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  1. Whatever suits you best or as some put it, whatever time you want your first drink in hand.😁 We prefer 1.30 to 2.15 pm, (especially if sailing from FL ports). We have experienced no lines, no mob trying to get in, no waits at those times. We are not those who want to get on the ship as early as possible to avail the drink package! LOL!😁 Wishing you and Jim a wonderful cruise. I wonder if there will be "fall colors" up north to enjoy at the time of your cruise. (forgot your sailing date).
  2. Yes Maryanne, that will be the time you want to arrive at the port to be asked questions by the ipad holding people. 😁Simply put, your check in time at port.
  3. I am going to say no to walking and no to bus as well. Best to take a taxi. We really enjoyed the gardens, peacocks and the flamingo parade when we went.
  4. I really enjoy reading Joanie's book lists and checking off what I have read. But I do think it deservers a special thread of its own so it is easy to find and also available to everybody even when JIm and Iain are not travelling? Just a thought.
  5. That may have something to do with port taxes charged at the time of your booking . Some people on the other Royal ships have also mentioned it.
  6. We have shipped luggage via Fedex. They take it is as and attach tags on it directly or they can cover it with a carton made for luggage.
  7. I would say it was not my cup of tea either when I looked at pictures and videos. And it was DEFINITELY not my cup of tea after trying it. But you never know till you try it yourself. So I would not discourage anyone from trying it especially if they have a D+ offer to spare.
  8. It also tasted great (and was a life saver) after the stinky dinner in Wonderland....I am one of those minority who does not like Wonderland dinners. I like the ambiance and the chocolate globe, but not a fan of the food that does not look like food. LOL😁
  9. Thanks for the pictures, the posts and the laughs. Have a safe trip home. Where to next?
  10. Good job Debbie! We booked Nov 20 and Jan 2. The TA we used for the Oasis had a great group rate with some OBC and a specialty dinner thrown in. The square cabins with wider balconies are wonderful on the Anthem. And always stick to port side if you are getting one on deck 6 or 7.
  11. I was just going to ask that too! I LOVE sticky toffee pudding. HAL (Cuba cruise) had it in their dining room and I RAVED about it so much to the waiter that they brought it for us every time we were in the mdr after that. I was literally killed with it. I got a little sick of it in the end 🀣but I truly very much appreciated that they gave it this much thought. Bermuda cafes have it. And I saw a kit from Williams Sonoma (at local mall) once and brought it home....disaster πŸ€ͺbut that was my fault not the kit's.
  12. All this time reading and thoroughly enjoying thier review upon review upon review, I thought this was Jim. πŸ€”πŸ˜³ Apologize for the mix up. Now I know.
  13. Looking forward to going to Disney and Harmony, from the sofa. One cannot get enough Disney or cruising.πŸ˜€
  14. Rick it is. Now you have created a scandal!!!!🀣😁 And Sue, Happy Anniversay from me too!
  15. I love those lemon tarts too! One bite and gone!😁 Thoroughly enjoying this! Anyway after the comments on the yellow jacket, now I am confused which one is Jim and which one is Ian? Jim is the mischievious looking one? And Ian is the taller one with glasses? Am I right? or is it too early in the morning🀣
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