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  1. I'm on the Grand in 5 weeks and my expectations are low for this ship from reading reviews. Please oblige me feedback of your recent Grand cruise under any heading including food, service, condition of the ship, entertainment, cabins and anything else you can regurgitate. I need to be psychologically ready for whatever this old ship throws at me. Thanks, Need2Cruise
  2. I've been on both ships (not for AK) but will say both would be nice. I lean towards the Bliss because of the outside viewing areas at the back of the ship and also the Observation Lounge (see pic) which is perfect viewing to see Alaska in all her glory. Bliss had great restaurants and plenty of great onboard entertainment plus numerous bars and lounges. If I had to do Alaska again I would look for the smallest ship with the most times in port. Bliss Pics:
  3. We are booked March 2021 on the 22 day Med Sojourn (Barcelona-Athens) Viking Star. I've been looking at the excursions online and it seems there are plenty of options at each port. However the included excursion looks pretty lame, you know the "At A Glance" or "Walking Guided Tour" or "Motorcoach around the City" To be honest these look like a waste of time and wondering your thoughts. So I am assuming that most people ignore the complimentary excursion and opt for a chargeable excursion or book there own independently? Can you tell me the average cost of what Viking charges? Thanks, Need2Cruise
  4. Yes, the river cruise we will do just not sure when.
  5. Just booked for 3/21 in the Med. Got cabin 5110 in rear of ship which is sandwiched by another DV1 and Explorer Suite. Seems like a quiet place to hang, anyone can give their thoughts and opinions would be appreciated and/or photos. Thanks, Need2Cruise
  6. Needless to say I am a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to air travel, cruising and hotel rooms. But in my cabin I'm always wearing flip flops or socks because the carpeting gives me the shudders. Stuff grows in carpet. I mean do they just vacuum the carpeting after the termination of a cruise or do they shampoo on a regular basis? Thanks, Need2Cruise
  7. You use your full size CPAP or do you have the smaller travel size machine?
  8. Bliss barbers are good, got my hair cut onboard as well.
  9. Bob, welcome back from the Sky. I see you have done 14 Princess cruises consecutively, I'm curious if any one itinerary or one Princess ship stands out amongst your travels. We have the Grand upcoming 3/29 to the PNW. Thanks, Need2cruise
  10. Is Crystal the only line that offers Open seating and open times for dinner? Like NJ Cruiser I'd like to eat when I want for dinner and not dining with everybody at the same time. Thanks, Need2Cruise
  11. "Yes she’s a pretty ship, the decor and the colour scheme inside is very contemporary and nice. Layout is shocking, I absolutely cannot stand everything being focussed around the Piazza area." Nothing like a Royal Class ship to make you feel disconnected from the Ocean.
  12. Bob: thanks for the detailed report regarding Regent. We will have to give them a try and look forward to sailing Explorer. Just curious if you have sailed Viking Ocean and what you think? Need2Cruise
  13. Dave, thanks for all the information and statistics regarding Regent and the other lines. Hopefully I'll see you onboard one of these days, a world cruise is certainly on our bucket list....
  14. We got info from our travel agent that Regent has some great deals on cabin fares for upcoming May 2020 cruises on Explorer. My DW and I have always wanted to try Regent and this may a good time to jump on with the great savings. What kind of cruise experience will we have versus our 2 favorite cruise lines (X and Princess)? I've read some reviews here and some good and bad, some people indicating food not up to par with expectations and issues with the onboard internet. Our last Princess cruise was Regal and X was Solstice which we enjoyed very much. I appreciate all the responses and look forward to sailing Regent. Thanks, Need2Cruise
  15. I am getting my Ruby loyalty pin on my cruise on the Grand (Medallion Cruise) in April and will probably put it on my shirt lapel or possibly on my cap. Just wondering if you wear yours all the time (on and off ship) and if you display on a shirt or cap or ladies maybe a purse? Are there other ways to display Princess loyalty? i know my Medallion will reflect the Ruby color. Thanks, Need2Cruise
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