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  1. I would like a copy of this too, if anyone is still monitoring this. glmattie@hotmail.com
  2. We did a B2B on the Freedom in 2007 and it was super easy. We received our new Sign and Sail cards the night before and we could come and go as we pleased. Since we were in Europe we did not have to go through customs between cruises because we would have to do that at the airport when we finally left Europe.
  3. We used both of our 25th Milestone benefits on our 25th cruise and it was already booked. You don't add it on until closer to sailing and won't see the OBC until about 2 days prior to sailing.
  4. Since NCL just cancelled through the end of March, I expect Carnival, Royal and MSC to follow. NCL was usually the first to announce the cancellations. I just wish Carnival would announce what it was doing with Europe 2021, but I already booked summer, 2022 in Europe as a hedge.
  5. The summer, 2020 European cruises came out in December, 2018. Who knows what will happen for 2022.
  6. We've been Diamond since the beginning. We have never purchased Cheers but have a few drinks. We gamble a little but have never received a free or discounted cruise. We do have cruises booked for next year. We have never received a free upgrade or even an upsell. Apparently we are not on the right lists. Oh well, at least we are still cruising - well maybe. Looking forward to the Mardi Gras inaugural. If that happens.
  7. Was the penalty period extended too or just the final payment date? I thought Carnival still kept the original cancellation policy even if the final payment was extended.
  8. It's still November 8 but it depends if you have a non-refundable deposit or not. If it's non-refundable, then you would lose the deposit if you cancel any time after booking.
  9. Carnival shortened the time for online check in to 45 days prior to sailing. The final payment date has not changed.
  10. Our February 6 cruise still has a November 8 final payment but our check in has been moved to 45 days prior on December 23.
  11. I think cruising will start. In fact, I would not be surprised if there were a few short, 3 or 4 day, cruises by the end of October. The question is, where to sail to that will take Americans. It's getting pretty late to cancel beginning of November cruises. We keep waiting and looking daily for an October cruise.
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