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  1. We just got off the Breakaway a couple of weeks to go and they said that the Terminal will be ready for the first cruise on the Encore at Thanksgiving. We say the terminal and my guess is that there is no way it will be ready. Anyone have their ideas on the subject
  2. Just got off the breakaway this past Sunday and found out some interesting news. The new pier in Miami will (that is the plan) to be completed for the first voyage out of Miami (Thanksgiving week). They have also assured that the Encore will be completed in time as well.
  3. thanks guys, this is really good information we hadn't heard before, so a few more things on the to do list 😀
  4. We are on the Breakaway in 2 weeks. Anyone just off want to give us any more advise on the ship. Where to best hang out on the decks, how was the food and staff. We hear good and bad on this site so would like to hear anything from someone who just recently just got off the ship.
  5. On the Breakaway April 21 and was wondering who the officers are and who the best bartenders are. Thank you in advance for your help
  6. Yes we where on the Bliss this past Thanksgiving and had a Spa Balcony under the fitness center. At times we did hear people working out, we always take small ear plugs on a cruise. Very helpful to wear when going to bed. We would book again so don't fear.
  7. Has anyone received noticed on acceptance or rejection on the breakaway for April 21 sailing
  8. Are their any web sites they can tell us how full the ship is. I have done dummy bookings but was hoping we could go to one site to get this information. Thank you for your help
  9. We are going on the Encore for Thanksgiving and was wondering if they are on schedule or not. Seems like that no one is saying good or bad about the delivery date. Any one heard anything?
  10. the district was great with the piano man. He is someone who who sings and plays to the crowd, jokes etc. I can not remember his name but he was on the Bliss for the Thanksgiving cruise and he plans on being on the Encore for next Thanksgiving as well. If anyone remember his name please let me know so I can find out where he is at now, we will be on the Breakaway in April.
  11. I have booked a night with Cirque Dreams on the Breakaway and I thought I have read you can get premium seating? I did not see this when I booked, do we do this when we get on the ship or can we do this online.
  12. Trying to find out what ship Rogeliza Nanad is own currently. She was the restaurant Manager on the Bliss this past Thanksgiving and she said she was going on vacation soon after that cruise. She was planning on going to the Encore when she starts running.
  13. I am trying to reach out to Rogeliza Nanad. She is a great Restaurant Manager from the Bliss when we met. I am not sure if she is off the Bliss or where she is at now. I know she is going to be on the new ship the Encore but was hoping to see her before then as we have a number of different cruises planned before then. Thank you inadvance for your help.
  14. We are 80 some days out and was wondering when they start asking for bids to upgrade. Ship does not appear to be full.
  15. take a taxi less waiting and more comfortable
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