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  1. I got the same email last week (we're on the Gem 9/13/19). It is legit. They are referenced on the NCL site also in the passport/visa section.
  2. This must be a special of some type. We booked in July 2018 for a 14 night cruise leaving in 2 weeks and we only get 4 dinners. I did just find this website that is offering what you questioned for certain cruises after Nov 2019. https://cruiseweb.com/norwegian-cruise-line-specials/
  3. Sometimes it just depends on how many of each category they have sold. If they have sold a higher percentage of MA than MB then there might be a bigger gap. For example if they have 50 MA and sold 40 MA vs having 50 MB and sold 10 MB, then the MA might be quite a bit more than MB since there is a larger demand. It's not always about the view/benefits of the cabin. Also you have to consider which is better for you on this ship. All the MA and MB on the Jade are on Deck 11 so you have either the pool area or buffet above 90% of these cabins so not always preferential due to noises. I'm in a 14 night MA on the Jade later this month and hoping I chose my cabin # well. Also, the big difference on price is not on all of these. For example, look at MA and MB for the Nov 28, 2019 Jade. They are both $3149 so no difference in price at all.
  4. Go to youtube and search for something like NCL Epic Mini Suite and you'll see a variety of short videos. Here's one for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YumFxM8kz9k
  5. Got on the ship the day the contractors got off after 2 week drydock- Nov 2, 2018 in Singapore. Here are a couple photos. The cabin photos are from our Penthouse Suite aft 9170. Everything looked so shiny and new. Even the bathtub glistened.p the same
  6. I've been asked by NCL booking agents if anyone traveling has allergies. Until now it was a no but now was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and things are definitely better if I stay away from it. What does NCL do with the information? Do the waiters have the info since they swiped your card upon entry? Do they have things like Lactaid milk and/or ice cream? This allergy thing is new to me. I just planned to stay away from certain foods but thought I'd see others experience with this.
  7. We get the basic card on each cruise. My husband orders Champagne or Prosecco and gets it free. I order a vodka martini and I get it free. I don't get choice of vodka but that is fine with me. Be friendly with the server in the casino and don't forget to tip them each time.
  8. It's been so long I almost forgot all the turmoil about whether this cruise was going to happen or not due to some cancels on earlier dates. It looks like NCL has filled in 4 of the last 6 missing days. That 4 day charter is about twice the price of what I am paying for the 14 day Transatlantic. Color me happy. Apr 1-12 RT Miami for Western Caribbean Apr 12-16 RT Miami for "Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi" charter Apr 16-18 I cannot find any cruise listed but must be moving ship from Miami to NYC Apr 18-28 RT NYC for Bahamas & Bermuda Apr 28-May 12 NYC to Rome Transatlantic
  9. Here is where I got some info on the refurbishment. One item I read on another site (can't remember where) is that all the coffeemakers were going to be switched out too. I don't care the type of coffeemaker, just provide quality coffee is all I want. I really like the new color scheme. If I have one of those plastic trees in my cabin like in the past I may have to ask to have it removed. https://www.cruisemapper.com/wiki/767-cruise-ship-refurbishment-dry-dock-schedule
  10. Probably not worth it on the Jewel. We stayed in Aft Penthouse 10666 in 2013 for a Pacific Coastal cruise on the Jewel. We really enjoyed the larger cabin (normally get Balcony), the nice coffeemaker, breakfast in separate dining area (I think it was Cagneys at the time), reserved seating for the shows, etc. We saw very little of the butler since we assume he was mostly in the Haven area. That was fine as we have little needs. We still got all the snacks and things in the room. In 2017 we reserved a balcony and bid up and got a Haven Penthouse on the Getaway for a Baltic cruise. That was well worth the extra $ since that ship has a true Haven with their own dining room, bar, pool, jacuzzis, sauna, etc. It was extremely quiet even though it was full. We are back on the Jewel in a couple weeks in the Aft Penthouse out of Singapore on the first cruise after a 2 week drydock. On the list of drydock refurbishments is the "Penthouse Suite redecoration" so we expect a brand new cabin when we board (anything to get rid of those loud colors). The aft location is not my favorite as I prefer a mid/side view. I had the chance to bid on upgrade but not worth it to me on the Jewel. We'll try to keep the cabin in good shape for you since you'll be a couple weeks behind us. :)
  11. I've learned to sign up for the Behind the Scenes tour immediately from the Latitudes rep after boarding. Also don't forget if there are 2 of you Platinum in the cabin, you each get a bag of laundry done even though you only get one coupon. They told us (and it works) to put the coupon they provide you in the first bag and then a couple days later when you send another bag out just write big on a piece of paper that this is "2nd free bag of laundry for Platinum person in Cabin #......."
  12. We were on the NCL Getaway in May 2017 and booked a 2 day St Petersburg "Grand Tour" with Alla Tours which covered an awful lot over the 2 days. All of the sites were very busy but the guide seemed to walk us to the front door even ahead of other groups. We got to see everything on the list including Catherine's Palace. Alla charged about 1/2 of what NCL was charging. In regards to timing, we were ready to disembark the ship on day 1 to get to the Alla bus. We were in a suite and the concierge told us to relax and he'll bring us down at the appropriate time- no need to stand in line down there. We and others waited about 45 minutes on the ship and he finally took us down the back elevator and then we had to get in the huge line of people at Customs/Security. We were MAD. On day 1 they have to input alot of info in their computer about you and they had no reason to speed through it. Alla told us that they would wait 15 minutes from the original departure time and then they would have to leave. It was exactly 15 minutes late when I got through security (after about an hour in line). I RAN to the buses and they were getting ready to leave. We were SO mad at the concierge as we all wanted to go down early and he thought the back elevator was a magic elevator. The 2nd day was somewhat faster as you were already in their system. Whatever you do, go early - about 1 to 1.5 hours before you are to meet your group- to get off the ship. For most people this is a once in a lifetime trip so go early! It was a phenomenal tour both days. Enjoy!
  13. I worried about the same thing as the only good flight combos were in the morning. Last year want got the early shuttle to the airport but we had a reservation at the Hilton at the airport. Room was ready so we put luggage in and then went down and took their free shuttle to downtown Rome. Spent a few hours walking around, then got back on free shuttle back to Hilton and had a nice relaxing night until the next morning when we walked from lobby to terminal next door. Yes, I hate stressing on timing.
  14. We get the offers about twice a year to come to a Total Rewards casino to get the free voucher. The first time was the only time that they told us exactly what cruises were valid and the only time we got a Balcony. Since that time we only get free Inside cabins (which we pay the upgrade) and they don't give you the list of what cruises it is valid on in advance. I hated that since only one casino is a day trip for us (all others must be overnight). I would get home the following day and call NCL and they would inevitably tell me the one on the list I want is sold out. They only allow so many "free" on each and many times they offer Caribbean cruises in hurricane season which I don't like. What I learned though, is the value to redeem on ANY cruise. So, now I find the cruise I want and call to book and they will tell you the value of your certificate. I booked a cruise out of Singapore this fall and they applied the $275 value for each of us against the cost. So, we got the cruise we wanted and saved $550. So, if there isn't one on the list good for you, don't throw it out- just use the form for a discount.
  15. We started cruising in 2010 and were Platinum by 2017 after 6 NCL cruises 7+7+21+14+20+27 7 was a 7 night cruise - no specials 7 was a 7 night cruise - no specials 21 was a 7 night that had a double point special + suite special 14 was a 7 night that had a double point special 20 was a 10 night that had a double special 27 was a 9 night that had a double special + suite special To me the goal was to get to Platinum as that level gets you a better perk jump than the others. Platinum Plus won't mean much and we'll never see Ambassador in our lifetime.
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