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  1. Why did they have to miss Tortola?
  2. Can anyone recommend a car rental agency easily accessed from the port? ...also needs to be open on Sunday. Last time I booked a car in Marseille, it was difficult to get a taxi and the location was deep into the city in an area we felt “uncomfortable” to say the least.
  3. I get it, some people were really enjoying the music. I just wish they had been more clear on what atmosphere they were trying to create. Being new, there were no reviews to rely on.
  4. To be fair, I think they were being overly cautious for safety reasons since everything so new.....hopefully wait times willl improve but I did think that was excessive wait time for sure.
  5. Not free, but honestly I’m not sure what they paid. I think it was around $24/pp for a half day if booked ahead online...so I’m sure it was more than that.
  6. Pros: no tendering, music and dancers to welcome you, food was fresh and delish, drink servers were frequent and quite quick, lots of different areas to explore. Floating tiki bar was great, could walk waaay out on sandbar...watch out for stingrays....do the stingray shuffle! Fireworks just prior to departing COCO Cay were great but need to be later as it was not dark enough! A very worthy effort tho. Loved the beer tap at the buffet! Lots of bathrooms around. Cons: Oasis lagoon cabana was underwhelming. Poor and limited seating in the cabana, poor location...could not even see the pool past rows and rows of the free chairs... zero service except for regular bar servers. No towels in cabana. Music at lagoon pool was obnoxious and relentless.....got louder as afternoon progressed. We were hoping to relax and nap in cabana but music was too much. Did not realize it is set up as such a party scene....not described that way—would have never wasted the money on the cabana. Pool water was cold in the morning but warmed up as day went on. Waterslides.....per our twenty somethings in the group....1.5 hour wait for the big slide with only one ship at coco....what will it be with more than 1 ship?? Overall impression.....it feels pretty disney-ized, miss the natural relaxed beauty of the Bahamas. Plenty for everyone to do and lots of opportunity for RCCL to get their hands onto more of your $$. It’s nice and all but personally not really anything I’m looking for on a cruise.
  7. Pretty sure I saw a set of lockers when I was there this weekend fwiw
  8. And that was with only the Navigator in port...not sure how it will be with 2 ships there according to the schedule....
  9. You are probably sailing now but for others.....the slides were open on our visit 5/4/19.....the big one had a 1.5 hour wait though.
  10. Lots of stuff up and running....still needs some issues worked out as of our 5/4/19 visit. Some water park rides had a 1.5 hour wait and we were the only ship there that day. Oasis cabana was not very impressive. Really just a way to make $$ in a location no one would otherwise sit....no view of pool or ocean.....only the backs of the multiple rows of loungers in front of you. Zero service except from bar servers that served the free seats too. No towels and only 2 beach chairs, a small sectional and 2 hard plastic chairs. The ceiling fan had no power. Fireworks at at end of day was a nice unexpected touch unfortunately it was not yet dark out but still a nice effort.
  11. Sometimes yes only 1 but frequently 2 and rumors of 3 in the future. There is a site that can tell you.....something like cruisemapper, I think.
  12. Yes there is a tram and even one that accommodates wheel chairs I noticed.
  13. Ugh I was really disappointed with the Oasis Lagoon cabana. Only 2 lounge chairs. A smallish sectional and 2 hard plastic uncomfortable small chairs. No coffee table or place to put drinks. We had to drag loungers from in front of us, which were luckily available...on a multi-ship day, this might not be an option. We had zero shade on the Loungers. Had an unbrella set up which was then your view from inside cabana. The ceiling fan had no power. No towels provided, lots of drink servers but no one there to “pamper” you in any way. Menu super limited for cabana. “Concierge” person had zero personality, not really sure what her job was as she offered no service....had some water & cool wash cloths which she did not offer us.... Music was painfully loud and we were the furthest from it at cabana #1. It got progressively louder as day went on. No, you could not see someone swimming in pool.....we were at least 5 or 6 rows of chairs from the pool.....no view of pool or ocean for that matter. All the cabanas were way back behind all the “free” loungers. Never again would I waste money on one of these cabanas. The beach cabanas looked much more appealing but they were substantially more $$ and not available for online booking.
  14. I will be there this coming weekend on the Navigator for a short 3 nighter.....will update when we return!
  15. I have had only wonderful experiences using the WPB/FLL and WPB/MIA; the trains are so fresh and comfortable; the stations are very beautiful. Such a refreshing option over driving 95 or the turnpike. I look forward to all their future development. So far, it has been a class act. I think we are going to take the train down for our next cruise out of Miami in a couple weeks!
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