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  1. Interesting. I didn't know there is a outlet mall. Do you get tax refund if you shop as a foreigner (US) ? 🙂
  2. Thank you for your help! I think we will most likely use PP's service and SkyTrain at the end of the sightseeing!
  3. Hi, we will be disembarking at Vancouver and will take WestJet to LAX in the afternoon 4pm. We have 6 people in the group so I think Skytrain is probably best for us. We are afraid minivan may not fit all 6 people plus luggage. Since we have time to kill, I think we will want to visit the city a little bit before heading to airport. To do so, I have a few questions: 1. Is there a luggage storage service at Canada Place? 2. How does the airport check-in kiosk work at tram station? I understand Canada Place does not have this service, and my idea is that we will ride to Richmond-Brighouse station and check in luggage there, then walk around that area, have lunch, then head to airport? 3. Can the airport check-in take WestJet passengers? 4. Is there a fee associated with the airport check in service? 5. Is it a stupid move if we go to airport, check-in, then take the skytrain out to visit around?
  4. Can you go to your stateroom right after embarkation? Sorry first time HAL here. I don't mind dragging a case of water (48 bottles since we have 6 people in our party), but I don't want to take it with us everywhere for a few hours. If I can carry on the water and dump in our stateroom after we board then that will not be an issue for us at all.
  5. Sorry, I don't know how to edit / delete my previous post. So you guys convinced me to get a Nikon...:) Just found out that LL Bean's is having a 25% off sale, and pulled the trigger on Nikon Prostaff 3S Binoculars, 8x42 for $89.96. They also have other Nikon binoculars, including 8x, as well as 7S products.
  6. Puppy Mama, if you don't mind refurbished ones, the 10x42 is $89.99 https://www.focuscamera.com/nikon-8x42-prostaff-3s-binoculars-black-1.html?irclickid=S8Sz3y0I2xyOWTF0UfQwQyYMUkn1Jk0QQSEHTE0&utm_source=10451&utm_medium=Impact&utm_campaign=Focus Camera Logo (2)&irgwc=1
  7. Thank you Karen. We will definitely check out the bookstore. Is it called Parnassus Books?
  8. Thank you Heidi13! I believe this is exactly what my problem was. I was using a friend's 12x and it was a heavy duty one, but I felt the image was always blurry. I guess I drank too much coffee that day....
  9. If we are visiting Ketchikan in June, I am assuming we are too early for Salmon Run? That being said, as I am reading the walking tour map (https://www.experienceketchikan.com/support-files/ketchikan_maps_downtown_2016.pdf), I am thinking that we will skip the upper half of the tour. We will probably 1. Walk along Mission St, 2. Make a right on Bawden 3. Walk across Whale Park 4. Make a right on Stedman 5. Stop at Thomas Basin 6. Turn back and continue on Creek St 7. Turn left on Footbridge then head back to ship I think the only thing we will probably miss is the Hatchery. However I think their review was just so-so? Is there any other place that I should stop and see?
  10. How do you think about this one on Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/12x42-Roof-Prism-Binoculars-Adults/dp/B07GF4JCDY To be honest, this is probably be the only time to use the binocular in the next 2-3 years, so even $100 binoculars can be a bit much for me. What I like about this binocular: 1. 10x42 seems to be powerful enough for Alaska. 2. Light weight and compact 3. IP55 water resistant - I understand it's not waterproof (IP67), but it should be OK to use under light rain as long as I don't drop it in water? 4. Price is right Did I miss anything?
  11. With Black Friday is getting closer, I am wondering if there is any excursions / tours / car rentals / hotels will provide Black Friday discount?
  12. Hi Steve, if you can give me a little bit more information on the travel insurance, it would be great!
  13. Hi, We will be taking Alaska cruise next June, and I am seeking for the guidance of medevac insurance. Here are some facts: We are a family of 4, age 43, 42, 8, and 3 reside in California. We paid the cruise deposit (refundable) on 10/1/2019. We paid airline tickets mainly in mileage or points. We are not too worry about the travel insurance (they are nice to have, though), the only major concern is the accidents on ship or when we are in Canada. We don't have pre-existing conditions, and we don't cruise that often, maybe once a year. In this case, do you think we should just focus on MedEvac plan?
  14. Thanks for the information. I pulled the trigger and purchased the flight for two reasons: 1) We have 6 people, if we wait we may not have the seats together 2) We also want specific time, which is morning flight non-stop so we don't have to deal with red-eye and also save one night of hotel stay. I am sure the price will probably drop, I guess I will just follow Bruce's advice, NOT LOOKING BACK!
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