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  1. Hello, I normally buy the De-Luxe BP onboard, however if I bought it online would I still receive my 30% D+ discount? Thanks
  2. Apologies, I do need to clarify Point 3 above: By no means do all the ships display lists of passengers who have removed auto-tips, however any list seen would refer to 2 cruises prior to the current cruise. Imagine having to update it every day and then display it in various crew areas! I didn't want to believe it either but Point 2 above is true, sorry.
  3. Lots of intrigue with this topic but here's the 'reality'. Whether you continue with the current system is your choice. 1) Auto-tips are distributed 2 weeks after you leave the ship. 2) Royal takes 20% of your tip. 3) There is no list of who has or hasn't removed their auto-tips. 4) Crew keep the cash you give them or sometimes share with helpers - Cabin Stewards for example. 5) There is no obligation for crew to hand cash over to Royal.
  4. It's what you make of it commensurate to your expectations. I think Rhapsody is an excellent ship: happy crew, excellent food and restaurants, great ports - I never heard the word 'no'. Yes there's a bit of wear and tear but so what? My Jag isn't perfect but it's still a Jag!! Enjoy and stop looking for worn furniture and light fittings.🤣
  5. Other poster is correct, Euros just near Guest Services. Exchange rate not good plus I was charged a 6 Euro fee. It's handy if you need it.
  6. Wash and fold was available. No other offers unless you have C & A status.
  7. It normally arrives at 5am but the first departure is around 7am.
  8. Sorry no, I was in an interior.
  9. I didn't see any so not sure if they were available.
  10. Hello everyone, Just finished 3 weeks on Rhapsody, happy to answer any questions.
  11. No problems in the past. Better though to travel by a car taxi rather than the water bus or taxi. I've been to Marco Polo many times and it really isn't that bad.
  12. Hello, Does anyone know where the Rhapsody will be from 26th October 2019 to 8th November 2019? The ship arrives in Barcelona on 26th October and doesn't start the Transatlantic until 9th November.
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