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  1. I'm leaving on the Grandeur in three days. unfortunately my brother can't go and I couldn't find a replacement. So I,m cruising solo. The cruise is a casino comp. Does anyone know if I'll get double points even though I didn't pay for the cruise? Thanks for any info you might have.
  2. On my last cruise in early April the casino didn't open until day two. I think 9am for slots and 10am for tables. The casino closed at 5pm on the last day and you had to be cashed out by then.
  3. I've been on the Grandeur many times. Have a back to back coming up in November. She's a great little ship with a fabulous crew. Baltimore is a great port to sail out of So easy getting on and off the ship. Now to get back to the hockey discussion. I'm an Islanders fan living in Capitals country. It would be so nice to see the Canes beat the Caps. That would give the Isles home ice in the second round. Go Isles!
  4. I left mine in the theater. Didn't get as far as the elevator when I realized it and went back. It was gone. I went to guest services later that day to see if it might have been turned in. They told me it wasn't and that they didn't give out replacements. As I was walking away a gentleman came out of the back and called me over and gave me a new one. I thought it was a very nice gesture on his part.
  5. I always thought that you were supposed to leave them in the hall. I think leaving them in your cabin just makes extra work for your steward.
  6. I love escargot. Don't get it anywhere else.
  7. When my wife was alive we always dressed up for formal nights. I even bought a tux to take on cruises. Since she passed away I just don't dress up like I used to. I still wear nice slacks and a shirt and I enjoy seeing others dress up. I especially like seeing men in kilts. You always wonder what he's got on under it. This is off the subject, but the one thing I hate seeing is men with baseball caps on in the dining room at dinner.I wear my hat all day long, but not in the dining room. It just ticks me off, Sorry about the little rant,but that's my opinion.
  8. I have sailed on the Grandeur 7 times and have a back to back coming up in November. Baltimore is a great port to cruise out of. It has never taken me more than 20 minutes from arriving in the terminal to getting on the ship. Grandeur's a bit old and you will notice her age in certain places, but she is a great ship to cruise on. One other thing. The Grandeur has the best crew that I've ever had the privilege to sail with.
  9. I've never had a problem with a case of water or a 12 pack of soda in Baltimore.
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