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  1. Genoa too..which is close to the infected areas.
  2. I am getting so worried. we have been planning and looking forward to our rome trip and msc med cruise for a year - leaving in 3 weeks. everything booked and paid for including transfers and ind. tours. traveling with our kids too. this is a nightmare. i hope italy gets this under control FAST.
  3. We r on this cruise next month. Getting worried too. Not about the virus specifically..but the ramifications if someone on our cruise gets it...fearful of ports denying the ship, quarantine, etc
  4. He sounds like a scammer. I would be very upset if he did this to us. Sorry this happened to you OP. I would report it to the hotel director the last night of the cruise...or by written email to msc after the cruise if you dont want to deal with anymore awkward situations on your vacation.
  5. for the people that are positive and aren't showing symptoms - how easily can they actually spread the virus if they are not coughing and sneezing?
  6. i would like to know this too. Also what if only 1 of your party of 4 is deemed sick.
  7. Thank you! This is great.
  8. oh great, one of our stops next month. Do cruise ports normally refuse entry because of NORO?? I thought its a pretty common bug.
  9. The sofa bed is the size of a full sized bed. Your 2 teens should fit on it comfortably. We sailed in the same type of cabin on Seaside (sorry no photos of it)
  10. I think countries that have citizens onboard this ship should (if not already) be helping. Whether that is by providing more tests, helping processing tests, sending a medical team to help with this situation. Clearly by the lack of testing being done japan needs some help.
  11. If i could cancel I would but we are paid in full now and with only basic travel insurance - its not worth the stress of the possibility of a foreign country quarantining our family for extended periods of time because of 1 person that could have coronavirus on our ship. Oh and we are traveling with our kids - and you know how easily they get sick with colds and stuff when traveling. This is so stressful. We are all taking higher that normal Vitamin C and will be starting elderberry soon too on top of the normal hand washing, sanitzier and never touching our faces with dirty hands.
  12. This is my fear too. and we are traveling from fl to italy for a med cruise in a few short weeks. the fear of being stuck on the ship (im not even worried about the actual virus)... many many illnesses cause fevers that are not coronavirus.
  13. What ports has this cruise visited? There are people there that have come in contact with these passengers too!
  14. These photos are great. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thank you for the replies and your tips!
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