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  1. Carnival Corporation now kinda like GM back in 09', remember GM had to scale back to decrease costs and get government bailout. Carnival and other lines will surely look to the gov't for a bailout or financial assistance. They eliminated Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn. Whose to say Carnival Corp won't shed a couple lines (HAL, P&O) to stay in business? When this thing is over there will be overcapacity of cruise ships. Just my .02
  2. Just wondering how the cruise lines will move forward (hopefully very Careful), I understand the need for doctors notes and screenings at the pier. But will cruise ships sail at reduced capacity to give proper "social distancing"? I could see ships selling every other cabin (not filling side by side cabins) to maintain a healthy environment.
  3. If this makes it's way in to the homeless population or infects the immune compromised then possibly yes.
  4. We were scheduled to be on the Grand 3/29 cruise, I believe this cruise was the first to use the Medallions. Anyway, I just received our Medallions today in the mail with much chagrin, unusable and what could've been an awesome cruise. I therefore have these beauties on the fireplace mantel, I also considered a spot on our display case in the family room for family and friends to enjoy. If your cruise was cancelled but still received your medallions please tell me how you would display them?
  5. I'm on the 3/29 Grand as well, just waiting for Princess to notify us of the cancellation.
  6. Life onboard courtesy SFGate: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Grand-Princess-coronavirus-quaratine-oakland-15119857.php#photo-19151385
  7. Once the ship debarks passengers it will certainly need a crew to sail out of SFO.
  8. I have verified information that the Grand will dock in Oakland this weekend. Surveyors are looking at the old Oakland terminals to verify fitment.
  9. I suspect this will be the Grands last voyage, I can't see how Princess would continue on with this old ship. Maybe better to cut your losses and mothball this ship as the stigma of this episode will remain etched with many future cruisers.
  10. I'm on the 3/29 cruise and have an uneasy feeling that our cruise is in very real jeopardy of being cancelled. I can't see Princess or city of SF or the CDC letting current passengers disembark.
  11. From the SF Chronicle: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/First-coronavirus-California-death-tied-to-San-15105417.php
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