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  1. Was it rough seas at the time, or is it always wet like that? We'll be on deck 2, not sure if that's where all the cove balconies are.
  2. Do you know if they are any different from what they were last year? We'll be on her October 23, just curious, don't really care as long as I'm on that ship!!
  3. Do you have a PVP (Personal Vacation Planner)? If so, call them, they can probably work something out for you without you having to cancel and rebook. That just doesn't sound right!
  4. My husband and I leave on the Vista Saturday for our first cruise since January 2020, so excited! We have a Cove Balcony room, which we've never had before. Can those of you who have had them tell me about them, good and/or bad? Probably overthinking this - as usual - but I like to know what to expect.
  5. Really enjoyed and appreciated your review, well-written and nicely organized. My husband and I have our first B2B on the Breeze in February. We've cruised on her before many years ago, don't remember much about her so it was nice to have the refresher you provided!
  6. Thanks - if they've had this rule in place since 2016 I guess they haven't been too strict with it, I see some doors with all kinds of paper and cardboard stuff on them. What caused me some worry is the part about the organizer bags that hang from the bathroom door having to be fire retardant. I just bought one to use on my cruise next week, the packaging doesn't say anything about being fire retardant, so I'll just hang it up and see if the cabin steward removes it. Thanks, Old Fart!
  7. Is the requirement for door decorations to be fire retardant something new?
  8. Are the doors metal? I thought they were wood! This is great, I have lots of magnets to hang things on the door! Are the bathroom doors also metal?
  9. Thanks for your review. We do our first B2B in February and wondered how it worked. Our PVP kind of described but not in detail like you did. He said only one of us would have to get off between cruises, but that isn't the case, is it? Sounds like Carnival has it well-organized for it to go so quick!
  10. I can understand that! I hate having all these people and their luggage crammed into one dining room, waiting to be told we can leave now! And it would be even worse with a lot of Platinum and Diamond. I'll just wait my turn like everyone else. So if you take your own luggage down do you still get to go in the first group, regardless of your status?
  11. Leave next Saturday on our first cruise since last year. Just wondering if Platinum still get priority disembarking. Heard they no longer get priority embarking. I thought I read on here they do, my husband says he heard they don't.
  12. Just read a review about Vista from an official reviewer, that wasn't her exact title, but basically an overview of Vista cabins. She states that the Deluxe Ocean View cabins have two bathrooms, one regular, and an additional one with a toilet and a junior tub. This is not correct. The second bathroom has a sink and a junior tub, but no toilet. Rather have a toilet and sink, no junior tub! First time we booked a Deluxe Ocean View we didn't even know it had a second bathroom until we boarded.
  13. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! Our last cruise was in January 2020, and we have forgotten so much about menus and what is served where. I've never seen this on Carnival's website - is it just under FAQ's? Thanks again for sharing.
  14. Never been to the Alchemy Bar, but sounds interesting. John Heald had a drink on his FB post the other day, wish I could remember what it was called. Made several different ingredients and it was blue from the blue Curacao. I pretty much stick to Kiss on the Lips, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary in the morning, then I'll switch to gin & tonic or Crown and ginger ale. Back when they had Crown. Sob. Found the blue drink: I think we would all enjoy a Sail Away right now! At The Watering Hole on Mardi Gras we make the Sail Away cocktail by combining 2oz of Absolut Citron, 1.5oz of White Cranberry Juice, 1/2 oz of Fresh Lime juice and a 1/2oz of Blue Curaçao in a shaker with ice. Shake until cold and then strain over fresh ice with a lemon garnish.
  15. Next time try the Grand Marnier souffle, it's my favorite. Last cruise they had lemon meringue pie and it was surprisingly good. Overall, though, you're right, they don't know how to make desserts. Those cakes on the Lido that look so pretty? Dry and tasteless. Sometimes they make gelato on Lido, it's delicious.
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