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  1. In addition to the personal health issues and fiscal issues of the cruise lines There is also the fact that our own personal financial picture has completely changed in a few months. Husband, a musician had all gigs cancelled till end of year. Pension was declared insolvent a few months ago. Small savings in the market even smaller. We got FCC for Cancelled June sailing with granddaughters on RCCL. Unfortunately will lose $500 NRD if we cancel January 2021 Celebrity sailing (hope we can still sail- yes, I’m a cockeyed optimist sometimes)
  2. Weather 80s in central East Coast Florida but hard to enjoy with the worries. Husband is musician — all gigs cancelled For the year (working to supplement Social Security). Pension went insolvent day after Thanksgiving. And of course the small bit in the stock market getting smaller. Adult daughter is in media sales as Independent Contractor (not qualified for Unemployment compensation), son-in-law has business that state declared he cannot practice until virus is gone (also no unemployment insurance). They have almost no income now. They have 2 children out of elementary school. Our son with asthma is working in warehouse in medical deliveries. We are self-isolating but feeling ok. I’ve been cooking more from scratch, cleaning, organizing, laying on lanai, reading. I’m not complaining, but it is very sad. In our small city, parks are closed, most stores and businesses closed except supermarkets, gas, banks, etc. There have been a few cases here but getting more — I think due to lack of testing. The sheriff had one, there is a case in our Local hospital. Testing is ramping up. We cancelled a cruise for June with Rccl with the grands (They don’t understand all this) and hope we will able to keep plans for January on Celebrity. There is our health and that of the world but also our economic picture has changed completely in an instant. I’m trying to stay positive looking at the trees and listening to the birds. I follow guidelines - we have enough of everything for a couple of weeks. As I’m writing this, I got a text from local supermarket reducing hours again. Hope to see you onboard ⚓️
  3. The CLIA (Cruise company Association) has requested the White House bar 70 yr olds and older unless their doctors certify their health. Since my husband and I are at that time in life even though we are in good health— we will cancel tomorrow. We were leaning towards cancelling but that is the tipping point. We don’t want to try to get certified nor do we want to subject our 2 grandchildren to a possible quarantine. Children are in a lower risk group but not a no- risk group. If the Association of which RCCL is a member & the CDC and the State Dept all say cruising is risky, then why go? I would be too worried and that wouldn’t be a vacation. I wish everyone good health. And happy sailing in the future.
  4. It is non refundable so thanks for your reply. We should get a FCC. Okay, got it. Thank you. I also need to get my cabana refunded which I believe will go to my credit card. I wish everyone stays well. 🌈
  5. Couldn’t find the answer in previous threads. We are booked for June sailing (before the deadline). Final payment is April 1 and we are 70 and pretty healthy but taking 2 grandchildren so will most likely cancel. Can I expect a FCC for my deposit amount ($100 each/$400)? thanks
  6. We found a bracelet in our cabin drawer a long time ago and found nice wine in our cabin the next day
  7. Very excited for you. Happy sailing ⚓️⛴🏝
  8. Yes, you are right. On S-class it is not Practical since the kitchens are on different floors, or possible, to get everything on the MDR menu but appetizers and soups are definitely possible. But the Maitre D can get a reservation for Blu diners in the MDR as they did for us. Happy sailings.
  9. There were no short ribs on the menu last month on Equinox and I opted for the whole wheat pasta which was good - DH and son had the salmon. What was great was the service and atmosphere and chill rather than the hustle & bustle of the OVC. The meal did not take long at all.
  10. Thank you for your soon-blog We booked Apex for January 2021 Have been on Celebrity mostly, Rccl, Disney, Oceania & Princess & Carnival almost 30 but ready to try something new. Happy sailing ⚓️🌴🌈
  11. Has anyone seen the color postcards pictures from the ships? Didn’t think so. Sad, but did have a wonderful time on Equinox last Month with our pencil. 😏😎
  12. Well, I think I will change my ways possibly after reading this thread. I’m getting close to being a veteran of almost 30 sailings. After leaving the auto-gratuities in place, I also bring some cash for late-cruise tips. I give $3-5 when room service coffee & whatever is delivered. We don’t usually have special needs but if we get special consideration & excellent service we leave about $20 extra for cabin attendant and an extra $ at Al bacio & if we grab a soda etc for elite benefit at a bar and something in an envelope for the Dining server team. We write notes with our thanks and note the special people by name on surveys. When with our son recently in a specialty we gave $40 to our server because he truly was special even getting us a recipe from the chef. What I will do differently is leave a separate thanks for the assistant server. On our last sailing, he was special too. Maybe combining them isn’t fair. I also make decisions in the moment— not really a set amount. Happy sailing to all ⚓️
  13. No matter how talented or “soft” the music is, it is sound. When I am reading or sleeping or watching the sea, sometimes I just want peace and quiet. My husband is a musician and even acoustic instruments can be heard and sometimes felt through walls. If we are in the mood for music, we seek out one of the performances onboard. As some have said above, please don’t. I also don’t want to be put in the position of answering the “would you mind if I?” Smooth sailing to all ⛴🛳🛥⚓️🗺
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