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  1. We were just on the silhouette, and on disembarking saw a table by the door loaded with them waiting to be reclaimed
  2. We just did this on silhouette. There was a card waiting in our stateroom, we took it to the martini bar and got our flight. anytime you want it.
  3. Much depends on the port. I have no experience with Seattle, but our last cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, the time we arrived did not matter. We were scheduled for 1pm, but we actually arrived about 11:30 am, and went right aboard with no problems. That might not be correct everywhere, so try the section on ports and ask there, or maybe someone with local knowledge can comment.
  4. We printed it “just in case” But my wife saved it on her phone to the wallet, in case of connection issues. Thats what we used to check in. Super Easy.
  5. I love the insight you can ONLY get on cruisecritic! Thank you!
  6. We were not left behind, but close one time. Our van had a flat tire on the way back to the ship, too far to walk. The company sent another van to pick us up and we did make it, but there was some worry about it.
  7. Someone wiser than me once said about aqua class “They took the worst cabins and gave them the best restaurant” Indeed most aqua cabins are under an overhang with little skyview and sometimes noise from the public deck above. But in reality they aren’t the WORST location…. We absolutely love Blu, would eat there over mdr in a heartbeat. And not to be picky, but you don’t just have access to Blu, it is your assigned restaurant.
  8. I highly recommend posting this on your roll call as well, more of a target audience
  9. 8321 is one cabin closer to the middle according to deck plans
  10. Smokers don’t realize how they reek from their smoke. This is SO TRUE…. If a smoker gets on an elevator everyone that’s not a smoker, immediately knows. And the smoker is oblivious that they stink to everyone else because they don’t smell it.
  11. We once had an aqua cabin near the bridge, and found it very interesting to watch them, especially entering and leaving ports. They rarely looked behind except when docking etc. But there are ALWAYS camera watching the entire side of the ship fyi…Unless you’re planning some au natural moments and don’t like the proximity, i think you’ll find it just fine.
  12. That was previously the policy, however, NOW it is one bottle per person. i think the actual rule was 2 bottles per srateroom, however, many people went through the security line separately and took two bottles each, so now it’s ONE bottle per person.
  13. We love sunset veranda for the view. The location is not convenient to elevators though Not much different than the view, I wouldn’t pay much more honestly Not much benefit to concierge either, just an embarkation day lunch. Now, aqua, is an upgrade! You get a better restaurant And suites, even more
  14. That appears to be exactly what i needed! THANK YOU!
  15. What is the process if you want to send a gift to someone on a cruise? It’s not difficult if you’re involved on the registration but assuming you are NOT, is there a link? Do you need the reservation number? I have tried to search celebrity’s website but get nowhere.
  16. Not to be “Debbie Downer” but we did not enjoy LPC. First, we wanted the lobster menu, but NOPE, wrong time. Secondly, the show had a designated start time, we were 15 minutes early, but another group was 20 minutes late, so they delayed the dinner to wait for a few inconsiderate people…. I won’t go again. I hope your experience is better.
  17. Just reset it yes, everyone is having it
  18. Yep! We both had to reset passwords Dang, at first i was hoping it was because our suite upgrade went through…..
  19. My wife says i am a tech nerd, probably guilty as charged. I feel the need to point out that you CANNOT text on wifi. If, you have an iphone, you can imessage, or facebook message or whatever, but NOT a text message. Not everyone uses apple, so if you or anyone you wish to communicate with is on android, that won’t work. One easy way to tell is to look at the color of the message, if it’s green, it’s a text, if it’s blue it’s an imessage. Our burglar alarm for instance, sends text messages for any event, you won’t get those on wifi.
  20. The cabin you want used to be called “family veranda” but i think it now is called ULTRA DELUXE VERANDA. They’re hard to find and reserve,but you get two bedrooms and a LOT of space. Concierge class is simply an upsell opportunity with little benefit to you except for a special lunch on embarkation day. I usually only book concierge when booking a balcony guarantee because there are no obstructed view concierge cabins.
  21. The best thing about Tuscan, is not the food, but the view. It’s not, in my opinion, worth a $50 upcharge for pasta otherwise. If he wants to try Tuscan, get the whole experience and dine there
  22. On our cruise I can purchase unlimited specialty dining (it’s 4 nights) for $230. ok, so far so good BUT, they add $92 for gratuities! We are already paying the standard gratuities, wouldn’t that apply WHEREVER we ate dinner? And yes, we usually add something but this feels like double dipping.
  23. Yes! But sometimes when you least expect it. Keep checking and also stay up with your roll call, someone may tip you off on there too.
  24. My opinion will not be popular here, but… We do NOT like the edge class ships, the bow is backwards, there’s this big ugly orange thing hanging over the side, no “real” balconies etc, etc, etc. We love S class ships and really liked Constellation, the only M class ship we have sailed on. Someday we’ll do an edge class ship, but my dw will drag me kicking and screaming lol I would NEVER pay more for it
  25. I see menus for our cruise, this month. But not breakfast, only dinner
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