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  1. I expect they will cancel the Med season and maybe start up in the Carib early. It is too early to tell but even when things calm down I expect it will take some time for Europe to be ready for more ships.
  2. The USNS Mercy Hospital Ship is now docked at berth 91 San Pedro. It is one of the cruise terminals.
  3. Generally, you are correct. It literally took and act of congress to allow an exception for NCL America to flag 3 ships for use in Hawaii. Two were later reflagged. One of the ships started construction in Pascagoula, Mississippi. When the cruise line went bankrupt post 9/11. A couple years later, NCL purchased the hull and towed to Germany to be completed there.
  4. I stated that in my post. They can not be registered if they were not built in the US. I also stated the crew requirements.
  5. In todays press conference Trump even mentioned something about cruise line moving their registration to the US. Under the PVSA that is not even possible. The ships would have had to have been built in the US. Also I believe it requires 75% of the crew to be US citizens. Then there are all the US employment rules. NCL tried to operate 3 ships in Hawaii under the US flag. It failed because the costs were too high and they could not sufficiently staff the ships.
  6. The shutdown for Alaska, Canada and New England already goes to July 1st. It may well be a slow recovery when it does happen and it may take 2 to 3 years to get back to the new normal. One of the key factors for recovery will be how long it takes to ease the requirement for a letter of fitness for those over 70. I am sure it will be relaxed at some point but it could be a while. I have picked up more stock considering it a long term investment.
  7. We have a large Sephardic community here. Both have been conducting services online for a while now. I have a nephew in Baltimore that is a Rabbi. He set up a teleconference last night with all his cousins and me. It was more or less a virtual Shiva. As they all his nephews, I am the only mourner.
  8. I think that is already factored in with the gains the last couple days. I think Royal canceling another month and Alaska/New England/ Canada until July may have not been too noticed. Now the market will go back to now usual roller coaster.
  9. I believe he is mistaken. Passover will be very difficult for us. Not only are we not suppose to get together, ours has been hosted by my brother. He succumbed to Covid-19 last week. Our Rabbi put up a fight and the State allowed us to have a minion.
  10. I rechecked and was mistaken. They did not buy stock. They backed $100 million each of the loans.
  11. 2 major stockholders made major purchases, including the founding family.
  12. Never heard that term before but I assume it is much like binge watching.
  13. Impulse item in front of checkout counter at grocery store.
  14. Anyone over 70 must have a letter signed by a doctor sailing they are fit to cruise.
  15. I do not expect to see a bottom before the ships are sailing again. And then there will be the issue of getting people to the ships and how full will they be. Royal has cut off a lot of their market with the letters needed to board.
  16. Canada: All Canadian ports are closed to cruise ships with more than 500 passengers through July 1, 2020.
  17. Although I doubt they would sail under those conditions, they could. The limit was put at 500 passengers, the crew was not mentioned.
  18. They already did that a few years ago. This is when they were filming it.
  19. This is really starting to look like a good thing to refer to the Florida State Consumer Protection people.
  20. I realize they all have done it differently. NCL also requires a letter and the Princess FCC expires a year later. I do not know it this is new but I notice this near the bottom of the page on Royal's site All guests who are denied boarding due to these restrictions will receive compensation. Could this mean that if you contact them ahead of time and them that you will be denied boarding because you can not get a letter you can cancel and get a refund?
  21. I wonder if they would consider sailing the ship at about 25% capacity to get past the ban. Probably would not be profitable.
  22. I agree with you analysis. I am not trying to get political here but I recall at a press conference about either the Diamond or Grand Princess, the president made a comment about requiring the cruise lines to make provisions and bear the cost of dealing with illnesses and quarantines in the future. Most of us know that not everything he says actually gets implemented but I am pretty sure is was discussed in the meeting the administration had with the cruise lines. If that is the case, The lines may be limiting their exposure for now with the long term plan to ease the restriction when there is a change in administration, be it 1 or 5 years from now
  23. The cruise lines already have different rules for ships sailing from foreign ports.
  24. They even found room on the ship to fit in some workout equipment.
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