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  1. --- IMHO this is a part of "Cruise Critic". --- . . . . BTW, I have 15 booked from July 2021 to April 2023 and 15 canceled. 😉 ---
  2. --- YES, I also think that's very true! 👍 However, I'm also considering that Princess might not get approval to sail from any U.S. ports until by mid-July at the earliest; if that happens, my guess is that Princess would go ahead and cancel all U.S. sailings for the rest of July. ---
  3. --- My guess: If Princess cancels all July Alaska sailings (all Seattle round-trip), then all other July sailings from the United States (Los Angeles & Fort Lauderdale) also will be cancelled. ---
  4. --- In California, free vaccinations are open to non-residents and non-citizens: https://covid19.ca.gov/vaccines/ Do I need to be a California resident to get COVID-19 vaccine? No. Vaccine distribution is based on eligibility irrespective of residency or immigration status. You can get the vaccine for free no matter what your immigration or citizenship status is. Vaccinations do not count under the public charge rule. You should not be asked about your immigration or citizenship status when you get a COVID-19 vaccine. ---
  5. --- When I do a test booking for a refundable fare, I need to go 1 screen past the screen that requires me to enter my guest information. On the next screen is where I get the Refundable Deposit box that I need to click to see my refundable fare. See screenshot below. In my case, I email a screenshot of this last screen to my TA, because this screen shows all the discounts as well as the final test fare. The test fare on this screenshot reflects the deduction for the Refundable Deposit charge after I click on the Refundable Deposit box. (Also, I clicked the Purchase V
  6. --- FYI for those of you who have already booked Navigator sailings from LA: Yesterday I saw small price reductions on some sailings: The 3 bookings I made on 4/13 and 4/14 for balconies on 7-, 4-, and 3-night sailings (December 2022 and January 2023) were reduced $50 each. The booking I made on 4/18 for a balcony on a 4-night sailing (March 2022) was reduced $25. My TA confirmed the price reductions and updated my invoices accordingly this morning. -R- ---
  7. --- LONG BEACH: Currently the only cruise ships that port in Long Beach are Carnival. SAN PEDRO: Currently all other cruise line ships that are scheduled to stop in Los Angeles -- Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian, Cunard, Oceania, Regent, Viking, etc -- port in San Pedro. ---
  8. https://top40weekly.com/top-100-artists-of-the-80s/ ---
  9. I was able to use "ALLABOARD" for one of my bookings that did not have the Balcony discount. The discount showed up on my receipt as "Email Bonus NRD". FYI my email says that promo code ALLABOARD expires today 4/18/2021; per the fine print this promo code is good within seven days of signing up for the savings. (I saw the banner come up when I was exploring royalcaribbean.com.)
  10. It might have been an IT section or other department that also is able to allocate specific cabins; from what I could infer, my request was not common coming from individuals -- or perhaps most of these requests are screened from getting to the persons who can make the change. I'm guessing that most reps tell customers that this allocation (of a cabin from a blocked section) is not possible, period. (But it is!) 🙂 ---
  11. I had the same issue with my cabin that was available for the 2 segments, but not for the full 25-day sailing. In my case, booking the 2 segments separately would have been significantly more expensive than booking the single 25-day sailing. Perhaps I was lucky, but I was able to get the cabin allocated to the 25-day sailing. (The rep gave awesome customer service; I did tell the rep that this sailing was for a very special occasion -- my milestone birthday that happened to occur within the [bucket-list-for-us] sailing dates.) ==> When I called to request the alloc
  12. --- . . . Could you picture "massive clothing-optional excursions in Catalina Island, California and Ensenada, Mexico"??? 🤔 ---
  13. ... Maybe the missing April 2022 sailing is a West Coast chapter of the full ship clothing-optional cruise! -- "The first 2022 full ship clothing-optional charter will be held in the spring on the Jewel of the Seas, a Radiance class ship by Royal Caribbean, from April 3 - 9, 2022. The 6-day charter will sail out of Miami, FL and will be highlighted by two massive clothing-optional excursions in Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico."
  14. FYI I called in and the rep said that (1) this sailing has not been released yet, and (2) currently there are no charters on this sailing. ---
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