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  1. This sounds like a perfect strategy. I'm guessing the Chic nights are the two days at Sea but it's just a guess. I'm trying to not overthink this (or overplan as my husband says 🙂 )
  2. Vtcruising, thanks so much for the comprehensive description of the 4 MDRs. We are going on an 11 night adriatic cruise in October so my plan is to do the 3 night specialty dining package and then rotate the 4 MDRs for the other nights. Now i just have to decide when to choose each night. Which MDR do you think would be best for Evening Chic nights? Elise
  3. Love your positive attitude and love your review. I am trying to figure out specialty dining for our October Edge cruise so I love your Eden comments.
  4. Got the email today that I can set up an interview time. Unfortunately the first appointment available in Denver is in August. Ugh. Should I set up an appointment at another airport (PHX, LAS, SLC) or should I just keep checking to see if there are any openings at DIA? Or can I do both and then cancel my appointment at the out of town airport?
  5. Thank you all so much for your advice. I applied for Global Entry today so hopefully I get it by this summer.
  6. Thanks all. Looks like I'l be applying for Global Entry now.
  7. What night is the 2nd formal night on an Eastern Route cruise? I was guessing Friday (Day 6) since that is a day at sea but I'm not sure.
  8. That's what I'm thinking too. I live in Denver so getting to the airport for an interview is easy (usually 🙂)
  9. My TSA PreCheck expires in May so I will need to renew it then (I love PreCheck!). I've got a few international trips planned for the next year starting late summer so I was thinking of getting Global Entry. If I do that should I wait till my PreCheck is about to expire or should I apply for Global Entry now?
  10. My travel agent is traveling for the next week or so and unavailable. If I book directly with Celebrity, can I transfer the booking to my travel agent when she gets back?
  11. Last year I bought the drink package, dinner at Chops, and the internet package during the Black Friday Sale. The discounts were better than I found any other time before our cruise. I didn't look at excursions or other items so they may have been on sale too.
  12. Love following your trip. We're thinking of doing the Adriatic and then TA on Edge next year so I'm following along.
  13. Another vote for Alla Tours in St. Petersburg. We did their two day Must See Tour in May when we were with another cruise line. Loved Alla and only 14 in our group.
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