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  1. That is what I am afraid of. Excuses and eventually a "sorry, we don't have the money to refund everybody".
  2. I am inching closer to putting in a credit card dispute since we are (barely) within 60 days.
  3. I thought about a chargeback...but I believe the law says you must file a dispute within 60 days of the statement upon which the charges appear, and our payments were much longer ago. Is there something I don't know?
  4. The inside cabins are quite small - pretty much just the bed, a fitted closet/dresser, and a little room to move around. The Deck 3 rooms are smaller than the Deck 4 rooms. Not sure if there is any price difference. Deck 3 is most convenient since you are close to the "Front Porch" cafe and deck, but I think you'd be fine in either location.
  5. We have done that trip - up and back - on the American Queen. Which boat are you thinking about?
  6. I will do the same, and my representative as well. Some of the passengers are Floridians and they certainly have the right to come home. The governor still has not placed any state-wide movement restrictions in place which indicates to me the situation is not being taken seriously enough. Seems like a contradiction - if it is "no big deal" to the state authorities, why not let the cruise ships dock? This is a humanitarian issue.
  7. Not surprised. Frankly I worry for our August trip. I hope we will know more by the time our final payment is due in June.
  8. LOTS of us are still waiting. We cancelled our B2B cruises - 42 days total so it is a very substantial sum - on March 10th and are still waiting. Patience.
  9. You are welcome. You will LOVE it. We have our 8th trip on the AQ planned for August.
  10. The River Grill Bar is usually open in the afternoons, but do not count on it. Weather can be a factor. There are much more regular hours at the Front Porch so I think you want to be near that area.
  11. I am retired now, but worked in IT for 35 years, and in the latter decades sometimes worked from home. I like to think my work was just as good from there as it was when I was in the office!
  12. The OP was asking about the American Queen. The River Grill at the stern is open only limited hours for lunch. The Front Porch Cafe is open 24 hours, with coffee, tea, cookies, etc. outside of mealtimes.
  13. It wasn't even open all that much on our cruise last summer, and I do not believe there is 24 hour coffee/tea. You would have to go to the Front Porch cafe for that.
  14. Unfortunately there is no set answer. We have been in several cabins in various categories on the AQ and the seating varies. Last time we were in a B cabin and we had a loveseat. Other times we have had one or two chairs. The JS cabins (formerly AA cabins, I think) are a bit larger than most so you are likely to have a loveseat or two chairs. Sorry not to be more specific!
  15. I used the online form to cancel a cruise this morning - now when I try to go back to do another one (which we actually cancelled the day before yesterday but I think we can get the 25% FCC and our money back under the newest policy) I get the following message. Maybe they are just overwhelmed??? Thank you for reaching out regarding your upcoming impacted sailing. We are in the midst of setting up a system to process your cruise postponement and issue your future cruise credit and/or refund. Please check back soon to begin this process. We thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances.
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