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  1. If you please... July 18, Bimini R/T, frankdp, Frank and Faith Thank you Keith!
  2. Hi Babes! My wife and I will be with you on Riviera, certainly hope we sail. Be well. Frank and Faith
  3. Is this new? My understanding till now is that the crew would indeed be vaccinated. 100%.
  4. Been trying to call Crystal for 2 weeks. On hold for extended period of time, 1hour plus before I elected to leave my number for a call back which never came. If this is the way these people do business, I’m not sure I want anything to do with them. Anyone out there have a suggestion fo a frustrated potential traveler?
  5. As previously stated, about time. Oceania has been doing this for years.
  6. Just another nonsense, no fact, BS article about how COVID is unbeatable. Ridiculous.
  7. They will certainly be bankrupt if they can’t begin sailing with at least a reduced customer base soon. Bring the kids back when it’s appropriate.
  8. Why not? Wouldn’t it be better for them to start up whenever there are enough “immune” passengers than to wait till everyone has had an opportunity? I don’t understand your trepidation.
  9. Such a lovely thread! It seems we all can agree that Regent has pretty good food. And now we are wiser thanks to Flossie!
  10. That last sentence is a vivid reflection of the way the some of the people board have sunken into nastiness. Just a reflection of society at large though. Merry Christmas Jeremiah.
  11. If I ever have this situation and it isn't very quickly fixed by the staff, I'm looking for a new cruise line.
  12. X is still showing multiple cruises on their website on Connie out of Tampa that are 10 and 11 nights beginning in March. I chatted with a very nice lady (using the chat feature) and she told me that these cruises were still scheduled to sail as listed. We all know that at least, these cruises will be shortened to 7 nights as mandated and with all of the uncertainty surrounding the Constellation, these cruises will possibly not sail at all. If they really intend to bring Connie to Tampa and begin sailing in March, why wouldn't they reset those cruises on the website to reflect
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