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  1. We were just in Galveston the past few days 'social distancing' by ourselves on the beach. It got the kids out of the house since we can drive to Galveston and back on a tank of gas. Anyway when we were there on Friday we drove by the cruise port to see what ships where there and the Carnival Dream and RCCL Enchantment of the Seas were docked. The Dream looked really worse for wear. I wish I would have taken photos. The RCCL ship looked old because of its styling but the Dream looked very rusted and off color. I am sure Carnival is having issues with keeping a float (pun intended) but I would have thought now would be a good time to actually fix the paint situation. I know from seeing other ships we have cruised on (we have only been on 3 cruises) and other ships in port the Dream on Friday looked worse than I have seen in a long time.
  2. Smart! I'll probably bring on some whataburger spicy with me. We also really like the sriracha ketchup. We are participating in a gift exchange type thing (our first time) and I was considering giving everyone small portions of local hot sauce. My concern is not having it burst in the bag and also will security have a cow. This idea comes from partially me thinking all the food is bland so I tend to bring my own hot sauce places and I figured since we are cruising out of Texas it would be generally well received. Maybe I am wrong but as long as I justify it in my mind I'll be good with it.
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback on your trips! I was always nervous to book Carnival because of the Triumph fiasco honestly. As I have been reading reviews that concern has gone away and then add on the Havana area and it sealed it for us so we booked the Vista. One of our biggest issues with cruising is not being able to get chairs or enjoy the pool because of the crowds so the Havana area seems to be the perfect compromise. We love the pool and lounging and usually our vacations are at an all inclusive where we can relax. Disney was expensive when we went. Now for our family of 5 it would be over 10k when we can cruise so it is just out of the question. Our kids are 16, 11, and 8. We are taking them to the Dominican Republic this year and the total cost of that with the all inclusive and airfare was about 4k. Before the Disney cruises were around that same price range if we found a cruise we didn't have to fly to (we drove to the Mexican Riviera cruise from Texas to LA). The second Disney cruise was out of Galveston and it was around 5k so in the same ball park. It also helped when we could cruise when they were younger and didn't have to go during prime season. Now our teen cannot afford to miss school so we have to go during summer or prime vacation weeks. Anyway thanks for the encouragement! I'm looking forward to the fun. Sorry to hijack Saint Greg's post.
  4. I’m a little late but I loved your review. We live in Texas too and I loved the whataburger ketchup. I was wondering if someone would notice and one person mentioned it. Did you put them in ziplock bags? We have our first carnival trip booked for Sept on the Vista. The more I read about Carnival trips is they do seem more fun. We will see. We have had two DCL Cruises With our three kids and then a RCCL just the two of us. Disney is getting crazy expensive and RCCL was a bit too slow for us so I am hoping that Carnival will be a good combination of fun and price. Anyway it was fun following along. One of our DCL Cruises was this exact itinerary so it was fun to compare. I plan on going back now and reading your Vista report.
  5. I don't live in California I live in Texas. I was just stating that my car was made in California so it has weak paint 😉
  6. You are absolutely right about paint changing over time. Most people don't realize that there are multiple factors why they change paint formulations but a major one is due to environmental requirements. No way could you sell a paint from 10 years ago because of the amount of fumes etc... they emit. My car is made in California and the paint is very weak on it due to the environmental requirements put on the paint they spray. I have never had a car chip like this one does.
  7. Thanks for the review. We sailed on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston once and we found the entertainment to be lacking. I can't wait to try Carnival. We have a Havana Cabana booked too so we don't have to worry about the pool deck chair thing hopefully.
  8. You are right that the hull is black with yellow stripes (actually red below sea level too). The entire top portion of the ship is white just like any other cruiseline. Walking around the walking path on the promenade you could tell how well maintained it was and the ship is white from that level up. Also we were on the Wonder before it's dry dock upgrade and it was a pretty old ship and it never looked it. The Navigator of the Seas is newer and it looked older to us (not to the extent we would never sail on it again). We just decided that it was too 'slow and quiet' for our taste. With that said in no way do I expect any ship to come up to the maintenance quality of Disney. I was a big Disney fan long before sailing on them and even in their parks they are constantly painting and maintaining if you pay attention. The cleaning is over the top. My post mainly was to point out that not keeping the state of the ships up really could hurt their business to some extent. Until the Havana Cabana's came out it was really difficult to convince my wife to try a Carnival ship. Add onto that when we were in port on our previous cruises it was obvious that the Carnival ships in port were more run down looking than the other ships (white or not).
  9. I've never been on Carnival but I have cruised 3 times. The first 2 cruises were on Disney. The issue is their ships are IMMACULATE. I literally saw them painting and restoring every port day on every cruise. We always joked that the paint must be a foot thick on the Disney ships. Then we went on RCCL Navigator of the Seas before it went in for dry dock. The maintenance wasn't up to snuff either but I don't remember noticing much rust. Just random garbage from the previous cruise when we boarded, frayed carpet, and the railings looked really worn. The overall experience was good but it definitely was a difference between Disney and RCCL. But then again I know that Disney is probably the best at maintaining their property and boats but if you really look you can find issues even at Disney. The issue is people relate rust to poor maintenance. Then you wonder what else is not being maintained. Are the engines being maintained? You are on a big vessel out in the middle of the ocean. Carnival and other cruise lines have had their fair share of issues that are probably unrelated to maintenance, like the Carnival Liberty issues, but people do relate rust to poor maintenance. Not only is it bad optics but it will prevent some cruisers from cruising on them. I am one of those cruisers. After the Liberty issue and seeing their ships in port I really couldn't get myself to book a Carnival cruise. It might be shallow but when in port next to Carnival it is obvious their ships look more run down. I don't know why that is but it is what I noticed. With all that said the new Vista class with the Havana Cabana got me to change my mind. We wanted a cruise out of Texas and RCCL really wasn't our cup of tea. We are hoping the more fun vibe of Carnival might want to make us return. I hope the Vista isn't too torn up or it might discourage my wife.
  10. This is my recommendation. Especially since you like to relax and they have their own private shared pool/hot tubs.
  11. If you have the funds save and get a Havana Cabana cabin on a Vista class ship.
  12. I love it because it allows the kids to really see how money works and allows them to be part of the decision. The funny thing is you can see what kid does well and what one doesn't. I have one that has trouble spending anything and ends up taking the money home except for one small souvenir haha. She actually bought herself an iPad with her money she has collected over the years.
  13. They just changed the policy. You will not be allowed in the area at any time if you are not booked in a Havana room.
  14. Thanks! I have checked that out. I am not too worried about parking all I was saying is that my ability to guarantee charging will determine where I park. I have parked once across the street from the port and that was nice. I'll be contacting them first. Thanks for the info! Thanks we are excited to try it. Honestly that Havana area is the reason we booked with Carnival this time.
  15. My wife and I realized awhile back that we give the kids spending money before any vacation. For Disney we typically give them about $50 per kid for souvenirs. Then we also let them know they are welcome to save additional money if they want even more spending money. Then when we are on vacation we don't have to worry about small costs adding up and the kids do a really good job deciding what they want to spend it on. Before when we just had them ask and we would buy they would want anything and everything and a lot of the stuff they would get they wouldn't even look at again. Now they are very selective and spend the money pretty wisely. Anyway with that said if there was a gameroom my kids wanted to play I would let them know there was a night where it was 1/2 off if they really wanted to play and they could use their souvenir money for that purpose.
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