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  1. I agree. Also I would cancel because I was miserable when (in my case ) the symptoms did show up after two days of testing positive. Besides not exposing others, I would not enjoy a cruise like that either. When I am sick I want to be in my home and I want my bed and my pillow and my blankie.
  2. Debbie, I would love to see pictures of the Great Marietta Meet Up on the Oasis. Please? Marietta I hope you are being a good Diamond Plus......you had the best coaching session of all!πŸ˜†
  3. Yes, I meant that part of it. The darn insurance companies! Sorry if it was misunderstood for the wrong choice of words.....should have said "insurance co".
  4. Prayers and best wishes for your daughter. You know she will make it with flying colors. πŸ™πŸ€ž I am sorry to read that the testing places are making you wait so long. That is just not right. Medicine is so buried in red tape and paperwork.
  5. We find it less chaotic to go in the afternoon. Everybody wants to be on the first group to board😁. We don't. We get there when we get there. πŸ™‚ Hope you and family are all better now? Any more cruises planned out of Bayonne? We will go on the Anthem in November and January.
  6. Do you know if your captain was Captain Theo ?
  7. Brillo, no it (your review thread if you do one of now I am here now I am there) would be a fun thread to read. I like reading all review threads, although I get a bit bored and then skip posts and move on if it gets too much of an involved "TMI" kind of 🀣😁 ya know! But all's good. Thanks for the Maya Chan pics. I have been to CM gazillion times but never ventured to Maya Chan.
  8. We like Paradise Beach a lot, though it tends to get crowded sometimes when there are many ships in port. Cleanest bathrooms in Cozumel!
  9. Thank you for your great review and pictures.
  10. And that new thread started has already been sent to the graveyard by the mods. Thank you mods! I am not a fan of the JJ propaganda either by some posters on someone else's review board. So can we get back to Jim and his excellent pictures and review here.
  11. Sorry to hear that Maryanne. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jack and hoping Ryan gets the best of management and is in good care.
  12. It's just all the cruising excitement. Have a wonderful cruise and do post a couple of pictures with you in them....it has been a long time since I have seen you!πŸ₯°
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