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  1. Sounds almost like hospital, especially for speakers whose language does not combine consonants.
  2. The question was what kind of behavior creates a 'super-spreader' on a ship. This woman after whom the supervisor wiped the surfaces she had touched was on a totally different Princess ship. She was an example of a 'super spreader' for noro. She touched everything only hours after the captain announced that noro cases had been detected and he gave advice on what to do to prevent further spread. Passengers were not supposed to touch everything unnecessarily. I hope that confusion is now cleared up.
  3. I don't know what you mean. 20 samples from the Westerdam were sent to the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh. They were from the 20 passengers who reported being ill on the Westerdam. All 20 samples were NOT Covid-19. I was not talking about fever sensors or the Princess.
  4. The samples from these individuals were tested in the reputable lab of the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh. I wonder whether the 'super spreaders' are like the woman I observed on a Princess ship with noro virus. The ocean was as flat as a mirror, but she touched every surface in the buffet, backs of several chairs, railing etc. The supervisor had noticed her and followed her with his disinfectant rag and wiped everything she had touched. She never saw him. Other people sneeze across the table and cough into their hands instead of into a tissue or their elbow if not fast enough for a tissue. I see them all as 'super spreaders'.
  5. Better have a tissue ready, but your sleeve is better than my face. Next time a table mate sneezes all over the table, I will get up and leave. I have had passengers cough at me in a narrow hallway. Next time, I will say something.
  6. I see western news picking up the number three, and a Malaysian outlet again 2 new cases. I am going to wait and see until a new statement comes directly from the Health Ministry.
  7. Alphen, I am trying to find this reported in other English language Malaysian news outlets. No luck so far.
  8. Another e-mail today. If you have been to China, Macau or Hongkong within 14 days of cruise begin you can't board. This includes transfers in the Hong Kong airport. In addition to all our vaccinations, old, new, updated, we now have results of a blood test for measles. First to be sure we had this childhood disease. I was 2 at the time. And secondly I wanted written proof in case some country wants it. Last year, a cruise ship was refused in Fiji and the cruise line negotiated that passengers of a certain age could go ashore without proof of measles vaccination. The age depended on the country of origin of the passengers because vaccination started at different times in the US, Canada, and Europe. All adults born before the beginning of measles vaccinations are presumed immune because they had had measles as children. Brazil has cases of measles.
  9. S&B, That was a wonderful cruise around the Pacific, loved it! Our next cruise is in a month to South America on a different line. We haven't been to Sihanoukville but to other parts of Cambodia on a Mekong River cruise. I love those lightweight scarves the Cambodians gave to the Westerdam passengers. They call them kroma. I am so happy for the passengers of the Westerdam and particularly for the crew. They deserve a break on the ship without passengers for the next leg of their voyage.
  10. I am waiting for posts from passengers who take the charter flights to the capital and then on towards home. I agree with scubadawg about the many ports off the beaten path being interesting. It's about the people and not always about architectural and scenic highlights.
  11. Premium cruise lines might fit the bill: Oceania (love it, great food), Viking Ocean (haven't been on them yet, has new ships), Azamara (don't like it, but that's me; great food).
  12. We received an e-mail today from H-L, all day tour in Iquitos 250 Euro. All entrance fees for butterfly garden and/or Manatee station and lunch are extra. We decided to stick with our hotel reservation. Hanging out all day in various hot places before a night flight does not sound appealing. We'll walk into town, return for lunch and call it a day until the taxi ride to the airport.
  13. Thank you Cruising is Bliss. They obviously updated FB faster than their website. I am glad they found a port. I wonder if we will have Cambodian hotel crew in the future in addition to the other nationalities. If I remember correctly from other posts, Sihanoukville has a hotel school.
  14. I followed the link and it still says Thailand.
  15. ... the Hilton Hotel in Iquitos. We won't stay the night, but we can have them store our luggage until the room is available, walk into town, rest in the afternoon and have them call a taxi to the airport. The only thing left open so far is a taxi from the floating dock to the hotel.
  16. OT: Wheelchair users and their companions often get on a different faster line.
  17. Jacqueline, I thought you were on this cruise as well? Yesterday, we received embarkation and disembarkation information, ship cards, luggage tags, requirement for yellow fever vaccination. Disembarkation in Iquitos is via a local shuttle boat, no information which floating dock and no information on the time after disembarkation. We booked the Hilton Hotel.
  18. Not on the Westerdam. After all this thread is on the Westerdam.
  19. We got the yellow fever shots when we we were 65. No underlying illnesses, no side effects and we were not reading on cc. 😉 We still covered up due to Dengue against which there are no medications nor vaccines. It is also mosquito born.
  20. I wish they all did. Our paper tissues are rather thin compared to the sturdy Tempo tissues. Anyway, I am glad I am not travelling in East Asia right now with all the uncertainties of where we would be boarding or disembarking. I am following a thread on the Ms Westerdam which had 800 passengers board in Hong Kong. That choice of port was the wrong corporate decision under the circumstances. Although the ship has no cases of corona virus, it still has to find a port willing to take them. They all refuse 'in case there is corona virus on the ship'.
  21. When offered, it is free. We had it on our 82 cruise in the Pacific.
  22. You mean your fellow Canadians? I am glad for them that they were evacuated. The Aida ship docked in Martinique instead. But please, let's not throw everything and anything about this virus into the Westerdam thread. This is a wonderful itinerary. I have been to all ports except two. I have also been to Manila. I like these ports much better than Manila.
  23. Choose tables for two so nobody will sneeze at you across the table (happened to us). Wash your hands often, avoid touching your face. Go ashore, less likely to catch a virus/cold from locals who have been out in the warm weather all the time. If you are really concerned, avoid bus tours with fellow cruisers who have arrived with colds. I wouldn't be concerned about the corona virus, more the flu and common cold. Cold virus stay on surfaces for 24 hours unless wiped off like they constantly clean the hand rails on ships.
  24. A Neptune suite on a HAL ship provides a better experience than an ordinary cabin. It comes with access to the Neptune lounge and some other privileges. All members of your party should book it, otherwise it makes no sense. Compare the price of a specific itinerary you are interested in with booking the same number of cabins on a luxury ship. We booked a Regent cruise, supposedly less stuffy than others. You could also look at premium lines like Oceania, Azamara, Viking Ocean.
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