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  1. Florida has had cold and crappy weather . I feel sorry for all the people who came for the sunshine because it has been chilly for most of January . On Monday I had my house deep cleaned . A crew came and did a fabulous job on all the areas you get to but they got to better .It is so nice to have a sparkling house . I should have been doing this for years . Our big project last year was we redid our elevator . We live in an elevated house 18' up so an elevator is necessary for loading groceries etc. Ours had gotten old and fidgety so we replaced it . Major expense but a big selling point .
  2. Lovely room ! The new table goes so well with the antique tables.
  3. I really love those clogs . I am just not sure how much I would wear them in Florida .
  4. I have a 6 quart Gourmia . I have tons of counter space so it is not bad.I think the appliance is perfect for people who want to cook fast . You seem to do a lot of slow cooking .I do a lot of quick cooking plus it keeps the kitchen cool in the summer .I would not have one if I had to move it from a pantry .
  5. I use mine constantly . I also bought my daughter one and she loves it .
  6. Anita , A virtual appt with an orthopedic doctor is a waste of time . The Doctor needs to manipulate your knee to see what is happening .One of your knee ligaments might be torn and when the loose piece gets caught in your knee it becomes unstable.
  7. Anita , Do you still have a knee brace ? I would try immobilizing the knee either with a brace or ace bandages . Maybe you should check with an orthopedic doctor ? You do not want to do more harm to your knee.
  8. Thanks everybody ! I am still able to enjoy life . Today we are going for lunch at a nearby place overlooking the water . I have always traveled a lot and after retirement I really traveled like crazy . I hope everybody gets to travel again this year and at one point Covid is in the rear window.
  9. I know i have been very secretive about my illness . Let's just say it was nothing I ever expected and it can not be cured only controlled . It has made me take a long look at life and what matters . It is family, friends , experiences and not things. I have said many times if you want to go on a trip go life changes in a minute . I am so grateful for all the traveling I have done and all the experiences I have had .I am so grateful for my family especially Gary and my daughter . All in all life is okay I enjoy reading all the adventures and looking at the clothes .I am surprised JJill is not
  10. I am really touched by everybody caring about me . I have been lurking but not posting . I am going through a serious medical issue but I have tons of support . Haven't been doing much JJill shopping but still doing lots of retail therapy . Thanks everyone for missing me . I will show up occasionally . We had a nice quiet Christmas and best of all my daughter came for a visit right before the holidays and made it back Covid free . I am enjoying reading all the adventures . Laurie , Sorry about your daughter . I hope she spends some time figuring out why she makes some choices . Anita, I a
  11. Purple Hays , I was also a OR nurse . I spent most of my 40 years in the OR with a 10 year stint in Interventional Radiology. We had ETA go through yesterday .What a storm . The house was shaking . It went over the sea wall a little but no damage .We had rain and awful wind all day yesterday .
  12. Laurie , Do not pick the first rug . I have a very similar rug in my foyer and while it is perfect for that area it would look awful in a living area.. I know you do not want to do this but maybe you should wait until the couch and chairs come before you make the decision on the rug .
  13. Mattress shopping is so weird .You go to a store and lie down for ten minutes to decide if this is the mattress you want . Last time we just went with a pillow top which has been extremely comfortable .
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