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  1. https://apple.news/AFkR4SKsvT8KLk94Qw9kcHw Scores of passengers and crew aboard a river cruise boat are being held under quarantine in eastern Cambodia after a British passenger tested positive for the coronavirus. The vessel belonging to Viking River Cruises is under police guard as it remains moored on the Mekong River outside the town of Kampong Cham. Cambodian Health Minister Mam Bunheng on Wednesday visited the Kampong Cham provincial hospital, where the 65-year-old woman from the United Kingdom is being held for observation and treatment. The woman is Cambodia's third confirmed case. Mam Bunheng said late Tuesday that the remaining 63 passengers and crew aboard would be tested and quarantined for 14 days. Four other passengers from the U.K. have already been tested with negative results. The luxury cruise originated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and visited the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, before arriving at Kampong Cham.
  2. Understand, and agree completely. It was like pulling teeth trying to get info on routing changes when the rivers were low, and the cruise lines seem to be feeling their way through this one similarly.
  3. It was directly from the Uniworld site. This thread started out as an update of the Uniworld cancellation policy due to COVID-19. My response was made to stlrod, regarding their question about their cruise specifically. It had nothing to do with AMA and I have no idea about their cancellation policies or any changes.
  4. That's an interesting question and you probably need to call them to ask. The site states, "Valid only for 2020 bookings departing May 1 or later, new and existing." So, I would take that to mean that your trip would not meet the requirements. However, since there will be people on your cruise who booked without the pre-cruise extension, it seems illogical that more favorable options for cancellation would be available to them merely because of this.
  5. It was a really well designed space. And the bonus was that we always had it all to ourselves!
  6. Same on the Uniworld cruises we’ve been on although they could open everything up on the Antoinette in nice weather. It was our favorite space on the boat.
  7. Same here. We enjoyed Salzburg but it was very crowded and Cesky is just pure magic.
  8. Could have sworn I answered this but it doesn’t look like it got posted. We have had butlers on our later trips but did not on the Antoinette when we had a balcony stateroom.
  9. I would spend a couple extra days in Budapest as there is plenty to see there and keep you busy and lots of great markets. Also I would not miss the opportunity to visit Prague and Cesky Krumlov.
  10. We usually ask for a wake up Knock at the door with a cup of coffee
  11. Enjoy! Wonderful way to celebrate a special anniversary!
  12. Just one other note: On the Antoinnette the pool is actually on deck 4 along with the suites and other cabins and is at the rear end of that level near the spa. It is on the same level as the salon and the bar also.
  13. I understand now that you mean the ladder for entry to the pool itself. I have bad knees and really didn’t find it a problem. I’m attaching a pic of it. The week that we were on the ship we never saw anyone else at the pool. It was like our private area. Note that it is a swim spa so you could turn the jet on if you wanted to swim against the pressure. We didn’t find the dining room excessively loud but I think that would depend on how many large groups you have traveling together. As far as the crowds, that comment was really more about Europe in general in the summertime. We generally go in May or September or later.
  14. The Rhine itinerary you're looking at was the first one we did with Uniworld. We've found that we prefer to travel in either the spring or the fall since it's less crowded and the temps are more comfortable for a lot of walking. We've only been on the Uniworld Super Ships and the Antoinette was in very good shape when we were on the boat, although that was a few years ago. We loved the pool area and are not understanding the comment about accessing it only via a ladder. Uniworld has been renovating a number of their ships to Super Ships and also adding new boats to their fleets. We'll be on the S.S. São Gabriel, a new boat on the Douro, later this year. We've only been on the Antoinette and the Maria Theresa (twice) so far, and enjoyed both.
  15. I just went back and looked and they reduced the week after our Douro cruise by A LOT! Unfortunately for us, not the week we're on the boat.
  16. Wonderful! Glad to hear this!!
  17. They just posted this on FB: In honor of our family of brands turning 100 this year, we're extending the 100th Anniversary Celebration Event for a limited time – and adding dozens of new departures to choose from! With itineraries starting from $2,099 USD, don't miss your opportunity to save up to 30% on The World's Best and Most Awarded Luxury River Cruise Line. #ExploreUniworld View Offer: https://www.uniworld.com/current-offers/100/
  18. I know what you mean about shock. My DH was quite accidentally diagnosed with lung cancer (never smoked, no symptoms, tumor found on an unrelated scan). Just goes to show that the time for us to live is now. So glad to hear that all is going well for you so far - and yes, very often the follow up treatment is well worth it. May we all remain healthy enough for many more years of wonderful travel experiences!
  19. Wishing you a relaxing trip and all of the best for when you return. My DH had (very unexpected) surgery and other medical treatment at the end of last year so we've had to postpone several trips. We're looking at getting back into the swing of things in a big way this year and onward! Life is too short. ❤️
  20. Interesting since many of the lower level cabins are sold out on the itineraries I've been watching, and often the discounts don't apply to suites. ETA: I just called and was told they've actually released everything for 2021; it is just not up on their website quite yet. I was told they'd be happy to price something for me and that most itineraries were the same as for 2020. I told the rep I was just interested in browsing at this point.
  21. Too funny ... I was just doing the same thing. 😂 I noticed that they do have 2021 itineraries for India, China and Egypt but it looks like that's it. Hopefully more coming soon ...
  22. Same here on both counts. The only extras we typically have are facials and/or massages.
  23. The only extras I remember from the wine list were for high end champagnes, and I drink solely red wine. As far as other exclusions, I asked my husband what he recalled and he mentioned some single malt scotches. That said, we never had a bar bill.
  24. Definitely, and most welcome after those long days of touring! Sooooooo, no word yet from Uniworld on when we might get our hands on the 2021 info and itineraries? All of this discussion has got me pondering what to book next!
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