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  1. In all of our years of cruising we have never eaten in the Solarium Bistro, just wondering if someone can post a picture of the breakfast and lunch menu on the Anthem. I think this cruise we might need to check it out as I hear there are some healthier options. Thanks!
  2. but I'm assuming none of the shops will be open, correct?
  3. Hi we have done a ton of sailings but never been in port overnight. I know usually some shops and casinos on the ship are closed till you leave the port, what happens when your in port overnight? Do things open or some things stay closed? Thanks
  4. @Host Clarea Hi Bob! Glad to see you're still here keeping everyone up to date! Just wondering if you know who the CD is on Anthem in April?
  5. Hi Everyone!! We are sailing on Anthem in less than two weeks and had a few questions. My husband and I don't drink beer or wine, I'd prefer Titos, soda and cranberry...is that something they would offer? Do you know if there is flavored seltzer on board? Also, our Genie emailed us (Alan) and I wrote him back with some questions and I haven't heard back, I wrote him Saturday, just wondering how long it usually takes to respond. I know they are busy with current guests so don't want to be unreasonable about his response. Did you board at the recommended time or were you able to go early? I have requested this from our Genie but haven't heard back. We usually just get their early, but haven't been star class before. Should I bring my own almond milk for the room or will they have it available? Is there Captains table on Anthem? Thanks everyone! Looking forward to an amazing trip!
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