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  1. Len, please a "Live From Quest" thread when you do the Asia cruise in the fall??
  2. If she comes out with a mens line of fragrance and or some nice watches I'm game....
  3. yeah we were early even going under the Bridge of Americas. Like other posters state get up and move around the ship for different vantage points. Entering locks Caribbean ocean.
  4. Some pics of our Bliss 11/18 PC cruise. 4:00am observation lounge and afternoon pics of the bow.
  5. I was looking at the Royal this December (2019) seven day Mexico but the perks were minimal to say the least. Just some onboard credits and Gratuities. I ended booking with the another line and got all 5 perks, so unsure what the advantage of booking with Princess?
  6. we saw the Island on our PC cruise in Cartagena last November. People from the Island were very curious of our ship as we boarded on the same pier......so...think again..
  7. I've sailed the Bliss last November (Panama Canal) and now recently booked the Joy (12/8) for the Mexico Riviera this December. Please enlighten me on sameness' and differences between these 2 beautiful ships? Love this class of ship.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-7082019/The-cruise-ships-failed-meet-cleanliness-standards.html
  9. I'd though it would be beneficial to get peoples input on their favorite specialty restaurant and what ship/cruiseline. Thanks,
  10. The beautiful Sky Princes.... Photo Credit: Fincantieri FB
  11. They (Swisher) are blend of a cigar and cigarette. I smoked these on our last cruise (NCL) in both the cigar lounge and smoking section of their ship without incident. Just wanted to know if they would be OK onboard the Royal? Very enjoyable to puff on after a hearty meal.
  12. Nothing better than Drop N Go fares. Build bigger ships and let me cruise for almost nothing. Thanks Princess.
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