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  1. stay at Shuttle from air port and to cruise terminal. Cheap taxi ride if you decide that times are not good for you to terminal.
  2. Thanks for the info. On our last couple of cruise we have a number of officers who said they expected to be on the ship but nothing confirmed. It was surprising a number of bar tenders and casino dealers did not want to be on the Encore for the first 5-6 months of the ship because how difficult it was to be on the "new" ship with all eyes on them.
  3. I have looked but still can not find who the officers will be on the Encore. Anyone have ideas?
  4. Never had Jay as a restaurant /manager. Rogeliza Nanad when she was on the Bliss last year thought she may be on the Encore. Any idea where she is
  5. Book everything now. Shore Ext, spec. Dinning. Spa stuff. You can always change later but everything fills up quickly. I booked on first day available and still missed a couple of times I wanted.
  6. When do you get credit when you book and pay or when you get on ship and get OB credit?
  7. Ocean Blue has gone down hill. I would go with a different place to eat. I have eaten at Ocaen Blue 3 times. First time food was ok so when we where on the Bliss wife wanted to try it again. Best meal ever. So next cruise was the Breakaway and food was back to being very poor. On the Encore next so decided not to try
  8. We book our dinner reservations at the 120 day mark. We called in to NCL and set everything up. She sent an email with all times and dates. So all looked well. I then logged on to NCL and I see where each day has a item set up but when I click on date it does not say anything. day trips are there (on those days they say 2 items) but nothing for dinners
  9. I would get to the port around 1100 time to get on ship and enjoy lunch before rooms are ready. On that cruise for the first out of Miami it should be smooth sailing getting on.
  10. I prefer NCL over Princess. Princess tends to give special treatment to their people who have cruised with them in the past. More cruises with them more special treatment. My mother is at about 140 days at sea with them so she loves them I have taken 2 with them but will stay with NCL or Cel. or RCL
  11. We where in a spa balcony and had no issues but bring some clothes pin just in case
  12. Do they have crap tables on their ships?
  13. No issue here. When I find a good person I like to give them there due. Hope you enjoy your cruises
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