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  1. Our PM has arrived back into Australia and SCOMO is quarantining at the Lodge. Mr Prime Minister is this not double standards? Why can't vaccinated australians come home and quarantine at home?
  2. I agree, I think it is also the govt fault, they should push out the cruising dates further or at least be upfront, honest, as to when the borders will open, don't give false hope, be honest,
  3. Yes, our cruises in Feb and March 2020 did not cancel until a couple of days before sailing so they were all paid for. We did have the option to have a refund to our credit card for the first cruise but the 2 nd cruise there was no option, only FCC. This money was paid in November 2019, so a long time to get some remuneration for our payment. Who knew at that time how long it was going to be before we could sail again. We just kept rebooking, Nov 2020 then March 2021, then November 2021 and then Nov 2022,
  4. We were overseas when the Pandemic struck. We were in Barcelona Spain and felt uneasy and concerned with what we were hearing on the news so we went to a travel agent on got a flight the next day. We were in a hotel on the La Rambla and did not see any signs of the virus but it was reported that Spain was being hit hard with the virus. We arrived back in Australia and at that time there was no hotel quarantine but we had 14 day home quarantine. We flew from Barcelona to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Singapore and the plane was practically empty. The flight from Singapore to Brisban
  5. It appears that if you are a celebrity then you can come and go as you please. The cricketers have gone back overseas, Hugh Jackman has come back to australia and is currently in quarantine. As for how long would I be prepared to stay overseas - well until the borders are opened to come home, I can well accommodate and amuse myself for 12 months with overseas relatives and friends and of course, cruises. Is it safe, who knows, are we just going to sit back and do nothing, waiting, waiting, Now that I said that I might even seriously consider it. As Theresa May, former UK PM
  6. If we had of known how long this pandemic was going to last for then we would have pushed for a refund. We were given the choice of a Refund for the first cruise from Singapore to Dubai but the 2nd cruise from Dubai to Rome we not given any choice but to take FCC. When our 1st cruise was cancelled, we were already in Singapore about to board in 2 days. Our cruise cancelled so we flew to Spain to pass the time until our next cruise started in Dubai, unaware that it would also cancel. We did a week cruise on Costa out of Barcelona on the new Esmeralda going to Rome, Marseille etc. We arr
  7. Thank you Cruise Critic for 25 years. So much wonderful Info. I have met so many Great Fellow Cruisers. thank you thank you
  8. I have $12,000 tied up in future cruise credits from cancelled cruises in Feb/March 2020, The credit has been applied against our B2b2b2 in March April next year on NCL Sun from Bangkok to Tokyo and if our borders are still closed and we can't go then I will cancel the cruises and move the credit onto future cruises. I deal directly with NCL Sydney office.
  9. Hello, You can cancel without penalty up to final payment date due. If you cancel then the FCC will go back to your account as a credit. FCC. You can then use to book another cruise.
  10. I think our borders will probably be still closed but Thailand Vietnam and even Japan have their borders closed too. So NCL will have to cancel the cruises if the asian countries borders are closed. NCL have cancelled all Sun cruises until late January at this stage. Interesting to see on tonights News that our prime minister has been having discussions, whilst in Singapore, with the Singapore Prime Minister in creating a possible travel bubble in the future. I think it is probably more directed to getting the Singaporean students back for the australian universities.
  11. If the cruise line cancels the Cruise then you will not lose your FCC, and if they can't cruise then they will have to cancel. I have had 5 cruises cancelled and moneys that I paid in November 2019, $12,000, for March april 2020 cruises have rolled onto the re booked and rebooked cruises, my payment just transfers to the next booking. I had my October cruise from Barcelona to Athens cancelled by NCL and I had the deposit refunded back to my credit card.
  12. I still have a cruise booked for November, Athens to Dubai, but I know I will have to cancel before final payment because our borders will not be open for us to fly out. Our friends from the US, our cruising friends, are able to do the cruise because they can fly out of the US to Athens. We have 3 cruises booked for March, from Bangkok, b2b2b2, through to Tokyo but I am thinking that these have only a 50/50 chance of going ahead.
  13. It really doesn't matter if the Cruise lines change tack as the Australian government won't change tack, The cruise lines will not be sailing in Australia if they don't want to abide with the governments' policy. I will not be paying any final payments for any of our cruises until our international borders are open.
  14. I am pleased to see that NCL are sticking to the policy of passengers and crew being vaccinated and are prepared to bypass sailing from Florida. Would you like to be on a cruise where there are potential unvaccinated passengers? I will have had my injections so I won't get very ill if the virus is passed on to me but what a potential disastrous cruise if some passengers test positive. I don't see the Australian government allowing cruise ships into australian ports without vaccinated crew and letting cruising restart without having passengers vaccinated. It just won't happe
  15. Yes, we just wake every morning and get on with life the best we can and be patient, patient, I just get so annoyed that the Anti-vaccinators may hold back the majority who are responsible citizens, protecting themselves and others, from going about business as normal. (whatever normal might be now)
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