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  1. Thank you! We're looking forward to next week.
  2. We have booked oceanview cabins on the Paradise a few times and always got an oceanview cabin. If it matters, we are Diamond but that had no influence. Never received an upsell call, on any cruise, ever.
  3. Thanks. Just wondered if anyone had specific dimensions. They certainly look larger and I don't accept the Carnival person who said they are all the same and to ignore the deck plans. Sometime in the next year or so we should get accurate info.
  4. Does anyone have actual cabin/balcony sizes for the Mardi Gras 8J cabins mid ship that bow out? I've called and been told that all 8J cabins have the same dimensions even though the balconies towards the middle look much larger. They said to disregard the deck plan and just take their measurements. I know the ship is not out yet but was just wondering if anyone had other information. I booked right in the middle for a large balcony but I'm being told it is not. Thank you!
  5. Hello, my husband George and I (Linda) are sailing on the Oosterdam on April 6, 2019, 7 days Tropical Caribbean. We have been on many cruises on various lines but mostly Carnival. This is our second time on HAL. Same ship and cabin but the other was Alaska.
  6. I haven't heard anything either. I started looking at midnight and still nothing. Have not received an email, and I can't find our anything from their website or Facebook page. I sent a note through Messenger and an email. Hope we hear something soon.
  7. Has anyone with a Noon arrival time in Tampa for the Paradise been able to get in the terminal earlier? We are Diamond but our friends, not in the same cabin, are Gold. We would like to get there before 11. We are sailing tomorrow. Thanks
  8. Maybe I missed your sail date, but if you are not past the final payment date even if you paid it off you can still get insurance including pre-existing conditions. Check Nationwide. In fact, you can even buy this even after final payment is due. Good luck and hope everything works out well for you.
  9. We decided on 5188 and I'm sure we will be happy with it. Thanks all!
  10. We're trying to choose an aft facing balcony on the Oosterdam. We are looking at decks 4 or 5. We like the aft facing balconies and have had them on other cruises. We do like some sun but shade is good too. It looks like the balconies on deck 5 are larger and we would like to have a couple of loungers on the balcony. We also don't want to sacrifice cabin space for balcony space. Which would you choose and why? Thank you!
  11. Those are 2 different books. The one you buy is for use in the ports. The free one is for use on the ship. Never gotten either.
  12. I usually get a Bloody Mary with no ice and keep it until later since I don't want a drink that early.
  13. There is an area somewhere on Lido, maybe by the pool, that serves late breakfast. Should be open until about Noon. Check the Fun Times. You can request that scrambled eggs or omelets be made with real eggs and not the liquid, both in the MDR and on Lido. If you get Eggs Benedict in the MDR, ask for the sauce on the side. There is tea time on every sea day about 3 or 3:30. Interact with the crew. That is one of the best parts of the cruise for us. It's especially fun when you meet someone you know on other cruises. Fill up empty water bottles on Lido. The water is fine. Bring a clock for the room. Shampoo and shower gel are provided in the shower but we bring our own and conditioner. There is a hair dryer but we bring our own. You can request twice daily cabin service. We do. Take lots of pictures with different backgrounds. You are not obligated to buy any of them. You can order as much as you want in the dining room. There is room under the bed for luggage. Have a great time and enjoy your vacation.
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