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  1. Thank you for all your replies and input. We booked the cruise today! Looking forward to our first cruise with Oceania next April.
  2. Hello everyone, my husband and I are thinking about taking the Radiant Rhythms cruise next April on the Oceana Sirena. It woud be our first cruise with Oceana and I am pretty excited about giving it a try. But my husband is a bit unsure, because the Sirena will go to the dry doc next May for a refurnishment, Oceania Next. He is afraid that before that the ship will show its age and be poorly maintenaced before that. It is not so much aobut being an older ship and not so stylish but about being in a bad condition that could be annoying. Has anyone been on the Sirena lately and could tell me if my husbands worries are valid or (hopefully) not?
  3. If you purchased the dining package are there still some extra charges for a dinner at cagneys steak house? or are then all items on the menue there inculuded?
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