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  1. Yes. I will give him a call too. Thank you.
  2. Does anybody know the email address for the Maitre D on the Panorama? We have a cruise coming up in December that I need a little help with dining. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the response. I appreciate it.
  4. We will be on the Bliss sailing Alaska in about 6 months. Our group grew to 13 of us and we would all like to sit at one table. We would prefer a round table but will do a long table if necessary. I know most ships have round tables for 12. I’m hoping the Bliss has a round table for 14 we could use. Does anyone know the seating on the largest size round table they have on the Bliss? If it is 12 will they let us squeeze 13 in? What about a rectangular table. Can they seat 13? Thank you.
  5. I called and clarified and they said every cabin guest gets premium WiFi. 😃. But I am going to look into it a little more to be sure. We also got a $600 onboard credit but that is per cabin.
  6. Great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
  7. How do the WiFi plans on HAL work? I couldn’t find info on their website. With our package they include free premium WiFi...is that their best package or can I pay to upgrade to a faster package? Thank you n
  8. Will the dress code in the club orange dinner restaurant be the same as in the MDR or more relaxed? Will the menu be the same? We love dining in the MDR and not sure what to spect in the CO restaurant. Thank you.
  9. Perfect. Thank you. I also found it on the HAL website. 😃
  10. We called in to purchase the club orange program. It was $35 per day or $500 for our 14 day cruise. So a total of $2500 for our group of 5. Much more than I thought. We went ahead and bought it because it is fully refundable. Does the price ever go down? Does that sound correct? I thought I read somewhere that you don’t have to pay for the third or fourth person in your cabin. Is that not correct?
  11. Great. Thank you to everyone. The help and friendliness was much appreciated... We just called HAL and reserved two side by side Verrandah cabins. Numbers are on the Gershwin Deck 5035 and 5037. Any opinions on the cabins? I can switch anytime. My only thought was looking at a picture of the ship it looks as if there might be a deck right below us that protrudes and might block our view downward. Should we try to go up higher or is this not an issue?
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