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  1. Today I went for a hair appt and then I did something I have been putting off for forever I called SS to see if my late husband's benefit would be higher than mine . After twenty minutes on hold the answer was yes so I have an phone appt . on tuesday to change my benefit .Slider girl I thought of you instead of claiming your benefit couldn't you claim half of your exes and leave yours grow ? We are having crab mac and cheese for dinner with a salad .
  2. I do agree that you should practice hurricane prep but most of the time these storms are more hype than reality .The things you need to worry about are anything that could become a missile and go through a window . Lawn furniture , trash cans , should all be secured . I agree about keeping the dishwasher . I keep my appliances until they die .I have a GE dishwasher and so far so good .
  3. Anita , I have lived on Sarasota Bay for almost twenty years and the only time we evacuated was a few years ago .The big problem with hurricanes is loss of power . That is a pain. We have a portable generator that we bought years ago when Florida was getting one storm after another . Every year we get it ready but we have never used it . The only time people bother with hurricane shutters is if it is a category 3 or above . The worst months for storms are September and October . Just have flashlights , peanut butter ,crackers , water , wine and a good book .
  4. We got absolutely nothing from this storm .It was dark outside but not a drop of rain .I have never been a camper but I enjoy hearing people's adventures with it . Years ago we used to go to a resort on a lake in the summer . My daughter invited a friend to go with us .She said we were going camping . When we arrived at a three bedroom upscale cabin my daughter's friend said I thought we were going camping . My daughter said this is camping to my Mom .She has to use strange utensils . I used to use cook books a lot pre internet . My favorite was James Beard and Joy of cooking . I mostly wing it now . Does anybody have anything they hate to shop for ? Mine is purses .
  5. My So who tends to be messy but He is fanatical about the dishwasher . He loads it just so and unloads it .He is not messy in the main area of the house only his cave which I ignore because clutter makes me crazy .
  6. So far it is a tropical storm .As long as it does not stall Florida should be fine.
  7. I love Alton Brown . His fudge recipe is sooo good . I like mac and cheese . My So loves lobster mac and cheese so I make it occasionally . It is good but lots of pots and pans .I also live in Florida on Sarasota Bay so I will have a front row seat for any storm.
  8. It was so nice that you got to see your family . That is the one thing about this virus that I hate . I am missing my visit with my daughter ,Sil and grandsons.
  9. We did that cruise tears ago .It was one of my favorites . I keep eyeing it but not sure how I will feel in march.
  10. Cute earrings . I shop for my SO's daughters in law plus my daughter so I am always looking for jewelry ideas . This year I was completely out of ideas and gave them all gift cards . On Sunday I was talking to some woman and I am shocked at the amount of people that will not shop on line . My Mom was 99 when she died and she shopped online until her death . She also did online banking before me . I am getting antsy to go somewhere ,anywhere .
  11. Too bad the dress did not work out . I have never bought anything but underwear from jockey . Is anybody planning trips ? I keep looking but I have not pulled the trigger . Too much uncertainty .
  12. We have had daily rains . Usually mid afternoon .
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