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  1. Many years ago, I was on the Aranui 2 which was much more a freighter than a cruise ship. They had wooden whale boats for passengers and freight in the many ports without docks. We sat on wooden benches in those boats. The benches were removed and the copra bags loaded. Next, we went on her successor the Aranui 3. Now passengers had an aluminum boat with a ramp. Dinner was served plated instead of family style like before. Cruise director Bernard was great. They had excursion prep talks for the Anglophones, someone else for Francophones and Bernard spoke German. We skipped the present Aranui 5, but might consider their new ship 2022 without freight, the Aramana.
  2. We booked it as a ship excursion.
  3. We are booked on this cruise in March. Very excited to go up the river to Iquitos. But so far we are not impressed with Hapag-Lloyd's arrangement in Iquitos, actually non arrangement for international passengers. They sent plenty of general literature but no indication which of the (rickety) floating docks they will use. So far no offer to provide a waiting area/luggage storage/day room in a hotel or excursion for the time between the morning arrival by ship and evening departure by plane. My husband sent them an e-mail and they had nothing prepared yet. Let's see what they come up with. We are probably spoiled by previous trips where the wilderness lodge booked all the transfers in the Amazon basin and took care of the luggage. Celebrity cruises did the same for a land/cruise Galapagos trip.
  4. Alesund is lovely, check out pictures online. Geiranger is a deep fjord, well worth seeing, take a bus trip up into the mountain to look down onto the fjord.
  5. I checked, we have several empty document carriers, plastic, not cardboard but light weight. And we don't really need them at home. I could leave them on the ship when the souvenirs take too much space at the end of the cruise. 😉 I discovered spare space on the walls for things I could hang or maybe a world map. Does anyone know about the walls, do magnets work?
  6. Can the TV be tilted so we can watch TV from the bed? Do magnets stick to the wall? I don't like the large coffee table; it blocks a lot of space and then the desk is really narrow. I see the table becoming cluttered.
  7. I saw it later after I had already posted. I did not go through the entire thread.
  8. Aida ships have a deck for nude sunbathing. It has nothing to do with swingers or 'debauchery'. I haven't been on any of their ships; just know about it from our favorite cameraman ship tester. Aida has many fans in the German speaking market, might not be everyone's cup of tea. Mid price cruises.
  9. Good to know. I prefer it less cold on our hot weather cruise, but at least I can prepare adequately.
  10. Not in Europe, but in Asia. We combined a land tour and a cruise with 2 different companies. Another time, we did our own thing between the two because of the different end and starting dates. Viking Ocean and Viking River offer packages with 2 cruises, one ocean, one river.
  11. Holland America frequently combines 2 consecutive cruises and sells them as 2 or 1. We did a Med cruise and added a Transatlantic, same ship, same cabin. We will do the same thing next fall with a different HAL ship and itinerary. Check out what they offer from the west coast. We once did a San Diego - Fort Lauderdale cruise and back, different ports each time, only the Panama Canal was the same. Also HAL.
  12. Just jumping in here, what's the story of the Linus blankets?
  13. Large ships don't fit under the bridge, that's why they get the prime spot. The terminal at Sydney's Rocks is too small for the number of passengers on large ships. When they built it, they did not anticipate the increase in the cruise business. We embarked there many years ago and had to wait in line outside for a ~ 2000 passengers Princess ship. Maybe they have made improvements in the meantime, but there is not much space around it.
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