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  1. One other note: We found it was easy enough to find our way around for the most part, but on our second trip we wanted to see things that we missed. We spent an entire day, including lunch at the market, with Adam from Behind Budapest and I can't recommend him highly enough. He was one of the best guides we have had anywhere in the world, and he took us everywhere using public transportation. It was an incredible and unforgettable day - despite cold weather and snow flurries! http://behindbudapest.hu/en/ Something you might want to consider since your time is so limited...
  2. We've stayed at the Four Seasons and also at the Aria on two recent trips and absolutely loved both, both in terms of the location and everything else about them. We also stayed our last night on one trip at the Hotel Palazzo Zichy and really enjoyed it as well. There are many great hotels to choose from depending on your budget and it's easy to get around no matter where you stay.
  3. No river cruises for us this year (or next). We decided on traveling throughout the Scottish Highlands for this year and it looks like Italy is on the top of the list for us again next year. Just can't get enough of Italy and the wonderful scenery, food, wine, and people! We've also got a bunch of shorter trips interspersed in between.
  4. We used Private Prague Guide for a transfer between Passau and Prague. Not sure if they offer to Vilshofen but it might be worth checking. They were great all around (price, service, vehicle, communications, etc.). https://www.private-prague-guide.com/prague-transfers/ We opted for a driver/guide since we wanted to stop for a tour on the way in Cesky Krumlov.
  5. Wow! Thank you all for the great suggestions! Lots of research to do for sure! Have added Silversea to the growing list! Also, a friend of mine just returned from a Windstar cruise and absolutely loved it. Never realized there'd be so many good choices!
  6. Thanks! Definitely checking out Regent. 👍
  7. Thanks! I will check them out. I appreciate all of the feedback.
  8. Preference is smaller at this point but I’m not ruling anything out yet! Thanks.
  9. Thanks! I’m just starting research so will definitely watch for your review.
  10. Terrific feedback. Thank you both very much. Ideally, we are looking for a ship holding no more than about 250-300 passengers. I’m big on the trip planning end of things so arranging for private tours sounds like the way for us to go. ETA: Is a max of several hundred passengers a realistic expectation? Thx.
  11. I know we get a lot of questions on this board from experienced ocean cruisers who are looking at trying a river cruise for the first time. My husband and I are kind of the opposite and I'm looking for a bit of advice. We've never had any inclination to take a cruise on one of the large ships, but we're now starting to look at options for a Mediterranean cruise. We really don't want something with hundreds of other passengers so I've started looking at Windstar as one option. I'd appreciate any other suggestions you all might have. For river cruises, we've stuck to Uniworld's super ships and definitely would want to stick with a more upscale option if we do a Mediterranean cruise. The other thing I'm curious about is extras ... What is normally not included? I'm assuming that there would be more costs for tours, drinks, laundry, tips, taxes. Is that correct? Anything else I should know? Thanks for any tips!
  12. Do you 'need' one? No. Should you use one? Probably, yes. I do all of my own bookings for pretty much all of our travel, with the exception of river cruises. We get discounts and freebies from our TA that are unavailable if we book ourselves.
  13. On our three Uniworld cruises, the only extras we typically paid for were for massages and other spa services. We did have a suite which had unlimited laundry service. Uniworld offers a handful of optional excursions, but there are plenty of included tours so no real need to pay extra unless there's something special that you're specifically looking for. All alcohol is included, as are tips.
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