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  1. OH MY!! That's crazy!! We were just planning on carrying our suitcases on ourselves and arriving just before the rooms are ready. Thank you!
  2. If we are leaving out of San Juan at 9:00, I think I saw that the muster will be at 4:00? We are trying to plan a meeting time and we want to work around the muster drill. Also, if you recently got off the Dawn, about what time were the rooms ready? Thank you
  3. Thank you very much! I think we will take your suggestions.
  4. Is there much to do in town? We are looking to get off the ship, walk to town and just explore. I assume there are some restaurants, shops, etc. We are doing beach days at our other stops, so we are looking for a day to explore. Are there any museums worth checking out? Is there enough to do in town to cover a few hours? Are there any Rum factory tours nearby or any other suggestions you might have? Thank you
  5. Just curious if you have taken your cruise yet and if they kept you in the accessible room? The same thing happened to us and we are sailing in March. We booked last April and we were assigned our room in July and it was accessible. I was surprised and concerned about someone wanting that room that really needs it. Thanks
  6. I can read this perfectly fine. It looks like Time New Roman to me... No problem. It might have something to do with others reading it on an Ipad?? I am enjoy your review. We will be on the Dawn in 5 weeks :) We are also from Missouri... St. Louis. We are so ready to get out of this snow, ice, cold and crazy weather. What stateroom were you in? We are in a balcony on the 9th floor towards the aft.
  7. Good to know... thank you. Yes, we will wear sensible shoes. I still can't figure out what people are thinking sometimes.
  8. Thanks again for your great review. We will be on the Dawn in 5 weeks :) We were on the Epic last year for spring break and it is a weird ship. It if wasn't so crowded, it would have been fine, but it was a 4 nighter out of florida, so it was FULL of college kids. They were well behaved, but there were soooooo many of them and they took over the ship. There were times that it took 25 minutes to get a drink. Thank goodness we could get two at a time. Last year's cruise is the main reason we are doing a 7 nighter out of San Juan. I figure the college kids will not fly to Puerto Rico to board a ship. As far as the Epic , it has a weird layout, but I would do it again if we could travel during the off season. Being a teacher, I am limited to the peak times.
  9. Has anyone used O'Neil for the Mt. Liumuiga hiking tour? I have emailed with them and they seem reputable, but I just wanted to make sure we will get back to the ship on time. Any other pros and cons? Thank you
  10. Thanks again for your great review! I love the towel animal party :)
  11. We booked last April for our upcoming March cruise. We booked a GTY balcony and in July, we were assigned a handicapped room. I was surprised that we were assigned the room so quickly, but more surpised that we were assigned a handicapped room. If there is someone that requests an accessible room, will they move us? I would hate to have someone that needs it not get to cruise because the accessible rooms are all taken. Thanks
  12. Thank you for taking the time to post. We will be sailing on March 17th! What type of room are you in on deck 10? I love your pictures so far... Thank you and have fun!
  13. Thank you for the Boatyard review. I have the Boatyard on my short list along with Rascal's on Brandon's Beach for our stop in Barbados. They are both walkable... we like to find walkable beaches. Glad to hear the Boatyard was fun. Thank you for the info on the turtles. We might play that by ear. Again, Great Review!! Thank you for taking the time to write it. Can't wait to read more :)
  14. Great detailed review! Thank you so much for all of the pictures and tips. I can't wait for March :)
  15. Thank you very much for your great review. We will be on the Dawn in March and we can't wait!!
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