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  1. Ship - Gem Deck - 8 Stateroom # - 8632 Stateroom Category –SF Starboard or Port Side - AFT  Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – one deck above Bliss only heard the music really loud one night. Just rolled over and went back to sleep. Concierge says you can always call and they will lower it, but also they like to push the envelope until that call Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No  Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – have always loved the AFT view. Sitting on the balcony with a book and just listening to the water below. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - normal for that size AFT, I hear Deck 10 has the biggest aft balconies Was wind a problem? - nope, but too chilly to sit outside on the ride back. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - nope, but the bakery smells divine Any specific problems with this cabin? - nope. Close to O’Sheehans for a quick snack or drink.  Any other comments? - have yet to be disappointed on the GEM
  2. I put in 910 pp was happy since we are back in a suite....yes I am a suite snob i believe I still saved money by booking a balcony GTY and getting the upgrade, than booking a suite outright. Also the perks I have by my original booking make it worth it... definitly would do again.
  3. Ours is the 7th. I hope I can print soon too!!!
  4. Happy to say I am in the SF penthouse suite. Love the aft, even though deck 8 i can deal with bliss noise, if there is some. Have you ever lived with teenagers and dogs? I am a pro at blocking out the world. Back to the suite life for my DH and me
  5. ok, so I got an upgrade offer for an SE/SF I bet is was for the deck 8 SF since they were all available as of yesterday... my issue is that I believe I plugged my card number in wrong since I got the email that says we tried, but got denied. There were links to try that card again or use a different card. I put in a different card, BUT the email said that if there is still something avail and they will try again..... I wonder if I lost my shot....
  6. I will find out next week we booked 3 weeks out, GTY Balcony , and as soon as payment was made my link to upgrade was there. Put bids on the Haven. We shall soon find out. We have been in the Gem Haven before and love it!!
  7. That all sounds amazing!!!! Thank you homemade ice cream!!! I am dying already!! The silent disco sounds like so much fun. I can only image, just even watching it. When the cost gets into the 10g range. Yeah. I will jump ship. I tried to get my husband to go to an ocean view so we can cruise more.... he likes the suites too much to go backwards. We we usually go every other year or every three years. Need to save $$ to have the suite life. But also we try to alternate a land vacation between the sea ones. Our kids are getting older so we dont always have to take them 😜 the GEM Haven is my favorite of all time. One day, I will get back to her!!
  8. We have been in the Gem Haven twice the time we were on 2013 and 2014, there were 12 villas and the diamond suite and garden villa. These had exclusive access to the Haven Area. It wa small and more intimate. Your key card got you in from the elevator. Super cool. My daughter loves being the one to insert her card and go up. We have done the normal suites, as I call them, (Catergory S). Still the haveing breakfast and lunch in the designated Haven restaurant. but no special pool area and pool attendents I think the larger ships have a bigger amount of Haven suites, (catergory H) i have priced the 7 day Boston Bermuda in an aft suite (cat S) and for 10 days in the AQUA class I think I am getting a better value, and still get to go to Bermuda for the three days. What do you want me to explain. I have never been on Celebrity, and I am just looking for info on the Summit. Since the refurb, I guess the normal has changed, and they have new things to the ship. I know nothing and just looking for help with a new cruise line. Searching gives me info on the summit befor the refurb. I have looke at that thread too. The pics are gorgeous!!! I have cruised NCL seven times in the last nine years. Mostly on the GEM, but twice on the Dawn and once on the Spirit. If you want my input on those ships I can give you all my fav places to go and places to eat. You want info on Bermuda I can do that too since I have there five times. Love Bermuda!!! Just a new customer of this cruise line and in the past CC has been always helpful.
  9. We love to relax, so coffee, books light music. Shows are fun but we love going to Bermuda and three days is best. We like the smaller NCL ships, but reservations 6 months in advance. I mean it is vacation and I don’t really want to plan that far out.
  10. We have been in the Haven and not haven suites. While they are nice, NCL seems to be pricing me out of cruising with them
  11. Actually had to switch to the June 6th 2020 forgot my daughter has prom when I booked the May 9th.
  12. Always love the aft. On NCL we try and do he suite afts my hubby likes the butler bringing French press coffee in the AM..
  13. Ok. Like what are the in and outs of the summit? Best place to pop a squat and relax with a good book? Restaurants to not miss?.. we are not huge buffet fans we love smaller ships, so the Summit is up our sleeves. We are not smokers? But my hubby does like a good cigar. So does the smoke control mean you can smoke on your balcony? Like can the hubby have a cigar?
  14. Only have ever sailed NCL just jumped ship and booked the Summit for May 2020 please help a Celebrity newbie out!!! I got all my information from these boards from my first NCL in 2010 yes, I have searched the boards for info, but I need the guts from the tru blu Celebrity fans. Turn me off of NCL for good!!!!
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