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  1. Appreciate your summary and trust all is well with you and family. Could you update later with your two other tests to give a better understanding of the reliability of the tests. As a long time Celebrity cruiser I would hope that they would provide a better understanding of why there was no update etc until people off the ship.
  2. Was smooth as glass on our cruise so no issue. But perhaps just place a towel on floor at door when rougher water.
  3. On Edge in March. Quick tip for the bathroom door. Just leave the lock extended. No door slamming and no need to put garbage bin in front. No fighting with the magnet.
  4. Hate to get involved :-). Sailed March 3 cruise and IV deck 8 port side closer to back elevators. Spent a fair bit of time by the Sunset bar and around the Casino bar. Not so much front part of ship. Pretty sensitive nose for odors and must admit did not experience either in cabin or while around the ship. Does not mean not an issue or problem but only that was not an issue for us in the areas of the ship we travelled. Am sure that Celebrity has to be working to identify and problem/source and address. Agree with comment on need for windblocks in certain top side areas and was told engineers working on that at least in Rooftop Garden area.
  5. Just came across this on you tube from celebrity. Answers my questions above 🙂 Great job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xD7zZmf7EE#action=share
  6. Looking forward to your review. If possible any pictures of the area where they had the Martini Bar, the lounge outside of the old Michaels Club, Casino Bar etc would be interesting. Just off Edge and big changes in these areas so wondering how they have modified these areas. Not booked on Summit until June 2020 and not sure whether to stay with suites or Aqua. Thanx Have a great trip!!!
  7. On the March 3 sailing we probably had it locked 3-4 times. One day as for cleaning the windows and think that was a few hours, another was weather related with rain. Never really an issue. Never closed the inside glass doors. As far as cabin we found it to be quite pleasant re: decor, functional, good size bathroom and shower, lots of storage areas etc. Usually stay in Aqua or suites and found the IV a good experience. Noticed the first two days the blinds as well as the window were a little noisy but obviously the steward noticed as well and must have had lubricated as was very quiet after that.
  8. Off the Edge March 10 with GE and Passports in hand. Went through facial recognition and no one asked to see either passport or GE card. Porter said that had been the case since the shutdown with no one showing passports?? Was quite surprised. Not sure if temporary or ??
  9. Personally I would never cancel a cruise based on the CC comments. The Edge a different ship and was neat to see the many new things that have been implemented and I assume Celebrity will make adjustments on newer ships based on feedback where needed. And the dry dock work should be perhaps taking many of the best things of the Edge and so perhaps ending with the best of both worlds? As noted earlier by a poster a lot is based on personal choice and preferences. Was a little concerned about the IV rooms based on comments before leaving but found the rooms to be well laid out, the decor quite pleasant, the bathroom/shower quite functional and roomy and used the balcony area every day and quite enjoyed. Would stay again in the IV.
  10. Sailed the March 3 Edge cruise. Many positives including the decor as well as the food and the hand washing stations when entering the buffet area. Personally like the old "martini bar" setting versus a downsized area with the rest more like a bar lounge. No issues with getting loungers around the pool or elsewhere. Checking in with the new app was great. Rooms were ready as soon as we were on board and keys were at the door to our IV. The IV was different and my only issue was when the captain decides to close the windows for whatever reason. You can be sitting on the "balcony" enjoying the weather and the window is closed with no warning? Staff were great and ship very clean Pricing high for the upscale dining ie $50 pp versus perhaps $25-$30 on other Celebrity ships. Also did not like the fact that the front of the ship seems to be exclusive to suite guests [which we do on occasion] and no Horizon type lounge [or at least none that we found]. The onboard shopping did not seem to have a lot of interest but perhaps indicates who Celebrity thinks is the target market for the Edge. Very upscale. A negative also would be lack of a library area [not a rolling cart with ten books], no areas where quieter music played [string quartets etc] and many area too loud. Did not like paying the $100 charge to eat in the upscale steakhouse and yet the music comes from whoever is playing in the Martini Bar area or from the noise in that lounge area. Takes away from the ambience. Areas such as the Sunset Bar, Rooftop Garden and Magic Carpet can be very windy and at times almost impossible to eat or drink there because of the wind. Was told that there is some work being done to reduce wind at RoofTop Garden. Overall a pleasant experience but am in the category of "been there done that". Booked our next four cruises on Summit, Reflection [2x] and Silhouette. Hopefully the updating of the vessels over the next few years does not negatively impact the ambience that we prefer. Glad we did try the Edge out.
  11. Agree with Stevea36. Good experience with Bernard's as have others have recommended to use them. Tailors the day to your needs. We had a fun day and very personal touch from Bernard seeing areas would not have considered. Great island tour of boths ides as well as a number of the different beach areas and general tour.
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