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  1. If you are going to be travelling as day trips, you might want to consider basing yourself somewhere outside of Amsterdam; less expensive and less crowded.
  2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Excursion from the Main I think.
  3. If @Host Jazzbeauhas a picture go ahead. If not, I will let him declare a wild card.
  4. It looks a lot like the Blue Star artwork on Murano Island, Venice but the area around it doesn't look right.
  5. I think that is because Australians have considerably more vacation time than Americans (and Canadians but we aren't quite as stingy with it), and they generally have to come farther in order to join up, so they go for longer trips. Not a river cruise, but when I cruised with Voyages to Antiquity, I found that they generally marketed differently to different countries; for North Americans they had basically 2 week cruises that could be combined into 4 weeks, while I discovered that to Australians they marketed them as 4 week cruises.
  6. I'm in that group. From CTV Toronto news The remaining supply of AstraZeneca in Ontario will be reserved for second doses. Officials said that data from the United Kingdom shows there is a much lesser risk of VIIT following the second shot of the vaccine. The province is waiting for more data before making any further announcements on second doses of AstraZeneca or whether the vaccine can be paired with a different COVID-19 shot.
  7. I think it is possible that you might get better protection by mixing the two types, BECAUSE they work differently. But I am not a doctor or immunologist so this is just a layman’s comment.
  8. Canada is waiting on the UK on this I think. I was one of the first to get AZ in Ontario, and I am not due to get my second shot until “after June 30”. While I would happily move that up, there is some time before we are due in order to figure out what the second shot ought to be.
  9. This is from the Avalon FAQ. Clothing & Dress Code Your comfort is our first concern. Onboard and onshore dress codes are casual. Please bring comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing. Dinner attire is casual—open-neck shirts and slacks for men; slacks, skirts, or dresses for ladies. Coats and ties may be worn if preferred. The Welcome and Farewell Dinners in Europe are dressy, but not formal. On the Mekong, Ganges, Amazon, and Galápagos, dress attire, including coats and ties, is not recommended due to the warm, humid climate.
  10. In Israel they call any English speaker an "Anglo-Saxon".
  11. I find that amazing. It wasn't that long ago that the Netherlands were quite anti credit cards; many places were cash only. Times do change.
  12. Alberta is currently the province with the highest level of infections.
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