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  1. I am not sure if I am the OP referred to here, but I called tripinsurancestore and they told me there is one insurer who will cover pre-existing conditions using the approach klfrodo mentions. The coverage will be primary. We plan to buy this coverage as well as the Princess plan, which gives us cancel for any reason coverage (unfortunately in credits, not cash), but we are willing to go that route.
  2. We have just booked a long trip on Princess and, due to our ages (72 and 78) the least expensive insurance we can find is over $2500 without cancel for any reason. The Princess plan is about $1250, but the medical and evac coverage is skimpy. I wonder if we could buy a primary medical only policy - that would be under $150 - and stack it above the Princess plan. We'd save over $1000. Would appreciate any thoughts.
  3. We tried to use it on our Mighty Mississippi trip last summer, with mixed results. Sometimes it told us where the buses were, sometimes it seemed to be "frozen". Perhaps it will have been improved by next summer.
  4. May I suggest you contact one of the brokers frequently mentioned on this site: insuremytrip, squaremouth, or tripinsurancestore. All are dot com. We use tripinsurance store and are very happy with their service. In any event, CALL and discuss your particular situation.
  5. Thanks. I did a booking for a vista suite guarantee and it gave me a BC cabin guarantee. I think the deck makes the difference. Going to go with a Neptune, I think.
  6. Can anyone explain the difference other than a bit more square footage and a higher price? Cruisedeckplans does not differentiate and since only guarantees are available for the sailing we are looking at, we cannot see where the vista class cabins are and if the difference is worth it. Thanks for any information.
  7. Not sure I agree with this approach. There is no guarantee that policies offering the waiver will be available at the time of final payment. We insure the deposit at a modest cost and add to the insurance as we make additional non-refundable payments for the trip. If we must cancel the trip in advance, we have lost very little, or in some cases can transfer the insurance to another trip.
  8. We found the service very spotty on the Mississippi but there were no extra charges.
  9. I enjoyed the review. We will be traveling on the Victory I (sadly not in an Owners' Suite) next summer on the Great Lakes itinerary. We had originally booked Pearl Seas for this itinerary but we got a huge discount on Victory due to water levels preventing our June/July Mighty Mississippi trip on the AQ from going north of Memphis. We diverted over to the Tennessee and Ohio, ending up in Cincinnati. Anyway, I believe the excursions are not included on the 2020 sailings, so we will likely stay on the boat in some ports. We too love the hop-on, hop-off system on the AQSC and are not fans of long bus tours. I hope the lunches are better than you experienced.
  10. I went into the personalizer and changed traditional dining to anytime and, magically, it now says club class. So we are all set. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all the tips!
  12. We'll be on the Island Princess in a few weeks. We have chosen a suite this time. I understand that we are eligible for Club Class dining, but in our cruise personalizer it shows that we have chosen early traditional dining. I see no option on the screen for club class. Do we simply show up at the club class locale and tell them our stateroom number and they will seat us? Thanks.
  13. If they do it like they do on the American Queen, your table will be pre-assigned. If you are traveling with friends, and the reservations are linked, they will likely put you together at a table for 4. Traveling alone, they will assign you randomly.
  14. I think that is an excellent, informative article. Thanks for the link.
  15. We are not elite, but will be in a full suite. We are not hard liquor drinkers - DH does not drink at all and I drink wine. Can you ask for the hard stuff to be swapped out for wine?
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