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  1. Wonderful pictures...thanks for doing a review...the Koningsdam was our second to last cruise...we really enjoyed the ship
  2. As usual....loving your pictures...especially the buildings...and all the Art Deco!!!!
  3. Safe travels home and thank you so much for your blog....I have enjoyed reading so many of the world cruise blogs...and am so sorry it has come to this. Let's hope and pray next year is different.
  4. love all your pictures! always love a private island....
  5. Greenpea...enjoying your review especially the ocean/sunset pics...always my favorite to take pictures of when on a cruise......oh and maybe food pics LOL
  6. Bon Voyage!! Have a super wonderful cruise...and can't wait for the trip report...and pictures!!
  7. wonderful review!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!
  8. Great review and pictures...thanks for posting!!
  9. following...and many thanks for doing this...always enjoy your blogs!!
  10. Following! Always enjoy your blog and pictures! Bon Voyage and thank you for letting us travel with you!
  11. A Merry belated Christmas!! So glad to see your review...following!!
  12. Sad to see your cruise is over....but there's always the next one! Safe travels home.
  13. Following! Love your pictures...we sailed the Osterdam out of San Diego in 08 for my retirement cruise...think we had the same hotel room lol...Loved staying there when we cruised out of San Diego. Thanks for sharing your cruise with us.
  14. Yay!!! been waiting for those "crooked" pictures!! Love them...glad you there safe and sound!
  15. Yay...I made page three...drats...could have been one or two...but Thanksgiving and family got in the way....have a great cruise Sid....can't wait for all the Miami pics!!
  16. Another Tribe member late to the party Sid!! Great start to your review !
  17. The Elation is my favorite Fantasy class ship...have sailed her three times I think...once out of PC...then San Diego...then Jacksonville! Your pictures are great...thanks for sharing!!
  18. following along...how wonderful your blog will include your South Pacific travels...my brother is visiting here in NC...he lives in Baja...where they have also had fires...he has been following it all closely ....prayers for everyone in CA and Mexico who are enduring these fires...I remember as a teenager in the 60's the Santa Ana winds in San Diego but neither my brother or I remember fires like today.
  19. Patti did an outstanding job with all the Charleston pictures...we live in NC and have been many times to Charleston...also loved Fleet Landing but last couple of visits food not so good....I purchased some Carolina Rice at the City Market..really expensive...but the best rice I've ever had!! We've also stayed at the Francis Marion Hotel....I hope I get to visit again some day....Please tell Patti thank so much for all the pictures!! We've even met friends who were cruising on Hal...when they had a stop in Charleston...that was the first time we ate at Fleet Landing.
  20. looking forward to following along! Have a wonderful cruise!
  21. prayers for you....so sorry you are going thru all this....
  22. Looking forward to it Jeff...Bronchitis can really knock the sails out of you! Glad you're a little better!!
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