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  1. I'm curious if you pick your cabin location based on Feng Shui to ensure the perfect energy and harmony for your cruise? I'm just starting to understand this and will look at cabin location, deck, bed by balcony/closet location and other features in the cabin for more perfect cruise. The five elements of Feng Shui are water, fire, wood, metal and earth. Thanks,
  2. Looking at 5 day cruises out of LA. Joy itinerary a joke, more time in Ensenada than Cabo. By the time you tender to port you'll need to do a Uturn and head back to the ship, fail. I'll sail the Royal Princess (Feb '20) and get an overnight in Cabo and no Ensenada....
  3. I can always count on your support and friendship Mr N., indeed!
  4. After my last Grand cruise October '16 California Coastal, I swore I would never sail that old bucket again. Leaky plumbing, uninspiring cruise experience, lousy Lido deck, tiny Atrium and inside cabin parked next to some room with a large fan always running, dark deck hallways that I couldn't even navigate around all the scooters. Well a buddy of mine and his wife are celebrating a wedding anniversary and he asked us to cruise along so with much trepidation and hand wringing I obliged to book the Pacific NW 7 day journey from SFO. Yup I understand she had a dry dock but I am concerned it';s not enough to erase memories of me earlier cruise and so I embark on this 7 day tour with no expectations other to have fun with our friends. Wish me luck....
  5. Len, "The Living Room", is their a bar or lounge close by? I'm assuming a good spot to congregate and finish off the day with a night cap?
  6. Len great cruise. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. Please post pictures when you get home, I'd like to see your pictures of the ports and also of the Quest. Safe sailing.
  7. On my bucket list just have to get the DW onboard..... Give me your favorite all time trans-atlantic with stops and if Eastbound or Westbound? Thanks, Need2Cruise
  8. Mr N, this has got to be one of your best reviews ever. Specific, detailed, humorous and at times sprinkled with a bit of Je Ne Sais Quoi that keeps me wanting more. Bravo my good friend from Chicago. Ron/Need2Cruisesoon
  9. Len good to hear from you again, glad you enjoyed the Chef's Table. Can you tell us the menu and some of the pairings? What has the weather been like? I am assuming humid and thunder showers in the late afternoon? Did you sport the new "brown Shoes" at the dinner? Thanks for your updates and look forward to your next installments. Ron
  10. I was disappointed in every way, aspect, manner and form of cruising the Princess Grand a couple years back including leaky pipes in the aft bar area. Party at the SF Pier when she leaves next year. But we did cruise Regal and was a better experience. We also cruised NCL Bliss last year and had a blast.
  11. This has been a great thread. Thanks to all who have contributed.....see you onboard the Sky Princess. Need2Cruisesoon
  12. Len, what sailing 4/11 or 4/26? New ship Pursuit... That looks like a great itinerary as long as the ports don't change or get cancelled for some reason.
  13. We've sailed Regal Princess and Bliss, not even close.....Bliss wins
  14. Len, you've been onboard for about a day now. What are your overall impressions of the Quest so far? Public areas, Cabin, bars, lounges.... But maybe Im too premature with my question?
  15. That sounds about right Bonnie, W Marin is nice! We did a couple days up at Sea Ranch and that was 3 1/2 hours, highway 1 was a real adventure..no plans to go back anytime soon.
  16. Len, you're looking at Japan for '21? I'll have to discuss with you offline.... Anyway, good to hear you are enjoying the cruise hopefully they can fix the Visa issue? Who and how is the CD aboard?
  17. I believe this cruise will settle down a bit but not the pricing levels of the 2021 Black Sea Cruise. So I will look at booking for the following year, the itinerary is great and want to experience these ports. Thanks for the help and assistance to all and Bonnie who I think is my neighbor up here in God's Country...:)
  18. Yes, when we got to the port (before boarding) we hired a taxi who took us a couple blocks into town to a small liquor store. We brought on 6 bottles.
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