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  1. We have stayed in 5190 aft wrap twice on the Oosterdam. The Zuiderdam is exactly the same. Once was on an Alaska trip and the views were excellent. The verandah is huge as others have mentioned and covered. I believe the verandah is much larger than other aft wrap cabins. I know you said deck 7 and I'm sure it will be fine too, but if you have a choice and can get on deck 5 you should definitely consider it.
  2. The automated voice response system said 7-10 days to receive a check in the mail. I decided to ask to speak to customer service and she said it would be faster to be transferred electronically. 3-5 days she said. After 14 business days and 3 calls to the bank including finally to a manager the money was transferred. The manager apologized and said I shouldnt have been told 3-5 days for an amount over $2000. Larger amounts require special approval. I guess it sits in an inbox until someone gets around to it. Is this 2020 or 1920?
  3. After we received all of our credits to our BofA credit card I called on June 24 and asked if the credit balance could be transferred to our checking account. Of course the representative said. Expect the transfer in 3-5 business days. After the July 4 holiday I called again and asked about it. It had been 8 business days not counting the Friday holiday. I was assured it would be transferred the next day. Now, 11 days since the first call still no transfer. No way to treat a long time customer, especially a Platinum Honors customer.
  4. UPDATE: I was shocked and happy today when I looked at my BofA visa activity online and saw the remaining $540 posted to the account with a posting date of June 23. Celebrity made it just under the wire and we have received a full refund within the 90 day window and we will contine to consider them for future cruises. Whew, just in the nick of time.
  5. Time is up for Celebrity. On March 26 my TA requested a refund for the April 12 Reflection cruise that Celebrity cancelled. My TA was told 30 days was the official time for refund but customer service said it might take 45. I gave them 90 days to make good on their promise and they failed. Now, as far as I’m concerned, we won’t consider them for future cruises. The total cruise cost was $4512. On May 6, 42 days after cancellation, $3432 was posted to my CC. A call by my TA to Celebrity asking about the holdup of the remaining $1080 could not be explained but she was assured it woul
  6. Ditto for us. April 12 cruise cancelled March 26. We received $3714 of the $4254. It took 73 days to get that. Still waiting for the remaining $540.
  7. We're cruised with both several times. Both are premium lines and do a great job overall. You cant go wrong with either. Someone posted a comment about smoking in the casino on HAL and I agree. Celebrity ships are beautifully decorated and sparkling clean. We especially like the Vista ships on HAL in the aft Neptune suites. I dont think Celebrity has anything to compare. If Celebrity doesnt refund our cancelled cruise in full by June 23, it will only be HAL for us in the future.
  8. So, as an update, we received 1/2, or $540.40 to our CC today. C stills owes us another $540.40. We were told 30 days ago that $1080.80 was withheld from our refund but no one could explain why, just that it would be processed in 2 equal parts. We cancelled on March 26, so 73 days to get all but the $540. As I said earlier, C has 90 days to refund it all or we're done. Tick-tock.
  9. I agree with many that the anticipation of an upcoming cruise is powerful. We also like the 2-3 pre cruise days before boarding. The day of boarding is special as we get to our cabin, unpack and explore. I spend weeks practicing blackjack online until I'm playing perfect blackjack. I look forward to the evenings playing in the casino and hope this will be the cruise I win big. It has never happened but I dream anyway. Unfortunately Celebrity's casino crowd has diminshed over the years and I like a full blackjack table.
  10. June 23 (90 days from refund request date) will be D-Day for Celebrity to complete my refund process. Failing that will remove them from any further consideration for future cruises.
  11. Re: sam.seattle's list I would add casino might be closed on startup. I don't understand why walking might be stopped. Might require a mask.
  12. No it doesn't and every day I look at my BofA credit card statement and see that the remainder of my refund has not arrived is another day that adds to my frustration with Celebrity. I realize this virus has been tough on many, especially the cruise industry, but eventually we will return to cruising and I suspect a good number of us will have a hard time forgetting how Celebrity treated us.
  13. Celebrity certainly has a process they follow to make these refunds and to allocate parts of the total refund to various piles. It seems strange to us that refunds are not made on a FIFO basis or some other logical basis. And the amount to our credit card is not a lump sum equaling the amount they owe us. Earlier in the process it appeared that they were processing March cancellations, then April and so on. That makes sense to me, but that didn’t hold up for long. People were getting refunds for April cancellations while others were still waiting for March. Refunds came in pieces too wi
  14. We had April 12 crusie too. Received partial refund on May 6. Still waiting for remaining $1100.
  15. TA called C on our behalf checking on the missing $1080. The customer service rep said she had no idea what the $1080 represented but 1/2 half of it or $540 was processed and should hit credit card soon. The remaining $540 would probably follow in a few weeks. This is definitely a strange way to process refunds. It's been about 60 days since we requested a refund. I'd say that many here who believe they're using new money to make refunds are correct.
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