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  1. Has anyone used Bahamas Dolphin Tours in Freeport? Debating between the knee-high pool encounter or the swimming experience. https://www.swimwithdolphinsbahamas.com/freeport-bahamas-dolphin-programs/
  2. I’ve heard about folks booking rooms at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island in order to get access to the Atlantis water parks and I’m interested in hearing if anyone here has recent experience. I’ve made a temporary reservation for a room on New Year’s Day for $359 plus tax (estimated total is about $554). As there are 4 of us booked in the room, this is a much better deal than the $200/pp the cruise line wants. We have no intention of using the room - only interested in the Waterpark access. So, my question is - is the deal legit? When I called the hotel, the clerk mentioned that when we check in we’ll getting tickets and then we’ll have to go to Atlantis and wait on line for the Waterpark wristbands. Since we’ll be there on a holiday, do we run the risk of the Waterpark selling out? Need your thoughts and experience please. TIA!
  3. First time on the Liberty. Any tips or things not to miss would be appreciated.
  4. Looking for a private excursion to Atlantis vice going through the cruise line. Is that a thing? Pros/Cons? We’ll be getting off the CCL Liberty and will have from 0800 - 1700. Just booked today and we’re leaving on 30 December so I’m BEHIND.....
  5. Greetings shipmates! We just booked the December 30th sailing of the Liberty. It’s been a while since we sailed on Carnival and I’m wondering if CCL stock ownership still gets us some onboard credit? I seem to recall there was a $50 per cabin credit for sailings of less than seven days. Would love to pursue but I’m having trouble finding out how to do this as it’s been a few years. Thank you in advance and happy Thanksgiving! Went to check out my rollcall and it looks pretty quiet for a sailing only one month away. Are the various social media sites taking precedence over rollcall links now? That makes me so sad. No mix/mingle either. Bummer!
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