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  1. 100% agree. This is a ridiculous post in my opinion. The level of nonsense was proven by the original post itself, why are balconies 2nd class? Literally the only difference is the balcony itself. Also you could have an inside passenger who saves on the room but spends extra money on vibe, the spa, LE bistro and Cagneys every night and a mini suite passenger who eats in the buffet or MDR for every meal. Personally we like the suites because we have a child and like a big room but because of said child we eat in the Buffet and don’t spend tons on extras. It’s a little strange to arbitrarily decide there are now 3 classes and make that declaration as the original post did.
  2. We are in a forward 2 balcony owners suite on the dawn in 2 weeks and really looking forward to it. To be honest I prefer the suite experience on the smaller ships without the Haven having done both. In the Haven on the breakaway I felt there was just too much emphasis on the separation and the ship within a ship. The whole tendency towards not interacting with the rest of the ship and focus on getting the most out of the Haven attitude is a little bit of a downer for me, I was never impressed by the Haven restaurant either. I much prefer to just enjoy the gorgeous room and a few suite perks on the smaller ships but that is just me!
  3. Maybe if you drink the entire bottle of wine first, or two bottles even you could manage to even conquer the garden cafe! Macaroni and cheese to your hearts content. Hot dogs too.
  4. Same, we are in a suite in a couple weeks, we literally said when we see the Butler let’s make it clear we are easy, we love a few extra bath towels and bottled waters, but that’s it. like we have every other time. Everything else we can do ourselves. btw I am extremely relieved the TCZ post is a troll post, hoi polloi yikes.
  5. I think it’s very likely you won’t want to eat every meal in the haven restaurant. Breakfast great, Yes but lunch and dinner would get so tired eating there every meal, I think you will see that pretty quickly, it’s nice, food is good but sometimes the food especially selection wise for lunch and dinner is better in the MDR. Definitely better in the specialty restaurants. I can only do one or two Haven lunches and dinners before I need to venture out. honestly the most bang for your buck would be to move around and try the different restaurants including the MDRs which are often quite nice.
  6. We are about to take our 7th Ncl cruise in an owners suite. We have done 3 balconies or mini suites and 3 penthouses previously, all on different ships. I always think you can’t equate having paid more for the suites to being owed a more perfect vacation because it just doesn’t work that way, we like a larger room and some of the perks but nothing is perfect, we always know we will have an awesome time and we always do, we know we are paying a lot for a suite but it’s up to us to have a let’s have a great vacation mindset! That being said every cruise line isn’t for everyone and that’s ok!
  7. Thank you Amy, yes the kids pool looks definitely more geared towards 5 and under, I actually read another review saying as well as not having having much room there were multiple older kids back there just pushing and yelling and the no lifeguard was a problem at time, I kind of plan on steering clear! Enjoy your Cruise!!!!
  8. Mark thank you so much! This is what I was kind of hoping for, somewhat kid friendly for the older kids!
  9. And sorry Junebug27 and sparkles6790 same person lol, my account messed up and logged me into an old account.
  10. Agree, on all ships we actually avoid the pools on sea days. I am specifically asking because we don’t get off on our Port Canaveral day and my daughter will want to go in the pool, we don’t expect to swim laps though lol.
  11. Thank you hladygirl! Yes mjackmom, that is what I am hoping, we have been on the jewel, escape, breakaway and all had multiple large pools so I can see the adults only there but with only one real pool on the dawn I know my daughter would like to be able to take a swim!
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