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  1. Lots of talk about officers but still waiting. I am sure w e will have wait till they start heading our way before we actually know for sure.
  2. Thank you for posting of some of the crew. Has anyone seen any officers on the picture? Still waiting on who the officers will be
  3. Just ask for robes they will bring you one on the first day. No issue
  4. Moderno is my least favorite. We have dropped this one from our list.
  5. One of the best times. Going again this November. Water was never above the waist going to the beach or back to the boat. You will have a great time. You should set up a bar crawl while on the beach. It is 5 bars long. Also one of the bars has a web cam you can look it up. We actually said hello to friends on the web cam on one of our trips their.
  6. We have done a number of cruise with Princess, celebrity, NCL. We did not enjoy Princess as much as they tended to push newby's on their line to the back of the line NCL seems to treat everyone the same. As we have achieved Gold on NCL this is a shame but we travel with friends and family and they enjoy NCL more than Princess. I guess you can find a way to pick on cruise lines, just go on vacations and enjoy yourself.
  7. So has anyone received a offer to upgrade? Hopefully the ship gets out and running this week but if the ship is late getting ready for the cruises will they limit the New York trip to Miami. I sure would hate for them to cancel my cruise. Also when will they announce officers?
  8. Service was great on the Bliss. I guess the menu had changed so much from the Getaway vs the Bliss I did not find the right thing for me to eat on the Bliss. I would wait and see the menu before deciding. We are on the Encore (first out of Miami) that we are going to wait and see the menu before deciding to go or not.
  9. Ocean Blue was very good on the Breakaway when we got to the Bliss is was very poor. Going on the Encore shortly right now not sure if I will be trying Ocean Blue
  10. I hope whoever was on this first voyage to Alaska on the bliss could help me out. We are on the first voyage out of Miami on the Encore and was wondering a couple of things. 1. Do they have anything special going on prior to going out to sea 2. We have Kelliy C. as the godmother for the Encore could she show up or does she do the trip to the US if any at all 3. How was service my feeling is they will have best servers on the first couple of months to get a good vibe. 4. Anything we should worry about being on the first voyage out of Miami.
  11. So I text Kelly and she said she may try and make it
  12. I have posted a couple of times on the crew for the Encore. I have talked with a number of staff as well as I have seen many people who have said this person or that person will be on the Encore however when will we see a actual list of the officers.
  13. Well this was a wish for her to be on that cruise
  14. We are on the first Miami cruise so if you can not complete crawl I will complete.
  15. Will she be on the "first" cruise out of Miami? Word has it she may be performing for 1 or 2 days during this cruise. When the Epic came out did Reba make a showing?
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