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  1. Try ALDI. Ours has Vollkornbrot most of the time.
  2. That would be a great island to visit. Since it is not on any Caribbean cruise I have seen, I am assuming that the swell is too strong at the pier. We were on a cruise that was supposed to stop in Nevis and the swell was too strong. It was ok for two crew members to go ashore but too difficult for the large number of passengers on Oceania's Riviera. If St. Barth was replaced because passengers complained, that would be sad. Personally, I don't need to visit any more. We vacationed there decades ago before the building boom.
  3. Great attitude! Our last cruise was followed by a land trip. The packing and unpacking became really old really fast. I am glad we did some of our intensive land trips when we were a bit younger.
  4. That sounds good enough. I am relieved. Will put my drink on the table and my clean socked feet on the second chair.
  5. Thank you everybody. No lounge chair … I hope the balcony table is small and low? The Quest's table was dining room height and basically clogged the entire balcony. I have no problem sitting in a comfortable chair that is NOT squeezed at a dining table. SWFLAOK, Traditional Japanese sandals are flip-flops made of natural materials. White socks in these special flip-flops go with kimonos. Nowadays these socks come in all colors with manga prints etc.
  6. Get flip-flop socks with a separate big toe in Japan! 😉 Seriously, we are just back from an Azamara cruise around Japan. Now I wonder about the space per passenger ratio on the Mariner. Are the interior common spaces crowded on cold sea days? They were on Azamara's Quest. Despite all the claims what a bunch of fun people cruise on Regent, I need daily down time to be fit for company again. In good weather, the balcony is my refuge. Are all balconies large enough for a lounge chair?
  7. Positive: Japan was wonderful and the Quest itinerary was great. The food was excellent with a daily Japanese dish. They had a Japanese ambassador on board who gave advice and maps on independent day trips. Our ship excursions had good guides and offered a variety of activity levels. It was our third time in Japan and we were able to select some more unusual excursions. Negative: However, I do not really like the old R ships with their RV size bathrooms with a shower curtain. (We had a standard balcony room.) The balcony was basically full with a dining table and two chairs. It's not my idea of a relaxing balcony time. I was also unhappy with the informational speaker after I detected 3 factual errors within the first 30 minutes of his presentation on Japan. After that, I left. Not that I am a Japan expert, but any visitor to a Shinto shrine would have noticed. Many passengers we spoke to had booked the cruise for the itinerary - like us. It looked fully booked. On the first cool (and only) sea day, the outdoor areas were not usable and the ship felt very crowded. The price, however, was of a luxury ship.
  8. Thank you DaveFr. We will not go hungry. 🙂 By the way, with "steps" I meant vertical steps.
  9. Thank you all for your clarifications. As long as the food is very good to outstanding in the dining room and buffet, I am fine with one guarantee for specialties, hope for more on our loooong cruise. As to excursions, we usually book ahead of time, but we have never been on a ship where most excursions are included in the fare (except for the Aranui to the Marquesas). We have also changed excursions on the ship when the required fitness level was explained in detail. 50 steps versus 200 makes a difference.
  10. Why so early? The cruise is a year from now. Don't they have enough space in the specialty dining rooms? Are all tours immediately booked and late comers are left out? That doesn't sound like a luxury ship. Our cruise is in 2021 and we only booked the overland tours.
  11. I don't like the idea either. I see too many people sneeze and cough into heir hand and then touch utensils, doors and playing cards. Yesterday we watched one of Morr's cruise ship videos. While he was filming the buffet on Mein Schiff, the camera happened to catch a gentleman grab a pancake with his hand without the utensil which was lying right there. This man will now forever be on YouTube.
  12. We cruised on Oceania's Riviera and Regatta and liked the Riviera better, size, space, art work, restaurants, newer build. I would compare an Azamara ship to one of the same size in the Oceania fleet to be fair. Will do so soon because we have a cruise on the Quest coming up. Our last cruise on an Azamara ship was years ago. Although we have been on ships that are much smaller, I felt the old Renaissance ships are a bit cramped for the number of passengers in the space, or maybe it was just the annoyingly small size of the bathroom.
  13. I am the odd woman out. I don't like any of what you call (North American) comfort food. Bring on the really fancy food that I am unable to make at home.
  14. Ask whether they use MSG. I have allergic reactions to it, feet swell up almost immediately. It happened suddenly and dramatically on land in Vietnam, slowly disappeared again on the Mekong River cruise with the Cambodian kitchen crew.
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