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  1. Debbie , That gave me a real chuckle ! Trader Joe's is a drive for me so I don't go there . I do go to a store called Fresh Market . It is such a nice store . I always leave with a few items and a huge bill. I do most of my shopping at Publix. There is a face book group for Covid long timers . It is sad that so many people are having continual problems from Covid .
  2. This is the first year we voted early and I like it . Once my ballot was in the box a calm came over me and I can now ignore all the political crap until it's over.
  3. I usually wear socks around the house but those slippers are super cute .
  4. We voted . We took our mail in ballots to the drop box . We cancel each other out but it felt good to get that done.Now to watch the debate .
  5. Anita , I would say 99% you need a permit .We added a pergola over an existing deck and it required a permit .
  6. Melody ,I love the glass pumpkins . Anita , I laughed when you described the weather hot & humid . Late October and November are great weather months . Nice breeze,low humidity my favorite time of year . Laurie , nice pictures . I am glad you had a nice time .
  7. Laurie , Your pictures are great . Fall is the one season I really miss . I think your green choice is spot on for a couch . It will look so great . I recently ordered new curtains for my dining room and kitchen . They are sage green .The dining room ones are a leaf print and the kitchen ones are solid sage green . The match perfectly and I bought them on amazon . They were so inexpensive I could not believe it .Last place I would ever look for curtains . We are trying to figure out the holidays . Thanksgiving we have usually gone out to a restaurant for but that is not happening this year . Christmas we usually have a large party with Gary's family but that is doubtful .So we are playing it by ear and hoping for the best .
  8. Debbie , Thank you for trying the drug . You are doing a great service . Purple Hays , I would love to taste your limoncello . One of the members of my book club made some and brought us samples . Really Good !
  9. I think we had that chair in our living room when I growing up . They will look great with the new fabric . Somehow I thought they were going to be a print but since they are a solid your choices for couch fabric is wide open.
  10. Laurie, Glad you had a great time . Have you ever shared what fabric is going on the chairs you are having done ? I buy lots of area rugs and usually do great at Wayfair .Big selection and quick shipping !
  11. I found the best recipes online . For me it was trial and error to learn the settings and time . For chicken parm. I bread the chicken with panko bread crumbs then do 8-10 minutes in the air fryer on 370 . I then put on a small amount of sauce and some cheese and cook it for a minute at 250.I do a lot of chicken,pork chops and fish in it . It is super great for potato wedges and heating left overs .I love mine . I bought my daughter one and now she loves hers .
  12. Margaret , It is so odd seeing New York like that . I hope 2021 brings the return of some normal .
  13. I am a fan of the old SNL with Chevy Chase .I also love when they do the political ones . They are so funny . I really liked Woody Harrelson better as Joe Biden but Maya Rudolph is spot on with Kamala Harris .We live on a quiet street with no children so no need to get any candy .
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