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  1. If they do it like they do on the American Queen, your table will be pre-assigned. If you are traveling with friends, and the reservations are linked, they will likely put you together at a table for 4. Traveling alone, they will assign you randomly.
  2. I think that is an excellent, informative article. Thanks for the link.
  3. We are not elite, but will be in a full suite. We are not hard liquor drinkers - DH does not drink at all and I drink wine. Can you ask for the hard stuff to be swapped out for wine?
  4. I first learned about this change from this forum then went searching the citi site for the information. They certainly did not shout it from the hilltops...
  5. Lots of folks on this forum have reported their experiences with travel insurance. If you scan through the forum, you will find lots of stories. I do agree with GC that working with an insurance broker is the way to go. Cost cannot be generalized - length of trip, destination, ages of travelers, etc. all enter into the cost equation.
  6. We used it once. We have a Citi Double Cash card that we used to make a deposit on a cruise. The deposit was about $400 and was non-refundable. Due to a medical issue we had to cancel the trip - fortunately before final payment. Provided all the required documentation and got reimbursed within about 3 weeks. Had to call a couple of times to see what was going on but it generally went smoothly.
  7. Your Medicare supplement policy gives you $50k coverage - note that is a LIFETIME limit, not per trip - so it appears you have $120k in coverage. That is more than a lot of policies provide. With MedJet assist, it seems you are in good shape for a Caribbean trip. Next time you might want to buy coverage within the timeframe to cover pre-existing conditions (usually about two weeks after the first payment you make on the trip) and also get primary coverage to avoid finger-pointing between carriers.
  8. Thanks, toofar! Did your trip go as scheduled or did they delay you a week? i thought they were all messed up for a while after we got off in Cincinnati instead of Red Wing on July 15. We saw Joyce Cobb, too, and thought she was great.
  9. Toofarfromthesea...would like to hear how your trip went. We were on the June/July Mighty Mississippi and could not get to Red Wing.
  10. That is indeed a tricky question. If you bought the insurance through a broker, I suggest you call them for assistance. (That is why we always buy through tripinsurancestore, so we have someone we can call).
  11. Even if insurance would cover you if you changed to (plan to) join the ship at its next scheduled port, how could you be sure that the ship would proceed along its scheduled itinerary anyway? The cruise might be cancelled or re-rerouted and then you would be stuck with reservations to a place the boat will not be visiting.
  12. The whole point of insurance is to pay you back if you have to cancel for a COVERED reason. You'd have to prove your illness or injury, and do a lot of paperwork. As GC says, talk to a broker so you understand what the various policies cover. I too recommend tripinsurancestore.com.
  13. Spoke to Steve at tripinsurancestore this afternoon. He took plenty of time to lay out our options. He said that we would be covered if we made the payment and then later had to cancel, and recommended that we purchase the rest of the insurance (we had only insured the deposit so far) a day or two in advance of paying the cruise line. He also said that if we cancelled, we probably could transfer the insurance to another trip. Since there is plenty of availability on the cruise, we have decided to cancel and then perhaps rebook the same cruise if things work out. Just one less thing to think about.
  14. Yes, we have the insurance. Bought immediately after we booked the cruise months ago - and it is a couple, not a group. I will be calling the broker, as klfrodo suggests. Thanks!
  15. Situation: Cruise for November booked months ago, travel insurance in the amount of the deposit bought right away. Final payment due next week. Last week a medical test indicated a possible issue for one of the travelers. Doctor visit later this week, but unlikely a definitive diagnosis (or a clean bill of health) will be determined by the time the final payment is due. Do we cancel the cruise before final payment? Afraid that if we proceed, and then we find the traveler needs treatment that would cause us to cancel the trip later, that the travel insurance company would say” “Well, you knew something was up before you made the final payments on the cruise and insurance, so we are not paying out”. All travelers were able to travel when the insurance was originally purchased. I think I know the answer – we should cancel and not risk a pretty substantial amount – but am looking to see what others think. Thanks.
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