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  1. We are in the middle of getting rid of things to prepare for a move . It is unbelievable how much stuff we accumulate . I have given tons to goodwill .Right now I am going through holiday decorations . I have been giving a lot of them away for years especially to my daughter . I am determined to get it down to a minimal amount by Christmas.
  2. Love everyone's pictures ! Anita , I can not believe you packed in something so little .You win the packing award.
  3. I have Copd and carry an Omron portable nebulizer . It works on AA batteries . It is a little expensive but worth it .
  4. Welcome back Melody ! I love the dress . I am glad you had a great time .
  5. Laura , My daughter had high bilirubin when she was a baby .She had the light treatment .She was fine .No problems from the high bilirubin.
  6. If you If you are flying you cannot use a tank you must use a approved portable concentrator with an extra battery .You have to check with the airline . The Imogen is approved .
  7. Margaret , Very pretty top . Anita, I am enjoying your adventure . I love London.
  8. Laurie , He is so cute . Grandparenting will change your life in a good way !
  9. I am going to see Downtown Abbey this week . I am going by myself . I actually enjoy going to movies by myself that I know Gary would not enjoy
  10. Anita ,I love London and West Minister Abbey is one of my favorite places .Your son's room looks ideal . Margaret , I am enjoying your Miami trip . It has been years since I have been there .
  11. I am glad Carnival was generous with the cruise credit . I would like a day in Charleston.
  12. I know ! I have to keep myself from buying clothes I never wear just because I want a change of season . It will get slightly cooler in November but then all the snowbirds return and wear brightly colored summer clothes . It gets so confusing .
  13. This year JJill had a lot of fall colors in their summer clothes so I was good .Now is a weird period where it is fall just not here so I get really tired of my summer things but it s not cool enough for other choices .
  14. Melody, Sorry about the dental repairs . Margaret , Cute purchases ! I don't have any fall clothes but my winter clothes are really fall weight .I actually forgot it was fall until my friend sent me a picture of apple picking .Fall is the one season I miss.
  15. Last year I knocked off a crown with a water pick . I think I am going to buy a dental repair kit for trips because I have a ton of crowns . Have a great time !
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