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  1. update on my situation. My TA called MSC today and they still are waiting for accounting to move my money over to the new booking (since tuesday). They said their accounting is backed up.
  2. Oh wow. Pls keep us updated on how this turns out. Ill report back tomorrow about what msc says about our cruise.
  3. Wow. My agent is off today but she cancelled and rebooked ours on tuesday after msc told thrir agency we could cancel and rebook. Yesterday she said she was still waiting for msc to transfer the money (msc said it takes 48 hours) now im super nervous. You need to fight this.
  4. Wait....whattt? This happened today?
  5. the travel agency i used said i could. it's def. a grey area though and is why im asking. I figured it put it out there since there may be alot of people in my position.
  6. I was able to cancel our march cruise and the cruise line applied what i had paid for the march cruise to the new booking. I still owe a little more money now by the PIF date this summer. We had bought some cheap trip insurance on the old cruise that didnt include much. I need better insurance for our October Cruise. Will I now be eligible to buy insurance in the next 14 days that has "cancel for any reason" since its a new booking? I am confused because it says you can add "cancel for any reason" within 14 days of deposit. Does this count even though the cruiseline is moving money over from a cancelled cruise? I'm not paying anything right now out of pocket until the PIF date.
  7. We moved our grandiosa march cruise to october on an older ship (seaview) for more money than what I paid for grandiosa. Same cabin category. Not happy at all about this..but certainly not MSC's fault. Now I have to hope no hurricanes will come near my home at that time.
  8. can only speak for my situation but it has to be a cruise same price or higher. hope that helps
  9. is this because its an italian owned cruise line??
  10. They got back to me in an email. I can rebook a cruise within 12mos of this one at no penalty..just need to pay any differences. Sucks though is the cabin category i got cost more in future cruises.
  11. i booked with a big online cruise travel agency - i have to go thru them. i asked them to call and get my options. they will get back to me in 24-48 hours.horrible.
  12. i called our travel insurance company and we are still covered under a travel alert.
  13. oh wow US CDC is now level 3 - i guess i'm going to have to call the big online travel agency we booked from to see about what we can do - or can i call directly to msc? supposed to sail in 2 weeks
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