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  1. I think it's important to remember that Royal's decision is not necessarily altruistic and an attempt to 'save Venice'; probably more to do with port fees. Additionally, other companies plan to home port in Venice - Costa, MSC and probably others. Currently Vision of the Seas is due an overnight in Venice on 10th and 11th May 2021, so the Ravenna decision does seem bit odd.
  2. After a search, it seems that Royal is currently the only cruise line to have abandoned sailings from and to Venice next year. This port is a really important part of the vacation for me with before and after hotel stays - and that's before we think about a 2-3 hour bus journey, waiting around for buses and people, and traffic, all twice!! Seriously thinking about other ships.
  3. This is disappointing, not only because of the extra time and delays for embarkation and disembarkation but also the potential loss of relaxing and enjoying Venice before and after. If the shuttle goes from Marco Polo, that's a 90 minute journey from San Marco, possibly before and after the cruise(s). I wonder what the real reason is for this change? I don't think it's about being proactive and 'defending' Venice! Presently both MSC and Costa still show as cruising to and from Venice in 2021; additionally, it's likely that Royal will lose out by this itinerary change. We'll see.
  4. Tempting not to join this discussion but here goes.....it could be seen as a way of gathering loyal cruisers' views on waiting months to get their money back at a time when money could be most needed. Surprisingly to me, it seems that generally people here are willing to offer understanding and sympathy to a company caught in the midst of conflicting difficulties. I think Royal is deliberately holding on to our cash thereby taking advantage of regular customers. I'm still waiting for refunds since Royal cancelled my cruises on 17th March - 52 days. After 4 emails and 3 calls (one c
  5. UPDATE - 5th May and still waiting. I was told on 21st April that the time was now 45 days. I'm at 53 days and still no sign. When travel becomes safe again, I intend to cruise another 62 time but it's highly likely I won't be on a Royal ship.
  6. To add some experiences: I'm waiting on $3,400 for cruises only, and way past the 'promised' 30 days. I think Royal cruises are great and I have completed 62 cruises with them but I'm not going to join those who are patient or those who are (rightly) annoyed. I'm just disappointed, not because of my loyalty or because I should be treated better than others. My flights were with Jet2 (UK) and I've already received refunds. This company contacted me by email then telephone, offered me a credit or refund - 4 days later money back on my card. This is a big airline with plenty of flights and
  7. No Italian ports on these sailings now - there were 4. Villefranche stays and new ports are a mixture of Malaga, Alicante, Marseille, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia; 1 sea day. Good to see clear information from Royal 7 weeks prior to sail date.
  8. Try a company called 'Venice Limo'. In July it was 60 Euros from the airport to the ship.
  9. Hello, I normally buy the De-Luxe BP onboard, however if I bought it online would I still receive my 30% D+ discount? Thanks
  10. Apologies, I do need to clarify Point 3 above: By no means do all the ships display lists of passengers who have removed auto-tips, however any list seen would refer to 2 cruises prior to the current cruise. Imagine having to update it every day and then display it in various crew areas! I didn't want to believe it either but Point 2 above is true, sorry.
  11. Lots of intrigue with this topic but here's the 'reality'. Whether you continue with the current system is your choice. 1) Auto-tips are distributed 2 weeks after you leave the ship. 2) Royal takes 20% of your tip. 3) There is no list of who has or hasn't removed their auto-tips. 4) Crew keep the cash you give them or sometimes share with helpers - Cabin Stewards for example. 5) There is no obligation for crew to hand cash over to Royal.
  12. It's what you make of it commensurate to your expectations. I think Rhapsody is an excellent ship: happy crew, excellent food and restaurants, great ports - I never heard the word 'no'. Yes there's a bit of wear and tear but so what? My Jag isn't perfect but it's still a Jag!! Enjoy and stop looking for worn furniture and light fittings.🤣
  13. Other poster is correct, Euros just near Guest Services. Exchange rate not good plus I was charged a 6 Euro fee. It's handy if you need it.
  14. Wash and fold was available. No other offers unless you have C & A status.
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