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  1. Once I cleared my cache everything looks fine.
  2. My desktop running Firefox is unusable. The forums are on top of the site map and I can’t open anything. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I intend to. I get in early afternoon, and we don't board the barge until the next afternoon. Hotel is right by the cable car.
  4. I know that they have been testing the app lately, so maybe it is partly working. Anyway, using Safari on your iPad should be quite easy; I use it on my iPhone with no problems. (Never understood why the app has been available in the Apple Store when it wasn't working, but not my call.)
  5. What app are you talking about? The CC forums app has not been working since October 2018. Some people have been successful using Tapatalk, but it too has some issues.
  6. My bike and barge tour in May goes to most of the same places, we start in Koblenz, with stops in Cochem, Zell, Bernkastel, Trier, Saarburg, Remich and finishing up in Metz. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Laundromats in Europe are generally not cheap either, and really are a waste of your time. And what happens if the ship has to leave early; do you leave your laundry behind? As @WisRiver said, wash a few things and send others to the laundry on board.
  8. I really enjoyed the Viking ship museum In Roskilde. Inside there are the ships and displays but outside there is all sorts of stuff going on from crafts to talks on aspects of Viking shipbuilding and sailing.
  9. I would assume that the same walking tour would be in the Scandinavia Guidebook as well as the Scandinavian and Northern European Cruise Ports Guidebook. The cruise version doesn't go as far afield from the cruise ports, but would cover DIY options in town and nearby.
  10. You might try unfollowing old threads and following them again.
  11. Just asking. Wouldn't 6 adults in a vehicle (plus a driver) vastly limit your vehicle possibilities?
  12. Just asking. Wouldn't 6 adults in a vehicle (plus a driver) vastly limit your vehicle possibilities?
  13. Road Scholar is the opposite of a la carte.
  14. Tickets must be purchased on line. There are no longer any sales at the door, so no long lines. Check the website for details.
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