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  1. We will be sailing on the Epic in July. It appears that we have to make reservations for the show. We have cruised many, many times including cruising on NCL many times..... But we have never had to do this. How does this work? Are there assigned seats or just assigned times? Can a group of 14 sit together? How do I make reservations? If I don’t make reservations we can’t see the show?
  2. Ok. Sorry. On Carnival some members have the email addresses.
  3. Does anyone have an email address for the Maitre D or restaurant manager on the Bliss? Thank you.
  4. It was $3k more to upgrade to a basic suite. Not the Neptune class suite. That is on top of the $2500 we spent on club orange. With the info I read here I will keep our Verandah Cabin with the Club Orange. To go up to Neptune suites was an additional $10k.
  5. So doing a little research I found out about Club Orange. Also I found out my wife had already purchased it with our two Verandah Cabins. It was $2500 for our group of 5. To upgrade us to suites would be $3000. Do the club orange perks come with the suites or would I still need the club orange package? Thank you.
  6. Hello, We are not new to cruising. We have about 50 cruises under our belts. But primarily with Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean. This will be our first time on HAL and we are excited to give it a try. I am wondering if there is some type of VIP or front of the line passes that you can purchase on HAL. Carnival has faster to the fun, RC has the key program. NCL has excellent suite benefits. We are currently booked this July sailing in Europe on the Nieu Statendam. We have balcony cabins reserved. I was thinking about upgrading to a suite. Are there any perks when upgrading to a suite besides a larger room? NCL has priority boarding, debarkation, tendering, reserved show seating, butler and some others. What does HAL offer? Is it worth paying extra for the suite? Thank you in advance. The advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. When we arrive in Cabo on the Panorama we have to shuttle in..... the fun times states that we need a ticket. We are Platinum but haven’t had to Shuttle in a long time. Do we need a ticket? We are supposed to be priority with Platinum status. How does that work? We have to get off fast as they pushed our dock time out by an hour and now we will be late for our private tour. Thank you.
  8. Nope. I just parked in the structure. The attendants said they block it off for Imagination and Inspiration. Parking in the structure is for Panorama only.
  9. What is the boarding order? When do the suites board vs diamond and platinum?
  10. Everything fit through the scanner fine. I am waiting in the lounge now to board the Panorama.
  11. We always carry our bags on and off. Far more convenient for us. We are platinum so our cabin is ready when we board. Just never carried on a large suitcase before.
  12. Can I carry on large suitcases? I remember going through airport type security and X-ray machines. I don’t think the large suitcases will fit through the machine. Thank you.
  13. So this is only for Imagination and Inspiration? I am on the Panorama.... will I park in the normal structure? I have not received any notifications.
  14. That’s what I had remembered. Thank you. I just ordered a couple cases on their website. Thanks again.
  15. I can’t remember...... Are we allowed to carry on or check in a case of bottled water? We are cruising tomorrow out of Long Beach on the new Panorama.
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