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  1. When uktog posted about the cancellation extension up to Sep, I followed her posted link (thank you). This took me to Azamara's UK site. While there, I did a search for "Future Cruise Credit" to see if anything had changed. I later cross-checked the Australian site and found the same info, as follows : This form is for internal call center agent use only. Please do not share this link externally with any guests or travel agents. Travel Agents have the ability to process Future Cruise Credit redemptions in Cruising Power, and should be directed there for self-service. Instructions 1. Enter the guest's new booking ID for which they wish to redeem their Future Cruise Credit Certificate. 2. Select the ship code for the new booking. 3. Enter the sail date for the new booking. 4. Enter a contact name and email. An automated email will be sent to the contact listed after FCC number is entered. This form will not confirm redemption was processed - this is simply a redemption request. The automated email will confirm the FCC's redemption status for the contact listed. New Booking Information New Booking ID * The Booking ID of the cruise booking you wish to redeem your Future Cruise Credit(s) against. The contact name on the FCC must match a contact name on the booking. New Booking Ship Code * The two-letter ship code for the booking you wish to redeem a Future Cruise Credit against. PR for Azamara Pursuit, QS for Azamara Quest, or JR for Azamara Journey. SelectQSJRPR New Booking Sail Date * The date on which the new cruise booking you wish to redeem an FCC against sets sail. Year Year202020212022202320242025 Month MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Day Day12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 Contact Information Contact Name * Contact Email * Future Cruise Credit Certificate Numbers FCC Number * Add up to three Future Cruise Credit numbers. FCC Number The second FCC number. FCC Number The third FCC number. I'm encouraged that internal call centre agents are being given the scope to apply up to three FCC certificates to a booking. I've posted this so as to get on the record that as at 24 June 2020, Azamara is explicitly prepapred to apply multiple FCC to a future cruise ( at least , that's how I read it). Looks like a win for Azamara cruisers and in our case we will be able to maximise FCC, despite the BOGOHO cost differential between partners, for our future cruise bookings. So, despite the official response I've received specifying limitations, I fully intend to press for this administrative policy to be applied so as to maximise the use of FCC to our B2B2B booked for 2021. Very appreciative that they have again stuffed up administratively and put something on their site that isn't meant for their guests - at least it gives us a chance of a fair go. The relevant links in the Australian and UK sites are : https://www.azamara.com/en-au/fcc https://www.azamara.co.uk/fcc Get in, copy and date stamp the copy while you can. I look forward to the Azamara Team's helpful affirmation of this policy on Cruise Critic (seeing as my email to "loyaltyintl@azamara.com" of 12 June, requesting escalation, has not been responded to). Tony
  2. It would be nice to hear from a senior loyalty person, given we’ve been told they are monitoring this Board. It would be reassuring to hear they’ve escalated all these concerns to a policy decision making level, to address the identified limitations on the use of FCC. The latest FX difficulty outlined above is just absurd - It’s the simplest of matters to do a FX conversion. Stop screwing us!! Azamara Loyalty and, in turn, Azamara senior management - note that we are the people who are helping you out by taking FCC and re-booking, rather than helping to send you into administration by joining those wanting refunds.
  3. Thanks for that. I guess with Sandra and Bonnie gone, there’s no longer an avenue to escalate issues within Azamara (unless someone on CC has a good contact). They’ve always been very difficult to deal with administratively, so it’s sure a shame. With Azamara, for years we’ve booked direct, rather than through an agent, just because of difficulties in getting matters resolved through a middle person.
  4. Thanks Phil - I've sent my email to that address, requesting it be forwarded to Sandra for further referral to a senior policy decision maker but in the past, before the improvement to Azamara Circle, the LCV ambassador had her own email and that's what I'm hoping to get.
  5. Hi Bonnie before you go, can you provide the email address for the Azamara Circle ambassador please. Her old LCV ambassador address doesn’t seem operational. thanks Tony
  6. Where it really becomes a problem with B2B is when there’s a significant price difference between cruises (which is exacerbated by the BOGOHO issue). If rebooked B2B cruises are around the same price pp as the cancelled cruises, then I imagine any surplus/shortfall would be immaterial. However, our first 2020 cruise is a 7 night Med, whereas the shortest 2021 cruise is 10n. This is where the FCC shortfall kicks in. If we’re allowed to apply surplus FCC from one of the other cruises to that same 2021 cruise, then the shortfall is covered. With the BOGOHO situation, in our case we’ll actually be worse off if the cost of that 2021 cruise is spread evenly between us; as the 50% cost invoiced to my wife is fully covered by the lower FCC from 2020’s 7n cruise. But that is beside the point - most people will be re-booking one cruise and doing so on a BOGOHO basis; and then finding out that they’ll be disadvantaged. The critical issue for B2B guests is being allowed to apply total FCC per couple against total re-booking costs per couple or at least on a per person basis, being able to apply more than a single FCC certificate amount to a future cruise.
  7. If considering FCC read the fine print! Apologies for the length of this post. I’ve finally received responses from Azamara to a number of queries concerning application of future cruises credits (FCC). 125% looks very good on paper and is very enticing to take rather than a 100% refund; despite us not knowing whether the cruises we book in 2021 will proceed or be much like what we think we’re booking if they do proceed. We don’t even know whether Azamara and other cruise lines will survive, if there are significant second waves of infection; and let’s face it, with countries opening up from lockdowns what are our chances? So, it’s a risk to take the FCC rather than a refund. The BCNC staff (bean counter number crunchers) have been at work again at Azamara and FCC isn’t all it seems. So, beware! We’ve had B2B2B cruises for June/July 2020 cancelled and we have B2B2B cruises booked for May/June 2021. Excluding taxes and deposits, the sum of our 2020 FCC covers the net cost of our 2021 cruises. It seemed like a no brainer to accept the FCC. We book as a couple and we pay total amounts as a couple. However, Azamara treats us as individuals. As a result, once we apply Azamara’s FCC policies, we have to stump up AUD4,609 difference. Azamara’s policies, which work against us, are as follows : 1 – FCC is not transferable between partners. 2 – Only one FCC “certificate” can be applied to a future cruise. If there’s any residual FCC, we get a separate certificate for that balance at the end of the completed future cruise. These policies apply to us in the following example. Our 2020 FCC is identical for the two of us – all three cruises were booked under the same arrangements for each person. Two of our 2021 cruises have identical pricing to each of us. However, the third 2021 cruise was on a BOGOHO basis – person 1 is invoiced the full amount; person 2 is invoiced 50%. As the FCC cruise credit is not transferable, then under the BOGOHO invoicing, person 1 has a FCC shortfall whereas person 2 has a FCC surplus. For Example, we each have a FCC of $6,000 to apply. The total cost of cruise 3 is $12,000 but person 1 is invoiced $8,000 and person 2 is invoiced $4,000. As a couple, we have to pay $2,000 yet receive a $2,000 FCC at the end of the cruise. So, beware of the BOGOHO offer – most people using FCC will find themselves under the same FCC limitation for a single 2021 cruise if it's booked on a BOGOHO basis. They will not revise their booking invoice for cruise 3 to distribute the total cost 50/50. Apparently that’s impossible (although it seems as simple as a typing/accounting adjustment to me). The second limitation with FCC is that we can only apply one FCC to one future cruise. So, if we have $6,000 FCC pp from a 2020 cruise and we apply it to a 2021 cruise costing $5,000 pp, the $1,000 pp remaining cannot be added to a second FCC to be jointly applied to another cruise i.e. if our second cruise costs $6,000 pp and we have a separate FCC worth $5,000 – we can only apply the $5,000 FCC to that cruise and have to each pay $1,000, rather than use the surplus $1,000 we have remaining. We will each have residual FCC from two cruises. However, we cannot even lump these together so that we could actually use all the FCC. We would have to book another 2 cruises in 2021 just so we could use up the remaining FCC. That won’t happen, of course, so Azamara gets a nice little gain there at our expense. So, anyone who anticipates FCC arising from cancellation of B2B cruises need to be aware of this. We really wanted to support Azamara and its cash flow through its recovery from this terrible virus but we now have to consider our options. It feels pretty shabby treatment really. Azamara (RCI) has already angered many clients, who have reasonably wanted a refund. If Azamara wants to entice others of us with 125% FCC, allow us to get the maximum use of that FCC, so we think and speak positively about you; as opposed to coming up with smart ways to rip us off and alienate us. Maybe you’ve laid off the wrong people. I hope Bonnie will pass on this feedback. At the least, cruise critic friends, make your FCC/refund decisions with better understanding of the limitations Azamara has chosen to impose on the use of FCC. Tony
  8. Well, a 100% refund plus 50% discount on a future cruise to everyone affected should just about ensure the cruise industry gets wiped out. If you care to look at other boards you’ll find that you’re not alone and that a lot of people have had to wait longer than hoped for.
  9. It’s ok Jenny. In a few months when the Americans, Brits and Canadians find they either can’t or won’t come, I expect there’ll be some better pricing for the poor relatives.
  10. They’re understaffed and releasing cancellations progressively and slowly. It is what it is and recently refunds have been processed for many guests, albeit that some are still having trouble. Cruisers’ ill feelings toward cruise lines’ slowness in cancelling and particularly refunding has been apparent across many lines, so they’ll avoid cancelling bulk cruises all at once, so as not to be overwhelmed. So, they’ll soon announce cancellations through to July and we’ll get another wave of guests frustrated because their refunds are taking too long. Because of the ongoing incidence of infections all over the world, allied with the debacles particularly of Diamond and Ruby Princess and the fact that airlines have planes sitting on runways going nowhere mean it’s a certainty that cruises will not go ahead in July. If infection rates eventually significantly diminish, countries may signal timeframes for international tourism to resume but even then there’ll be other destination countries maintaining restrictions. In that scenario, any cruises that resume would necessarily have a quite different itinerary than what was planned for. Apart from those practical and logistical difficulties, the cruise lines have learned that it only takes one infected guest to get aboard and the result is disaster. As countries’ economic situations are now dictating that business return to as normal as possible, I don’t like the chances of significant reductions of infection rates. Put all this together and logic suggests there won’t be any cruises for months, at best. So, when it’s our turn, we’ll all opt for the refund or FCC and wait.
  11. Zero! Seabourn has cancelled all cruises (I think) to end Nov. Worldwide, countries which still have significant incidences of infections, are loosening restrictions on movement. It seems inevitable to me that there will be 2nd waves occurring. So, even if some countries become relatively safe, many countries won’t be allowing cruise ships to dock and letting thousands of cruisers wander around. Of course this is total speculation on my part.
  12. Thanks Jazzbeau. I’ve seen many helpful posts from you before and I’m sure it’ll be a smooth transition. Very grateful for people like you and Grandma, who are prepared to put yourselves out for the benefit of others. best wishes Tony
  13. Thanks for all your good work. You’ve been particularly helpful to newbies, as well as making valuable contributions for the rest of us. Tony
  14. An enormous number of cruisers will need to use their FCC right through 2021 and will be using it on higher cost cabins, so I’d think cruise lines will be keeping all the better located cabins for those prospective bookings.
  15. Thanks Suzy. I interpret this as being relevant only to people who have used a pre-existing FCC on a 2020 cruise now being cancelled. Seems stingy that in this situation people must re-book and sail by 31 Oct 2020 (given that people who have paid 100% have until 31 Dec 2021 to use FCC arising from the cancellation). Undoubtedly they'll extend the expiry date if cruise closures continue into July/Aug but why create the potential extra workload. An expiry sometime in 2021 seems sensible to me.
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