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  1. Wow. Super great information! Thanks all for the valuable information. I am indeed prone to seasickness so I will find more about the 5-hour tour which is inside Resurrection Bay. However, my fear is that we can only get up close with longer tour. Matanuska Glacier looks like a great stop, but we need to consider the added cost for this, basically it's $300+ for 2 cars one day, plus $30 pp which is another $240. I am bookmarking it for the future cruise when it's just me and DW and when we drive up to Denali. 🙂 Do you think it's possible for the private transfer to add a stop for Bryon Glacier?
  2. From what I know, to connect from Skagway to Haines (or vice versa), via cars, will take a good 8 hours. If you look at Google Maps, you will find the two cities are not connected at all. The closest distance is via ferry, and there is no train in Haines.
  3. Woohoo! I was a little bit hesitant to book Westerdam for June 2020 considering her last dry dock was in 2017. I am happy I did so!
  4. That's a great idea! I checked the excursions, and looks like we will indeed dock in Haines since there are things like golf, City bus tour of Haines, and a few other Haines related tour. Maybe just the port schedule was mixed up?
  5. I didn't mention Exit Glacier was because I am not sure if Exit Glacier is much different from Mendenhall which I plan to visit. If we have enough time, we will probably visit Exit Glacier. Looks like the trail is a little bit over a mile, which I am totally fine with, but not sure about my parents who are in their 70s.
  6. When did you visit Seward? Is it always like this, or more often in certain time of the year? I was surprised the sea life center was so crowded, maybe because everybody tried to find a place to wait until the rain stops?
  7. To be honest, I am OK with either port. Just want to know exact port so I can schedule my activities accordingly. I called the cruise line yesterday and the person on the phone assured me it’s calling Haines, but he didn’t sound very confident... If if we are calling Haines, I plan to visit Kroechel wildlife, and if we are calling Skagway, we will probably just walk around the town. We visited Skagway 10 years ago and used Dyea Dave. That’s why I am looking forward to visit Haines this time. The last thing I want to do is to book the tour and rental car in Haines only find out we dock at Skagway...
  8. Did you call to book tour? Their website is not very clear in terms of the tour detail.
  9. We will be sailing on June 7 2020 Westerdam, and based on the itinerary, we will be docking at "Haines (Skagway)" on June 10. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/A0S07B/W033.html Typically, I would assume the "Haines" is the actual docking port, where "(Skagway)" is the "big city" name that people recognize. However, when I check with the port schedule, looks like we will be docking at Skagway, not Haines. Skagway - http://claalaska.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Skagway-–-SKG-2020.pdf Haines - http://claalaska.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Haines-–-HNS-2020.pdf More interestingly, for the May 27 Westerdam itinerary, it has exact same title as "Haines (Skagway)", and it docks at Haines per above schedule. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/A0S07B/W028.html Now I am really confused. Will we dock at Haines or Skagway??
  10. What drinks do HAL offer that cost extra for young kids? They obviously can't do alcohols, and we don't want them to have soda, and I don't know how to use the $25...:) Can these only be used on drinks or they are treated as OBC?
  11. When the PG is given by TA, is it also pre-assigned or you need to make your own reservation? Also, what's people's preference on the day of PG? Formal night or regular night?
  12. That's a really good question. To be honest I haven't thought about it. I was thinking since we will be on a cruise for 7 days, with this cruise that he can see wildlife and glacier (or just big chunk of ice to him), it shouldn't be too bad?
  13. I am starting to plan our June 2020 trip to Alaska, and we have about 3 to 4 days pre-cruise from Seward that we can spend in Kenai area. Due to the high car rental cost (we have 8 people, so most likely 2 cars, and only two can drive among the 8...), we will try to travel by bus/train as much as possible. We have some things that we like: 1. We have 3 children under 8, so some animal / wildlife activities would be nice. 2. We like to see glaciers up close. That being said, this is what I have in mind so far: Day 1 (Thursday): Arrive ANC late afternoon or evening, check in to hotel in Anchorage, visit city around (not sure how yet...) Day 2 (Friday): Use private transfer for a whole day tour to Seward, with stops along the way. Check in to Seward hotel / vacation rental. Day 3 - 4 (Saturday / Sunday): Kenai Fjord Cruise + Ididaride dog sled + Alaska Sea Life Center Day 4 (Sunday): Board cruise in the afternoon. By doing so, I think what I will miss are: - Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center - Alyeska - Whittier 26 glacier cruise (or other cruises) My questions are: 1. If we use private transportation from Anchorage and Seward, what are the must stops other than view points? 2. Is there other Seward must-sees that I missed? 3. We picked the Kenai Fjord cruise over Whittier based on the assumption that these two will provide similar experience, is it the case? 4. For the days in Seward, can we survive without a car? I see the 2019 resource thread it was mentioned there is shuttle, but the page is now removed so I can't find more information. 5. Do you think we should add one more day to the itinerary to cover must-sees? Thank you for the help!
  14. We have 8 people (2 seniors, 3 adults, and 3 kids from 3 to 8 ) will be taking SB cruise from Seward in June 2020. We plan to fly to Anchorage a few days before so we can visit around Kenai before cruise. I was told 3 days is not enough to do Denali, so we will be doing Kenai instead. That being said, both Seward and Whittier offer cruise see glacier and wildlife up close. Though they all look nice, we will probably pick one. In this case, will you recommend the 26 glacier cruise (Whittier) or Kenai Fjord Cruise (Seward)? As a group, I think adult will more appreciate glaciers but the kids, especially the 3 yr old, may like wildlife more.
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