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  1. Can't adults have someplace where it is just adults? Why must people always want to ask for 'exceptions' to the stated rules? In the kids club - 'my child is too mature for their age group! Can they move up?' In the Diamond Lounge - ' I'm travelling with my adult kids - can I bring them in even though I know the rule says no?' In the Solarium Pool - ' 14 year old Suzie is very quiet and mature for her age, why can't she come with me?' What ever happened to the concept that a company/organization/school sets rules and people follow them as written? If you don't like the rules, spend your money elsewhere. This is not really aimed at the OP here - just that lately there have been SO many threads with people looking to circumvent around the stated rules.
  2. The part that says the service charge is included in packages booked online is buried in the Term & Conditions. *Specialty Dining Packages must be booked at least two days prior to boarding and may not be available for every sail date. One reservation must be used on the first or second night of the sailing. Packages include service charge and food portion only for dinner and, when available, lunch service. Beverages not included.
  3. Your daughter will NOT be allowed in the Diamond Club on Royal Caribbean. There will be a letter in your cabin on boarding explicitly stating this rule. There are going to be posters on this thread telling you to just ask the concierge to 'make an exception' for you. Please do not do that. It puts the concierge in an awkward position, and is unfair to others when space is at such a premium. I believe that Celebrity DOES allow cabinmates to accompany you to top tier events. Thank you for asking about the rules. It shows you have integrity. Have a wonderful cruise.
  4. OMG!!! Me too! I truly cannot stand the Blairs. I'm sure they are nice people, but they just rub me the wrong way!
  5. I think that I am going to start asking if they are required to ask for these 10's since the cruise survey asks us to name those who ask for them. Perhaps even ask if I can take a quick cell phone photo of their name tag so I can be sure to spell their name correctly! Ask them this with all sweetness and sincerity in your voice. Bet that puts a stop to this annoying practice right away quick!
  6. Do you envision your 10 year old going anywhere without you where charging will be an issue? I am firmly in the camp of 10 year olds being too young to be wandering around the ship on their own, so for me charging would be a non issue.
  7. I'm not sure you would even break even on an offer like that! Grand Suites cost a LOT more than Junior Suites!
  8. Back in April of 2012, I got a call from RCI less then a week before our cruise. They had 'suddenly' realized that they had overbooked our cruise, and would we be willing to CHANGE SHIPS? Seriously, they were asking people who lived in Florida and could drive to Fort Lauderdale if they would change from Freedom Eastern to Allure Western. Left the same date and for the same length. The woman on the phone sounded so stressed that I agreed. I was STUPID! The cruise ended up costing us more money, and RCI didn't give us a nickel for our trouble. Extra day of dog sitting was $80 (four Greyhounds), driving an additional three hours plus tolls, wear and tear on our car. To be fair, I should have asked for some OBC for compensation. Ironically the cruise prices for Freedom were higher than Allure that week. We had fun though, so in the end it was all good. Turned out to be over 35 people that were 'relocated' to Allure from Freedom that cruise!
  9. So you expected the onboard counsellors to be able to handle your son with "Big Behavioral Challenges" with no knowledge of him or his needs? I teach in a school for special needs kids, and we have a ratio of 1:5. Were you expecting that kind of ratio? Totally not realistic for what is basically a day camp environment that is completely self contained. Did you not check out exactly what Adventure Ocean is before booking your cruise? Read reviews? While they may staff for 1:25, were there actually 25 kids there for each staff member every session your entire cruise? By handling special needs they mean that they will allow your child to age down if appropriate. They will waive the potty trained rule. It doesn't mean they will have the staff available to handle a child with major behavioral challenges.
  10. Memories like this one are worth every single bit of extra work! At least they were to us!
  11. While the 18 month old might not remember much, WE certainly do! Family memories are not just for the those that remember! I can't imagine taking family photos and looking back and realizing one was missing because we were too lazy to make the effort to bring her along too.
  12. WOW! There are some really rude and selfish people on this thread! We took our son and daughter-in-law and two granddaughters on Oasis last year. Older girl was 3.5, but not 100% potty trained so no kids club for her. Younger one was 18 months old. The older one is STILL talking about the cruise all the time. Neither one used any kind of babysitting, they spent all their time with the parents and us. Was it a 'different' kind of cruise? Absolutely. Was it a wonderful family memory? You bet!
  13. https://twitter.com/i/status/1112678138734149632 Here is a link to James Van Fleet's twitter page with video of the cofferdams in place this morning before the accident.
  14. Maybe you should add "Construction crane topples onto Oasis while in wet dock in Bahamas."
  15. James Van Fleet reported that they were using "Cofferdams" on Oasis to be able make the repairs she needed while still wet. Everything is still in the water floating, except they have built a cofferdam around the azipod that needs repair so that the workers can access it in a dry environment.
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