18th. one. This was for the taxes and fees as we took a FCC for the rest of the fare paid.
  3. I wouldn't worry about Covid-19 being passed through the water in the pool, but through the giant sneeze from the person standing too close to you! Think about how crowded these tiny pools are normally. Yes they will try their best to limit capacity and keep people six feet apart, but all it takes is one jerk who won't follow rules and now you have exposure to lots of people.
  4. So the rules change and they expect people to happily give away thousands of dollars to family and friends? How presumptious of them to assume that people can afford to do this.
  5. Would you get this upset if a car you bought last week had a huge discount program start this week? Also why are you harping over and over again about being a senior? Would it be ok if younger people lost the same money as you did? This is a huge world wide pandemic, and I feel that RCI and all the cruise lines are doing the best that they can. You chose to purchase without insurance - either through RCI or privately. Now you must face the consequences of that decision.
  6. We are scheduled to do a back to back on Brilliance out of Tampa starting on April 13th. The breaking point came today when my school Principal decided that anyone who travels internationally or goes on a cruise will be subject to a 14 day quarantine upon return. We are a small private school for special needs students - many of whom are medically fragile, so she felt that this was the safest decision. I am not going to cancel until three days ahead just in case things turn around.
  7. Thanks for the info and the suggestion. Much appreciated!
  8. You should have gone up the "Chain on Command" while you were on board. Your Cabin Steward does not work for Guest Services - they work for the Head Housekeeper, who in turn reports to the Hotel Director. You should have asked to speak to the Head Housekeeper. They would have made sure this was taken care of in an expedient and safe manner. Hope your family is feeling better.
  9. My DH says that he has been able to connect to his work VPN, but ONLY on the STREAM level of service. Surf does not work for him.
  10. The Neighborhood View insides on deck 9 are very nice. They have a large picture window with seating bench looking out over Central Park. Completely center of the ship. Natural light, and a very convenient location.
  11. The girl at guest services on our Serenade cruise last month tried to tell me we couldn't have my two free days since we had purchased an internet package online before the cruise. I went to the Voom person and they said nonsense, and added a second device to my existing plan. She was going to speak to the CS rep and correct her.
  12. I really don't know! But given a choice, I would choose pretty much any other beverage over Danani water. It just gives me a strange taste in my mouth. Could be it just reacts weird with my body chemistry?
  13. So, if it was an uncle that dropped the baby would you still feel this way? How about a cousin? Next door neighbor? Because I can guarantee you that if this action was done by say a child care worker - or say and Adventure Ocean staff member - that person would be in jail by now. I'm sure no one is questioning the horrible lifelong guilt that entire family will have to live with. That doesn't mean that the GF shouldn't have to pay for his actions. This was not an "accident" - this was an adult doing an action that caused the death of another. Very different.
  14. Cans or plastic - I HATE the taste of Dasani Water either way!
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