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  1. I'm assuming this is the Norwegian Jade?
  2. This makes me a little sad. This is the one restaurant I'm looking forward to the most on the Getaway in less than 2 weeks! Whew! You made me feel a little better. Moderno is the first specialty restaurant we are doing on our Getaway cruise in less than 2 weeks. We've also got Cagney's and Teppenyaki reserved.
  3. Absolutely loving this and joining in for the full ride! We sail on the Getaway in 10 days and I cannot wait to hear your take on it.
  4. Which is no different than the load of towels they already have...regardless if they were used for towel animals or not.
  5. Thanks for your comparisons. I would say that having only sailed one cruise with Royal and with Disney, and several with Carnival make this unfair. Every cruise and every cruise line can have "off" times with things like food. I've sailed many times on Carnival, many many times with Royal, and about to go on my first NCL cruise in less than 2 weeks. I've sailed Independence, and I'll say that of all my RCCL cruises, it was the least favorite, but it was also just prior to dry dock, and by the looks of your date as to when you sailed...I would venture to say the same for your sailing. I think Royal is definitely above Carnival in the food area...and other areas too! But food is subjective. 😉 I'm also sorry that you had one bad experience with St. Thomas. I recommend you trying that island again. It is actually one of our favorites! 🙂
  6. Since the crew member that would make the towel animal (Cabin steward) isn't paid hourly, but a salary...it makes not difference in the pay.
  7. I may be wrong, but I don't think they will book anything that isn't already a Royal excursion.
  8. Well that is not right, period. The terms and conditions cannot be modified AFTER purchase. If that is the case, then they should be notated in the terms and conditions available when making a decision whether to purchase or not. Personally, I think this is just such a "new thing" that people have not been trained properly to know how to handle those with PA. That's why it seems to be "hit or miss" depending on the sailing, the port of embarkation, the ship, etc. It states Priority Boarding, which means you get to board prior to those who have not purchased Priority Access, but behind those who have Platinum status, Haven guests, etc. It isn't just a "special check in line". I think the problem lies in the fact OP didn't arrive at the port earlier and the Priority Access folks had already been allowed to board, and then the boarding numbers called. Had she gotten there earlier, she probably would have gotten on along with Platinum guests, as others have reported.
  9. I also just went to NCL and the FAQ for the priority access. No where does it state the cost minimum, however it does state it needs to be a 50 minute or more face or BODY treatment. I can see that a pedicure might be construed as not a "body treatment", however...I would probably be one that would consider it as such.
  10. Curious where your terms state this!? There was nothing in the terms stating this when I purchased. Simply that it was a one time credit per person and that it was to be used on a port day...period. I've also gone back to my printed confirmation and it doesn't state anything about a minimum or a signature service. The below snip is directly from our documents as well:
  11. Sorry you didn't think you got your monies worth. FWIW, I would have also escalated the whole spa thing as well because it doesn't say anything about needing to purchase a signature service or a minimum either! As for the letter stating not to arrive before a certain time on embarkation day...those go out all the time and rarely do seasoned cruisers obey them. I've seen them from other cruise lines we sail on and we still arrive by 10 am. I've purchased the Priority mainly because it will be my first NCL cruise (no status to get me on earlier) and I want to be able to get on as soon as possible and have priority tender, since there is a good chance we will have to tender in at least one port.
  12. For the itinerary alone I would choose the Breeze!
  13. Thanks, but I don't think the PM portion of the website works anymore. I'm sailing on Getaway, and I've searched for the Dailies for NCL, not even ship specific to try and find them. I'm in a few NCL groups, and did look under files but most of what I saw was packing lists, menus, etc. So...I'll just keep looking I guess. I sail in 4 weeks.
  14. Do you have a passport? I believe that is all you should need.
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