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  1. Celebrity Cruises introduces new "Always Included" pricing for new bookings made after Nov. 17, 2020, as reported in Cruise Critic's Cruise News today. Being Elite Plus cruisers we feel we've been thrown overboard as it seems our loyalty has no perks any more. So long Celebrity, it's been nice.
  2. Our refund for our first cruise back in March took about 45 days, and we just got our 2nd refund for our May 11 cruise and it also took about 45 days. Both seem to be sent out from Celebrity on a Sunday and posted on credit card on Wednesdays. Thank you Celebrity.
  3. Sorry about the date and number of days I posted earlier. It was late last night and when I checked the date on Celebrity's email, it only showed Feb 14. on it. That must have been the date I booked it. As pointed out by cjcruiser27 above, it was March 14 and only 46 days to receive a refund. I think I've totally lost track of time anyways.
  4. Good news. Just checked my CC and our refund was just posted for our Eclipse cruise on March 30 which was cancelled on Feb 14 and we asked for a refund. That's 75 days when we were told 30 days.
  5. Thanks for your update. We were on the same cruise and requested refund on same date, but nothing yet.
  6. The Milli is cruising out of Seattle in April and May with great prices and double points for these cruises before the regular schedule starts in Vancouver.
  7. Don't know about cruises out of LA, but it will be sailing out of Seattle on April 20, 25 and 30th at excellent balcony rates. And on May 11, it does an 11 day Alaska cruise ending in Vancouver at $100 USD/person/day for all balcony categories up to AQ1. Hurry, $1099 for an AQ1 is a special deal.
  8. For the time being, the Sky Lounge is still the main meeting place for the Elite Happy Hour until they replace it with suites at a later refurb. On our cruise in June there were just a few people there at 5:00 so we went down to the Rendezvous Lounge Bar.
  9. If you like the tried and true program and layout of regular ships, then the Equinox. If you're looking for something wild and very different, then perhaps the Edge. For us seniors, we prefer the tried and true. We've been on the new Millennium and Summit which we enjoyed, however 10 days on the Edge which was more than enough for us.
  10. My last one took a couple of weeks - be patient.
  11. Usually each day they have a carving station with beef, pork, chicken/turkey or ham. Unfortunately I've never seen corned beef or pastrami. Hot dogs, burgers and fries are outside by the pool.
  12. The Lobster Shack is only open Fri - Sun, 11:30 - 6:00. Unfortunately we'll be there on Thursday. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
  13. Google “cruise deck plans” or go to cruisedeckplans.com to see the new cabins recently installed. 3119 is midship near the mid elevators. They are similar to the ones on the starboard side.
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