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  1. This sounds just right. We are taking our 3rd "free" cruise that we got from Caesars at the end of this month. My first free cruise was for a balcony cabin which I loved. Since then they've only give me an inside so I "have" to upgrade to balcony. We are on the Sun to Alaska in a few weeks and our cost was $245 Guest Fare, $171.21 govt tax/port/fees, and $540 balcony upgrade. Total $956/person. At the time I booked it came to 52% off what I would have gotten booking myself. Since then the prices came down but I'm still saving 30% off the price if I booked today. Also, when I booked they had a promo of on-board credit so I'm getting $125 OBC. Also it comes with a Free Drink card whenever you gamble in the casino. We are occasional drinkers so this is perfect for us. We go in & sit down at a slot- by the 2nd day the servers know you/your drink- they see me across the room, I nod, they bring the drink. I love it. I do tip a dollar or two each time. Then sometimes we just get up and go do whatever- we were just there for the drink and enjoyed gambling for a few minutes (some will say the gambling cost more than paying full price at a bar but since we are gamblers, that thinking doesn't work on us). Enjoy your cruise- forget that $900+ "sounds" high. Would you have gotten a 7 night Alaska cruise for 2 for that price any other time? Start packing :)
  2. Thank you! I thought for sure you could but you are so right! I called NCL to verify and was told the same. So, I'll go online and prepay svc charges now and then I'll use my OBC for something else I guess. NCL said they've been swamped with calls about this issue and the email was worded wrong- did NOT have to be done before final pay date as the email said.
  3. But it is still a problem- the policy says you can prepay if done prior to final payment due date and the due date is already gone.
  4. The email says "Any guest that has made a booking by July 31, 2015 will have the option of prepaying their service charges at the current rate if done prior to the final payment due date. Guests with existing cruise reservations who have already pre-paid their service charges at the current rate will not be affected." My cruise is on August 31. My final payment date was June 17. I have not prepaid my service charges as I planned to use my $175 OBC. So, I don't have a choice. I have to pay the upcharge. Now, it's only $7.70 for the 2 of us for 7 night BUT this means I would have to pay whatever increase since I don't qualify. Not fair, NCL, that once you're beyond Final Payment they got ya for any increase they want on this item. I don't mind the $7.70. I mind the fairness.
  5. Someone said Harv and Marv are soldout for June? Since I'll be there early September I checked for myself. I see June as totally available- NOT soldout. There are a couple days in June when they cannot accommodate 4 or 6 people, but most days they can- and only totally sold out on June 16 or 29. Maybe they added a boat?
  6. I've read several of the posts about transportation options to Anchorage so I will look at those but I didn't see any that had my issue. To try to get my free flight using mileage, We have to fly out at about 1am. So, cruise arrives Seward 7am on Monday 9/7/15 and then flight is not until just after midnight. We have 17 hours. I am open to suggestions for the long day. If I can get a good rate on car rental, that one way would be best option (right now $265 including taxes). Otherwise, anyone have suggestions (remember we have luggage) rather than sitting at airport all evening? Thanks!
  7. What about inexpensive (or at least reasonable) restaurants that are on the top of the highrises or a cocktail lounge to have drinks at sunset? Any recommendations in Vancouver for this? We'll be there on a Wed-Thur-Fri night in mid May
  8. I don't think the website translated well. Go to cruiseadvice dot org (writing it like this in case the system doesn't want real website addresses). Search on the link - Best Cruise Ship Cabins
  9. This website will probably help. I think it says Deck 8 is 341 and Deck 10 is 375. We are in one on Deck 10 in two weeks for the first time and I chose the deck based on these comments (plus I like cabins above & below as it always seems quieter http://*****************/CruiseShips/BestCabins.aspx?ShipName=norwegian+jewel
  10. Ok, now I'm even more excited. We'll be in 10666 in May for the Pacific Coastal. Fresh Baked Cookie smell? I may never want to leave the balcony :)
  11. I've used the TR discount a couple times and is worth it to me but I get 20% since I have a Diamond card with Harrahs currently. If you are getting 5% off, definitely check the other specials if you qualify- like Latitudes or AARP or AX, etc. It would probably be equal. I booked in Nov for a cruise in May 2013 and the price went down 3 times. I called each time and they lowered the price over the phone and sent me a new confirmation- no problem. Now that I have paid the full price and am in the cancellation period as of this week, I don't think they will want me to do that. Someone did say at this point you can try and maybe they'll give you some onboard credit. In regards to comps- no, can't use them from one to the other.
  12. Docking at Coxen Hole as of this week- not sure how long. Here is the link to Mahogany Bay. If you don't see your ship there, then assume it is Coxen Hole (I'd check closer to the date too to make sure) http://www.mahoganybaycc.com/port-schedule.aspx
  13. We are on the Spirit on May 15. As of this week, the Spirit is docking at Coxen Hole (it was Mahogany Bay until last week). Here is the link to the MB port and as you'll see- Spirit is not there. We are going to do the Clip N Zip zipline. I had chosen it when I thought we would be at MB but when I found out we would be at Coxen Hole I contacted Clip N Zip and he said the transportation would be included in the price and gave me instructions on how to find the booth once I exit the ship. http://www.mahoganybaycc.com/port-schedule.aspx Enjoy!
  14. We went last year--wonderful museum!! You must see the museum AND movie. My only issue is that some of the rooms are small and it was quite crowded when we were there so it was difficult at times trying to read some of the displays. Coupon on neworleanscoupons.com and I think they take aaa and aarp also---whichever is best.
  15. Just as the last post said, it appears Coxen Hole will be the new NCL port starting next week. This website shows the ships at Mahogany so assume all others go to Coxen. You'll see NCL Spirit last dock at Mahogany is April 21 and then after that, no NCL. http://www.mahoganybaycc.com/port-schedule.aspx
  16. Yes it does seem pricier to NOLA than to other cities- maybe not as many flights from here. We've done this a couple times in the last 2 years. Southwest has some for $300 (one change each way) from LAX. We are on the Spirit on May 15 and taking the nonstop from LAX on Southwest flight each way but I'm using Southwest credits for a free flight. It was worth the points to save $600 in flight costs for two.
  17. My partner & I are cruising out of NOLA in May and wonder if there will be other family on the ship with us. Our cruise last year was wonderful on NCL and looking forward to #2!
  18. No responses...I hope we're not the only couple aboard of 2000+. We don't want to go to the FOD alone :)
  19. Ok, this question is from a newbie. I will be on the Star on March 20- my first cruise! When you order from these restaurants like the La Cucina and Le Bistro and pay the cover charge, what are you entitled to? Do you get one appetizer and one entree (I don't see dessert listed on these menus at least) or if you don't want an entree, can you get 3 appetizers instead. I'm just wondering the protocol on this. Thanks!
  20. If you are Platinum they offer a 10% discount (see the Total Rewards discount listed here) https://www.harrahs.com/NCL/ I got a "free" (paid about $400 total for port/taxes) cruise from Harrahs as a Platinum member (much better than 10%) this year. They sent invites to many TR members and offered various free cruises. I got a 7 day cruise for 2 in an Oceanview room on any NCL cruise (certain months on each cruise) so we jumped on it and our taking our first cruise next week to Mexican Riviera- well worth sticking with Harrahs for their benefits and we only play penny slots.
  21. My partner & I (our first cruise!) will be on the Star out of San Pedro to Mex Riviera on March 20 (and he's been packing & unpacking for a month already):)
  22. Just wondering if any other GLBT'ers will be joining us on this cruise on March 20, 2010 out of San Pedro. Bill & partner from LA
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