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  1. Really disappointed that they conveniently avoid Alaska cruise before July 1st. Such a snail reaction considered Canada has announce port close for two weeks.
  2. You are correct. However, compared with HAL's response to Canada's announcement, the only communication is the "we are aware of this situation, and we are evaluating options." Really, what options do you have in this case?
  3. Just saw RCCL's Facebook post indicating that they are suspending Alaska, Canada, and New England cruise until 7/1. Although I believe is is something that will happen eventually, RCCL is still one of the first to publicly announced it. What amazed me is their refund policy. On top of the regular FCC 125%, Refund 100% that's floating around, they also extend the deadline of requesting refund until 12/31/2021! I think this is so clever: 1. People will not rush to get the cash refund and damage line's cashflow. 2. Passenger will have more time to make the decision and more chance to enjoy FCC. HAL please catch up!
  4. With the beach crowd, not surprised Florida experiencing rapid growth of confirmed cases. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/coronavirus/spring-breakers-flood-florida-beaches-undeterred-by-coronavirus/2246764/?fbclid=IwAR1uXUrxRQtDCpR6ChA2NK_4eoEelvgzkDgtJwLtsKurmwMcU1qNCmC2SJA
  5. Mine is June 7. The deadline to cancel my VRBO is 4/6 without penalty. So I want to know if we will have the final answer from HAL before then.
  6. Is it possible that Canadian government will reopen its ports? I am on the fence to cancel all the bookings, including air fare, hotels, excursions, and etc. However I haven't heard HAL's official announcement so I am not sure if I should start the cancellation process now.
  7. Now I will start to considering buying their stock..
  8. Quote from that article: "The Cruise Industry’s COVID-19 Silver Lining: Only 13% Of Customers Are Over 70 Years Old". Wonder what's the percentage for HAL?
  9. Word of advice, if your cruise ship becomes news media attention, please do not be naked on your balcony... I was watching the CBS news, and the helicopter circles around the ship every few minutes, and I had too see that naked man just as frequent... I can't believe it's that warm in Oakland. It's 64 degree.
  10. According to NBC news, (https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/national-international/frustration-mounts-over-virus-stalled-ship-in-california/2324933/?fbclid=IwAR0Y6uqieoPuMlqiF-F2hFPmDB3Ud82LdtD0vgAcAJ1QRCLOLp0gAbWszVA), the Grand Princess will dock at old Port's America (now out of business) site. I am assuming she will dock at berth 22 / 23. https://www.portofoakland.com/files/pdf/about/maritimeBrochure.pdf
  11. Also, people should be flexible on their schedule and don't assume their itinerary will not change. I am furious about the woman who needed chemotherapy on Grand Princess. Before she boarded the cruise, she was well aware of her medical condition, and the complexity of Covid-19 outbreak. She still went on the cruise, and had the nerve to be interviewed (I heard it on NPR). I have no empathy for her.
  12. My brother and his girl friend are in China right now. Unless there is a magical cure comes out between now and our cruise in June, I urge him not to join us this time. I will be extremely upset if HAL does not offer full refund for them. This is a family reunion trip so FCC makes absolutely no sense if the rest of us still go.
  13. I wonder if they will refund the whole group or just the person who's having fever? We will be traveling in June on Westerdam, and if my kid has a fever, then I need to cancel too to take care of him...
  14. I am still trying to find out what was refurbished on Westerdam during drydock. Looks like routine maintenance, but no new changes?
  15. Sorry one more question on Club HAL. Do you know if they allow water in the club? I read from another review that they don't allow any drinks, including water, in the club. Do you know if this is still the case (the review was from 2015)?
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