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  1. Laurie , I think we all question everything in our 50's and where we are going . I was widowed at 51 so I got thrown into wondering about my life .I was nervous about going part time since my husband dying cut my income by a lot but I knew mentally I needed to do it and it all worked out . Of course my part time was three days a week and sometimes 12 hour days .After I retired I started my online business to see if I could do it and it took off . Maybe that is something you could look at since you love fashion . I sold Women's dresses on ebay for twice to three times what I was able to get them for and I made a chunk of money . I loved working in my pj's .IMO the most important thing for retirement is getting rid of any debt including a mortgage . With that gone you need so much less.
  2. Margaret , Exciting times ! I went part time at 51 and retired at 60 . Those part time years were so good . My daughter was living in Boston so I was able to take lots of long week ends and visit . My daughter teaches several courses online . She loves the flexibility . She also designs web sites . We are getting ready to downsize so I am going through closets ruthlessly. Yesterday I attacked the closet in the spare bedroom and got rid of a ton of special occasion clothes that I will never wear again. I also found a huge box of pictures . There were several pictures from when I started cruising and you would get a picture with the captain .Lot's of memories !
  3. Laurie , Pretty dresses but way too formal unless you are going on the QE 2
  4. Laurie , In Halifax there is a boardwalk that is very close to where the ship docks that is an interesting walk . We took a tour in Halifax .In St. John's which is very small we just walked around . It is a cute town with a very pretty waterfront area . Great seafood in both places . The New England cruise was one of my favorite cruises . It was casual but then most cruises are pretty casual anymore .
  5. Anita , Good Luck with the move and Congratulations to your son. Yesterday we got new passport photos since we need to renew our passports . . It is my forth passport and it is interesting to think of all places they represent .
  6. Most of Cuba is not wheelchair friendly . The streets are broken up cobblestone .If you ask they will skip the walking part and just do a car tour .
  7. I would eliminate one pair of flip flops . I find it more important to have an extra walking shoe when doing a port intensive cruise .
  8. Laurie ! Great pictures and You look great in the yellow dress . The wedding must be soon.
  9. When I opened the box I was disappointed .It was much cuter in the add . Melody,Sorry about all our spots .
  10. Thanks ,I was wondering why my link got messed up .
  11. Anita , This is a great subject . Years ago my late husband and I were mugged in the Bahamas and ever since then I am really aware when someone gets too close .The flashlight is a great idea . Margaret , I know you were eyeing this dress . Well I bought it . it was on sale for $29.99 and it arrived today . The material is clingy and it just is not flattering athttps://www.jjill.com/product/floral-color-block-knit-dress-126811s-1?color=25N all on me so it's going back which is a shame I had high hopes .
  12. I also had the mapping done . Why didn't they ask me to be naked when I was 30 not 70 .
  13. Paccruise , Those dresses are so elegant . Your daughter looks so nice in them . Melody , Sending healing vibes ! I wear make up with sun screen every day . The Florida sun is brutal . My Sister has had many Cancer spots removed so far I have had none but I limit my sun exposure . That is a Florida joke you can tell the natives they are all pale faced . Anita , I know health care has gotten crazy but please do not skip the annual breast exams or pap smears . They are really important .
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