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  1. We took our son and his family on Oasis and we paid full third and fourth passenger fares for the 18 month old and the 3 1/2 year old. They take up a 'berth' or lifeboat position, so you pay for them as any other. They actually 'cost' the cruiseline money since they don't buy anything, drink liquor, gamble etc.
  2. Well of course the price went up, you are adding a third person. Babies do not sail for free, unless you book during a "Kids Sail Free" event. Children are priced at the exact same rate as an adult who is the third person on a booking - no kids rate. In fact, you will also need to pay gratuities for the child.
  3. The Allure cruise we saved $400 on was a back to back, and RCI told our travel agent that the first leg went up in price. I called back and got our travel agent to check again, and it actually went down almost $400 as well. Lesson learned! If it looks like it went down on the RCI site and they tell you it didn't, call back and get them to take a second look at your pricing.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! We saved $400 on our Allure cruise 10/18/20.
  5. We were just on Harmony this past weekend. I was talking with the Hotel Director one morning, and I mentioned how much I like the cabin layout on Harmony, and wished that they had done that on Oasis and Allure. The freestanding armoires instead of a closet. He informed me that the Oasis and Allure would be having total redos of their cabins during this dry dock, and that they would look exactly like the Harmony cabins. Now take this with a grain of salt, but that is exactly what the Harmony Hotel Director told me.
  6. Does anyone know if we will get some of the tax and port fees refunded? On Harmony we originally had Coco Cay, St. Thomas and St. Maarten, and now we just have Labadee. Seems like there should be less fees charged now.
  7. The photos I posted were from cabin 9249 on Allure. I would imagine Oasis would have a similar view, but not the same trees! LOL! Hope you have a great cruise!
  8. We had a nice view of the mid to top of the trees outside our window. We really liked these cabins and would have no problem booking them again.
  9. Then we would finally know the answer to the question of "Does my state attendent get to keep the extra tips I give him?"
  10. I do. In an industry where the crew are super worried about offending or ticking off a passenger, it puts them in a very awkward position. In addition, if I had paid to have suite privileges, then I would be unhappy if freeloaders were getting the same extras that I paid a lot for. Why bother booking and paying for extras if all you need do it tailgate off your friends and family?
  11. No. Just don't. People who pay for suites pay a HUGE premium over those that don't. It simply isn't fair to ask to include others in your party that did NOT pay that premium. It puts the Concierge in an awkward position, and it causes the suite areas to be more crowded than they should be. Not fair the the paying suite guests.
  12. I would be "Royally P@ssed" if people who had strollers were allowed to board before Diamond Plus. Seriously, that is just wrong. It's not like on a plane where they need extra time to get their and child and gear stowed and strapped in.
  13. View from six cabins from the end. Your view would be even better!
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