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  1. We used FCC we received when our Hurricane Dorian cruise was canceled for our May cruise so they are telling me FCC is my only option and only good until October 31, 2020.
  2. They didn't give me the cash option. I would have done that for exactly the reasons you state above.
  3. I waited until Royal cancelled since I figured they would give a better deal. Nowhere in the email they sent canceling the cruise does it say if FCC was used to book the cruise, then the original FCC would be refunded at 100% and expire October 2020. The email says over and over again FCC will be 125% and expire December 2021. I truly appreciate everyone's advice, support and commiserating with me. I'm glad to know others don't think I'm being unreasonable.
  4. Each of the 4 reps I've talked to has told me it is a sail by, not apply by, date. I'll call again tomorrow and press them on this distinction since I also want it in writing, I don't have the patience to make the phone call today.
  5. My daughter, who is sailing with us, posted on a Royal Caribbean social media page (it starts with an F 🙂 ). A customer service rep direct messaged her Friday and said they would look into my daughter's request to have the FCC extended to December 2021. Today she heard back and the customer service rep said no extension...FCC only good through October 2020. Until RCCL is sailing again, I won't rebook even with FCC so potentially I will only have a few months, not 6 months to make a decision. Every other travel company we are dealing with has extended their rebook time till summer 2021 and some have extended until 12/22. Royal Caribbean has no compassion and no business sense.
  6. I asked for a cash refund both for the September Hurricane Dorian cancelled cruise and the May cancelled cruise and both times I was told only FCC. I agree... a cash refund would have been much better.
  7. I asked each person I talked to if the October 31, 2020 date was a book by or sail by date and they all told me sail by. Sounds like I need to call again., If it's book by I can live with that. I just can't sail by this October especially since it's unknown when they'll be able to sail again.
  8. I'm so frustrated at Royal Caribbean, I could spit nails. Our September 2019 Harmony cruise was canceled due to Hurricane Dorian so we used the Future Cruise Credit (FCC) to book the May 3, 2020 Harmony cruise. Due to COVID-19 this cruise was cancelled too. Of course i'm glad both cruises were cancelled and applaud Royal for doing that. BUT, Royal is saying our FCC expires October 2020 since that is when the original FCC expires. They refuse to extend the FCC to December 2021 which is what they are doing for those who booked the May cruise without FCC. After 4 hours on the phone with 4 different people, all I get is "that's the policy." But these are extraordinary times that should result in adjustments to policies. My request to extend the FCC costs Royal nothing. In fact it costs me more since I can't cruise now for what I paid in May 2018 for a September 2019. I've been Royal Loyal for 25+ years. I'm not Royal Loyal now. Ok vent over...thanks for listening
  9. That happened to me the other day. I posted on another social media site since I couldn't post on cruise critic. I was told to delete my history or try another browser. I tried another browser and no longer had the superimposed screens. Today I'm back on my original browser (Chrome) and all works fine. Hmm? This is why I'm not an IT person - haha
  10. I'm pretty sure that is what it was but i'm not positive. It was about a 3 hour train ride.
  11. We got off the train about 9:30 AM and then Viking put us on a bus for a tour of Berlin that dropped us off at the city center by the Hilton. We planned to do the hop on hop off bus in Berlin but could never get a straight answer from Viking of for an approximate time we would be at the train station or at the city center by the Hilton.
  12. Another vote for Spain Day Tours. We used them in Barcelona, Malaga, Cartagena, and Tenerife last year. Top notch in all ways. Great communication beforehand, reasonably priced, and most importantly, great tours!
  13. I didn't do a review but it was a wonderful cruise. We did the included tours for most ports except Gdansk where we did the optional excursion to the Stutthof Concentration Camp and we did the 2 Day Must See Tour with Alla Tours in St. Petersburg which we arranged with others on our ship through the Cruise Critic Roll Call. We also stayed two extra days in Stockholm at the end of the cruise. Since our trip was late April/Early May it was cold in most ports so I used a puffy coat I bought on Amazon and the hat and gloves I wear here in Colorado. Layers are the key. Some days I needed an UnderArmour shirt under my clothes but most days I didn't. We flew Delta Comfort Class for our flights. Denver-Atlanta-Amsterdam-Bergen to the cruise and then Stockholm-Amsterdam-Detroit-Denver home. Lots of connections but it's hard to get from here to there and then back. Other than the stressful connection in Amsterdam on the way home, all flights and connections were fine. I ended up booking the flights directly with Delta since it was cheaper than using Viking Air plus given the extra they charge including the extra for staying a few days after the cruise in Stockholm. All in all the cruise was truly the trip of a lifetime. Elise
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