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  1. Yes, some pinnacles spend less onboard as well as a number of D+'s but when they spend 150+ nights per year on ships, I would expect it helps contribute to the bottom line.
  2. Most of my stays in those cabins were before they starting having the loud events in the centrum. I do recall that the last time we closed the door at night.
  3. I have stayed in 8596 and yes, it is nice but 8088 has the big balcony. I have brought down a couple lounge chairs and there is plenty of room for them. We have sailed a lot on this class.
  4. I also moved a large share of mine out of the market, enough to live on and cruise for about 10 years. I have some in the market for long term, either to spend later or pass along.
  5. Of the 10 on the starboard 6 have a clear view fore and aft. The other 4 have a little obstruction in one of the directions because of the curve.
  6. We have sailed in 7094 several times. The extra large balcony is great. The view forward is wide open. There is a bit of an obstruction looking aft as the elevators extend out a little. We have also sailed in 7600, no obstruction at all.
  7. I have sailed on the Radiance, Serenade and Jewel. There is nothing significantly different about the Jewel. Sounds like it is just a glitch in the description on the Jewel. The one on the curve has a slight obstruction in one direction, the ones in the center does not.
  8. As I recall Fain mentioned that they could break even sailing at 30% on the big ships and the percentage would be higher on medium to small ones. He did not say that those would be the numbers they would be sailing with. I do recall seeing somewhere that one of the CDC requirements was to have cabins set aside for possible quarantining in case that became necessary. As has been mentioned this is all probably a work in progress.
  9. Banning most ships from Venice has been in the works for several years. They may have taken this opportunity to move the date up a year of two but it was already going to happen.
  10. Planning ahead and maximizing Roth IRA contributions can also be a big help. With the new standard deduction we paid no income tax last year.
  11. I have not received any email notices for a couple weeks now. I have a comcast account.
  12. No you can not replace new funds already put down.
  13. There is a link on the Royal site to apply them but I have heard it does not work well.
  14. Nothing new... I had a Royal CSR tell me that the only thing I could L&S my Rhapsody Western Caribbean cruises to was the Rhapsody sailing in Europe the following year. I insisted she check with someone and they were changed to Symphony.
  15. They actually made very recently allowing FCC's to be used as deposits. There is still a lot of CSR's that do not know all the details.
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