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  1. I have done golf balls and skeet shooting but that was back in the 70's
  2. I flew kites onboard ship for probably 15 years. It was often quite a challenge. I remember that it was in Seattle onboard the Vision in 2000 while still at the dock that an officer approached me and told me that I needed to bring the kite down. As part of their new "Save the Waves" program it was now allowed. He said that if I lost a kite I would be polluting the waters.
  3. We are also boarding the Adventure on Saturday. Time to start a new decade of cruising. The math does not seem right but this will be the 6th decade in witch we have cruised, started in 1978.
  4. Yes they are outside by the door to the cabin. Your setsail pass can be used to by drinks until you can get to your cabin after 1pm.
  5. Yes, there was an announcement that overflows were to be discontinued except for longer cruises like repos. It did not take too long for them to realize that it just was not going to be practical. It is good to see that they are willing to rethink changes that do not work. We were on the Adventure Snowbird when they used the lounge on deck 5 instead of the DL. With the overwhelming crowd, they reopened the DL and used both. We received the letter for the Jan 4 sailing where they will be using the all of deck 14 as overflow. Obviously a smaller number than the snowbird but I am sure the lounges will be busy. Being able to get a latte on deck 5 will help with morning lines in the lounges but creates long lines in the Promenade.
  6. Nothing new, they have been trying to make that change for a couple years.
  7. We are onboard the Adventure having been on the previous sailing. We arrived in Quebec this morning for our overnight before turnaround tomorrow. Heading out soon to tour some of the city. Looking forward to the southbound journey.
  8. No, she had one cruise before 18 and was over 18 when D+ was created. She was sent a D+ card.
  9. We became D+ at the inception of the level. She had already cruises but was over 18 at that time.
  10. Our daughter became Diamond Plus with one cruise based on our status. She kept that until she changed her address at age 22. at that time she was reduced to Diamond and will not get to D+ until she gets it on her own.
  11. Emigration in Victoria, customs in Vancouver. Emigration should be just fill out a form and drop it in a box.
  12. I agree, the layout of the CL on Vision is not the best. We ended up in the DL most evenings. We have the Adventure Snowbird Migration coming up and I expect very high numbers on that one.
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