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  1. 28 minutes ago, Keksie said:

    One lady is making Hennifer, several Barbbeak, a couple of Rastifarihens are being made which I can't wait to see.  There will several that are made from stash yarn too and some crochet hens.  It was the names that sold most of us on doing this.  LOL

    I am looking forward to seeing results of the photo shoot. I love the hens! So cute and so cuddly.


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  2. 6 minutes ago, Arzeena said:

    I LOVE this chicken! 😁 but not her namesake......sorry OB.

    Are you making this for sale or just reporting a trend at the shop? I really like the chicken.



    OMG, you were not joking, I found them online! And the names they have are hilarious! Hennifer Lopez! Chicki Minhaj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣

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  3. 47 minutes ago, Keksie said:

    The newest trend in knitting is Emotional Support Chickens.  Several people at the shop decided to order kits which are based on celebrities.  LOL


    I present Tailfeather Swift





    I LOVE this chicken! 😁 but not her namesake......sorry OB.

    Are you making this for sale or just reporting a trend at the shop? I really like the chicken.

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  4. 6 hours ago, WrittenOnYourHeart said:

    I was pondering a cruise on the Constellation and would be doing Aqua. In researching the cabins, it looks like the full wall opposite the bed is a mirror!?!?!?!?!?


    Is that really the case?  Or are those just really old pictures and videos I've found. Because if so... EW! Who wants that outside of a pay by the hour motel??

    We are also looking, itineraries look good, Tampa is 2 hrs from us, but the ship ??? ummmmm, can't decide.

    BTW I love this new kitty avatar picture! (Madeira? I think you had mentioned in another thread?)

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  5. 15 hours ago, Aunt P said:

    Hi all!



    I wanted to do a quick review of our recent cruise since I've learned so much from reading discussions here on CC. Our group of girls was my mom, me and my sister (mid-40s), and my 12 year old niece who was cruising for the first time. My mom and I have cruised Celebrity before, and we chose this sailing because the timing worked with everyone's schedules and we wanted to check out Coco Cay, especially for my niece.


    Arrival Day:

    My parents live on the Gulf Coast, so my mom drove over to FLL and picked up the other three of us the night before our cruise. I was arriving from RDU, my sister and niece from MSY. We were at Hyatt Centric Las Olas for the night. We didn't spend much time there, but the room was lovely - clean and comfortable, valet parking was a breeze, and the location was great for a stroll to Starbucks for embarkation day breakfast before grabbing our bags and the car and heading to Port Everglades. 



    We drove ourselves to the port and parked in the garage. Because it was somewhat of a last minute booking, and I am not a seasoned cruiser (yet!) we ended up with a later check-in time. But, we were all anxious to be underway so we arrived by 11:30 and were on board before 12. Since my niece does not have a passport, we needed her birth certificate for ID. There was a bit of a wrinkle because she was rooming with me (we are great friends and don't see each other often enough!) instead of her mother. We thought we had sorted it all out by joining our reservations in advance, but we did have to pause again at check-in for them to confirm with a supervisor that all was in order. Spoiler: this level of teeny tiny wrinkle is as bumpy as things got in our fantastic time together on Reflection.



    We had two Aqua Class rooms on Deck 11. 1527 and 1525. My only other Celebrity cruise was on the very recently revolutionized Millennium in 2019, so I was concerned that our rooms in particular might feel dingy by comparison. They did not! They were tasteful, clean, and well-maintained. Only the carpet was a bit worn. The couches seemed to have been recently recovered in gray. We found the storage adequate - my niece was delighted by the shelves and tiny drawers in the bathroom for all her "products." The beds had been separated for us as requested, and we found them very comfortable. Our stateroom attendant was able to open the partition between our balcony and my mom/sister's so we could visit back and forth easily. Our hallway doors were not "paired," which I wasn't able to tell when choosing them, but that did not matter for us. The balconies were clean and well-maintained, and the chairs (adjustable reclining but no footstools) were in such good shape they seemed new. No obstructions to our view in any direction, and we could see the bridge when we looked forward.


    Food and Fun on Embarkation Day:

    We enjoyed a very quiet and delicious lunch at Sushi on 5, which got a rave review from my niece. We were one of only three tables occupied at the time we were there. I also quickly found my favorite bar and bartender, with my first beverage of the cruise at Ensemble Lounge with Sebastien. We strolled through the Oceanview after we ate, and we were very glad to have avoided the crowds for our first meal. We also had good luck at the pool on this day, and found front row loungers and space to relax in the shallower pool. This would not be the case for the rest of the trip, but again, our disappointments were so few and far between. One other was the crowds at the Pool Bar and Mast Bar, but we managed to keep my niece well provided with virgin strawberry daiquiris, and plenty of other treats for the adult girls too. When we had a taste for something simpler, it was very convenient to go to the supplemental bar tables on the pool deck and above for something like a G&T. My niece loved the hot dogs from Mast Grill, and had the first several of about 27 cones of soft serve she ate over the 2.5 days.


    We were a formidable team at general knowledge trivia (our score put us in second place!) and then got ready for dinner at Blu. I'll leave the rest for tomorrow, except a tease of what is to come with what could be the subtitle of this review, "in which we fell rapturously in love with the staff in Blu...."


    If anyone is reading, I'm happy to try to answer any questions as best as I can remember now that we are home!

    Thank you. It is really nice to read a wonderfully refreshing point of view.
    I look forward to reading your thoughts. We will be on this ship in some days, in Aqua, around the same area where your cabin is. Glad you enjoyed your trip and the ship. How did you like the shows?


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  6. 14 hours ago, Sea Dog said:

    The other one thing I like is the prices for cruises on this size of ship as opposed to the bigger newer ships. Sometimes it’s half of what you would pay on the bigger ones

    Agree. Since its ported in PC currently, we have been looking at it a lot. Perhaps early December if we can find some time. Those prices are too good to pass.

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  7. 17 hours ago, Ocean Boy said:

    I'm a little into odd things. One time we went to Hato Cave. Another time we went to the Ostrich Farm and the Aloe Plantation. Enjoyed them all.


    Curaçao is a desert island. I don't think it has the nicest beaches compared to some other islands. It is also nice spending some time walking around down town.

    You would be surprised OB. IMHO, Curacao has the best beaches...... Playa Puerto Marie being one of those. 40 minutes from the port, but if you want clear blue waters, good snorkeling, and to just peace out, I highly recommend it. Go early in the morning for real peace. Estate gates open at 9 am.

    There are lots of other beaches too, but I mention this because this is one of my favorite. I haven't found one that beats it, IMO.

    If one likes beachy vibes, boom boom music, people watching, and such, venture to the Mambo beach side area.
    There is also Blue Bay for a little bit peace and little bit vacation vibe.
    Lots of AI's or pay as you go resort passes also. Marriott, Avila, Santa Barbara, Hilton (which is something else now)... all good. I liked the Avila a lot. I also like Santa Barbara, since it was something different.
    I also like to walk around in town and explore.


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  8. 14 minutes ago, TravelGirlinDallas said:

    We stayed in 7388 on Adventure on a cruise over Thanksgiving 2022. LOVED it. It was one of my favorite cruises even though it was a shorter one. That cabin in particular was so nice with the extra-large balcony (we also had its counterpart on Liberty in 2019). The ship is a little dated, but it was well-maintained at that time. 












    SOLD!!!!!! Thank you!

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  9. 10 hours ago, Sea Dog said:

    We just finished watching a really good series on Apple TV+. I don't know if many of you have it but the series, "Defending Jacob." I don't want to give too much of the story away but the basic premise is "after a shocking crime rocks a small town, an assistant district attorney finds himself torn between his sworn duty to uphold the law and his unconditional love for his son".


    It is a great who done it that will leave you with questions to the very end. Very well done and acted. I highly recommend this one if you have it.

    Book is also very good.

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  10. 15 hours ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    I had the opposite happen.  I booked a massage at a discounted price on cruise planner and they couldn't find my reservation even though I showed them my confirmation email.   

    They tried to tell me they could not honor that price as it never made it to their booking/schedule.

    After a lot of back and forth they ended up giving me deal that was better than what I booked.

    Don't give up, if your appt is more than 48 hours out then yes you should definitely be able to cancel and get a full refund.

    Sorry you are going through this aggravation.

    The refund when cancelling a spa cruise planner purchase onboard is usually in OBC, in our experience.

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  11. 57 minutes ago, George C said:

    Very happy we don’t need to deal with propane tanks , some areas here have natural gas and some don’t. When we bought both of our houses we made sure they had gas . First thing I did in our current home was to add a gas line to our outdoor grill 

       Celebrating turning 75 today, will go to our normal restaurant and start with some Johnny Walker Gold then get a really good bottle of wine with dinner . 

    Happy Birthday George!

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  12. 15 hours ago, Keksie said:

    Well some days are just not meant to go well.  For a few weeks I just haven't felt great but nothing that didn't go away.  This morning after my husband left for Georgia to go look at a Farmall High Crop made the same year he was born I started having pain on the lower left.  The kind of pain that can make a person cry.  Called my Dr.  No appointments available so suggested I go to urgent care.  I was pretty sure that it was more then urgent care could handle.


    Drove myself to the ER.  They are so nice there.   No waiting and everyone was so nice even if it did take 3 tries to start the IV line.  Tramadol on board and I felt all better and after the CT scan that verified a kidney stone I was sent home with a referral to a urologist.  Several meds were sent to the pharmacy.  Or maybe not.


    Half way home they call to say one of the prescriptions glitched so I needed to come back and get a written one to take to the pharmacy.  Back I go, get the prescription, drop it off and go home.  Call the urologist and have an appointment Monday.  The pharmacy texts the prescription is ready.  I  call and they didn't get the other prescriptions so back I go to the ER to get written ones.  Then to the pharmacy.  I begged and they filled them while I was there.


    So that was my day.  Sigh.


    I hope you feel better soon! Take care of your self.

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  13. On 5/24/2024 at 11:22 AM, Trainer said:

    It’s about 20 minutes away but we stay in Deerfield beach area, south of Ft Lauderdale.  Several hotels to pick from, all less expensive than the Ft L area.  Since you have a car, this is straight down I95.  We stay there before cruise since we drive down before but go straight home.  Live on west side of Florida.

    We stay there as well. Any place north of the FLL area. We drive to the port so it is not a problem.

  14. 10 hours ago, h20skibum said:

    Well, we finally made it back from California.  We had that early flight on Tuesday morning, so we had to grab some breakfast at the airport and pay for some more of that high price California food.  

    Three breakfast sandwiches with home fries and drink for $100



    Thank goodness we returned to the land of more reasonable prices.  Time for supper at Burgatory.  



    Yeah, there was actually more than a milkshake, but it made the best photo.  

    Next, it was time for some pool time workout




    We decided to stay the night in Pittsburgh, even though our flight got in around 4 in the afternoon.  Why?


    It was time to hit the ground running for the kick off of Summer of fun 4.0. 



    He looks so grown up this year!

    I am looking forward to your summer of fun reports.

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