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  1. Agreed, it is always best to book what you can so you aren't disappointed. Once you are on board and you know more how your days are going you can easily change or cancel bookings. I wouldn't necessarily book only on sea days. Even days you are in port you will have time for a show.
  2. Thank you everyone for your input. Lots of comments both pro and con. I think with the booking now there appears to be a drink package included? ?? But I think I will call them and clarify a few things. I think I will do a bit more research for sure. I love RCI for sure. I can't say enough good things about the OASIS class ships. I honestly have not cruised anything smaller. But my husband wants to try something else. He's Norwegian so I'm not sure if he's hoping they will reward him for his heritage and give him free tshirt or what..🤣 (not really). I think the thought of going through New Orleans is also tempting. I do agree that I think NCL and RCI are similar in alot of ways. The airfare for us as we are from Canada is higher going to New Orleans.. but if we don't have to pay for a drink package that would make up the difference. But I definitely have to clarify that. Thanks again everyone I really appreciate the feedback and it's nice to get honest feed back that is not bashing if you know what I mean. Debbie
  3. Thank you.. so you don't have to pay for shows do you? I thought I saw something about that somewhere.
  4. Hello Thank you for your feed back. It helps alot. I do know what you mean by the crowds on embarkation day. We found it to be crowded as well. We did find that once the rooms were ready it seemed to help ease the crowds somewhat. I appreciate the comments.
  5. Hello there, So I have pretty much exclusively booked Royal Caribbean in the past. I thought I'd like to try something else for a change. So.. I find it kind of hard to figure out what comes with your cruise and what doesn't. So if you've cruised both lines can you tell me the difference? We are looking at NCL Breakaway out of New Orleans. I've mostly cruised the Oasis class ships with Royal Caribbean. I have a teenager come with us... so I'm looking for something that offers things for her to do. What is included with the cost of the cruise? What would I have to pay extra for? Ie drink packages, both alcohol and non alcohol, shows, meals etc. Thanks in advance. Debbie
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