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  1. Sorry, that should have been Republicca and Barberini, not Termini. Thank you Euro Cruiser, that helps.
  2. We are staying near the Barberini station in November 2020. I asked Google for some directions to get from our last tour, back to the hotel, and on to the Termini station and I was surprised to find that it routed me as though Barberini station didn't exist. I did a little digging and found out about the escalator collapses at both Republicca and Termini. I see that Repubblica was closed for almost a year for its repairs and it's not clear if Barberini opened to exiting traffic as planned in December 2019. I seem to remember reading about scheduled repairs to Spagna, but can't remember if those are completed or planned. Can anybody provide an update on the status of these stations? Thank you in advance for your help! Much appreciated, FCB
  3. Thank you Mura! I guess the only thing I am really attached to at this point is seeing Aix en Provence (we are docking in Marseille). It is good to hear positive reviews for the Oceania tours because it would be nice to have the assurance that the ship will wait.
  4. Hi Everyone, We are booked on the Nov 4th Marina cruise sailing out of Rome and disembarking in Monte Carlo. We will be stopping in Florence, Ajaccio, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Barcelona, Provence, and disembarking in Monte Carlo. Our 7 day cruise includes excursions at two ports, and I understand that Oceania's included excursions aren't always the most dazzling. Therefore, if you fine people could help us understand the following, we'd be very grateful: - which of the ports are most DIY? Meaning, you can walk or take a short cab ride and there is an nice area to wander through, shop, and eat without requiring a tour. - which of the ports are your most beloved? If I can get a better idea of those two things, I'll probably apply our two excursions to ports that didn't make either list and arrange for independent tours for the most beloved. Thank you! FCB
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