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  1. We just shifted and lifted to the Connie from the Reflection Caribbean itinerary for next November. Been on S Class and enjoyed but sounds like the Connie is the "Grand Princess" of the X fleet:( I hope I am misdirected in my early opinion.
  2. Enchanted, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Monfalcone shipyard. July 21. Photos Courtesy: Fincantieri FB
  3. It seems we were kinda spoiled with cruising, I mean the cruise lines made it so simple to book your cabin, get you the packages you wanted included in your cruise. So many choices in cabins, activities, events and onshore excursions. Then they even offered airline packages to get you to your destination, all you had to do was show up at the pier and queue in line and voila you're onboard. I mean cruising is almost mindless (in a good way) in the sense that so much is done for you ahead of the cruise and during the cruise. So stress free and relaxing as we know. So once we are cruising again I'll be sure to appreciate it a bit more.
  4. Haven't we suffered enough here by the Bay? I thought she was never gonna leave....
  5. "Enchanted Princess takes the sea, the last jewel made by Fincantieri. This morning the ship left the plant in Panzano to Palermo, where it will arrive on Tuesday 16. There it will remain for 10 days, until 26, returning to Monfalcone on 29. It is the most explicit sign of the full recovery of Fincantieri's activities after the long stop forced by the pandemic that stopped the plant. A world emergency that blocked all metal companies like Fincantieri but also all production realities by imposing a global stop on travel and cruises. The blockage had a huge impact on cruise giants such as Carnival and Msc who have all the ships still on the quay. All the programming has been blown, as well as the terms of construction and deliveries are slipped. Fincantieri is completely reprogramming the production process and there are intense and continuous discussion with shipowners about ongoing construction and how to prepare for emergency exit. Enchanted Princess was due to be delivered this month of June, but for now it is unknown when it will happen. A stop that will affect the other ships under construction in Panzano and workloads may also occur for the induced. Now the sea tests are starting, a signal that the ship's setup is coming to an end. During navigation all planned tests (engines, stability, speed, particular maneuvers) will be carried out during navigation. In Palermo then the ship will do the usual hull cleaning operations. Then the return to Monfalcone at the end of the month to finish the setup that will continue during rehearsals. Gravated by all additional security measures planned for containment of Covid-19. Made based on the Royal Princess, Regal Princess, Majestic Princess and Sky Princess project, built and delivered to Monfalcone since 2013, inaugurating a new generation of ships that have found great success among the cruisers, the new Unit has a gross tonnage of 145.000 tons. The ship, like the twins, represents a new technological reference point at European and global level for innovative lay-out, high performance and high quality of avant-garde technical solutions. The relationship between Monfalcone and Princess Cruises shipyard will continue with the 2 next generation cruise ships of 175.000 tons of gross tonnage, the largest so far made in Italy. All to review deliveries. The units will accommodate around 4.300 passengers and will be the first of the fleet to be primarily powered by liquefied natural gas (Lng)." Photos: Fincantieri FB,
  6. Got our refund for the 3/29/20 Grand Princess cruise. Currently booked for X 11/20 12 night Caribbean and Viking Ocean 21 days Quiet Med 3/21. See you onboard.
  7. They don't mention the ships names but I assuming since these 3 do Alaska? https://www.sfgate.com/news/bayarea/article/Three-Cruise-Ships-Without-Passengers-Will-Dock-15258260.php
  8. 11 years at the helm and Larry never saw a new ship build to put a stamp on his legacy....what a shame.
  9. Not good news for Carnival Corp: https://nypost.com/2020/04/16/carnival-execs-let-ships-set-sail-despite-coronavirus-threat-report/
  10. Grand Princess ends quarantine will depart SF Bay and will sail out of the bay for marine operations. Crew can freely move about the ship. https://www.ktvu.com/news/grand-princess-quarantine-ends-ship-to-set-sail
  11. If you were a United pilot or flight attendant would you volunteer for their (12 hour) flight back?
  12. Grand crew member passes away: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Coronavirus-updates-Grand-Princess-crew-member-15176803.php
  13. Carnival Corporation now kinda like GM back in 09', remember GM had to scale back to decrease costs and get government bailout. Carnival and other lines will surely look to the gov't for a bailout or financial assistance. They eliminated Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn. Whose to say Carnival Corp won't shed a couple lines (HAL, P&O) to stay in business? When this thing is over there will be overcapacity of cruise ships. Just my .02
  14. Just wondering how the cruise lines will move forward (hopefully very Careful), I understand the need for doctors notes and screenings at the pier. But will cruise ships sail at reduced capacity to give proper "social distancing"? I could see ships selling every other cabin (not filling side by side cabins) to maintain a healthy environment.
  15. If this makes it's way in to the homeless population or infects the immune compromised then possibly yes.
  16. We were scheduled to be on the Grand 3/29 cruise, I believe this cruise was the first to use the Medallions. Anyway, I just received our Medallions today in the mail with much chagrin, unusable and what could've been an awesome cruise. I therefore have these beauties on the fireplace mantel, I also considered a spot on our display case in the family room for family and friends to enjoy. If your cruise was cancelled but still received your medallions please tell me how you would display them?
  17. I'm on the 3/29 Grand as well, just waiting for Princess to notify us of the cancellation.
  18. Life onboard courtesy SFGate: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Grand-Princess-coronavirus-quaratine-oakland-15119857.php#photo-19151385
  19. Once the ship debarks passengers it will certainly need a crew to sail out of SFO.
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