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  1. gnome12

    Tour company "required" info

    I would think they want proof that you HAVE travel insurance.
  2. I wouldn't concentratr so much on your ship, because there is a good chance that you might be starting on another ship. Just concentrate on the itinerary and any Ama ship on it.
  3. gnome12

    Cruise Critic APP didn´t work

    I have to start reading my own responses. I hate Apple's auto fill. I did type app.
  4. gnome12

    Cruise Critic APP didn´t work

    The appeared is no longer supported anywhere. At the moment you must use a mobile browser.
  5. gnome12

    Cancellation insurance

    There is also an insurance forum under cruise discussion topics. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/
  6. Thanks for the pictures. I didn't see much of Dordrecht on my bike and barge ttip; I spent a few hours in the hospital getting a cast on my wrist. At least it was near the end of my trip as my cycling days were over.
  7. gnome12

    Water levels on the Rhine 2019

    You write as if it is the timing of the snow melt that counts. What if there is very little snow this winter (i.e. a continuation of the drought)? That would wreak further havoc on those that rely on the rivers for any commercial purposes.
  8. gnome12

    Lodging in Vancouver

    Thank you. I haven't figured out how to post urls and don't want to learn on my phone.
  9. gnome12

    Am I logged in or not?

    I have found on my phone if I click on the newspaper icon on the blue bar (activity streams) and then on boards on the white bar above it, then it knows that I am logged in. This started happening yesterday.
  10. gnome12

    Lodging in Vancouver

    This should be posted in the North American Homeports section. This is for help using the boards.
  11. gnome12

    countdown clock/signature

    That is funny. I can see signatures, but Angela's shows up as countdown.pl?image=Beach-9&name=Angela&d to me right now.
  12. gnome12

    countdown clock/signature

    I use Chrome on my desktop and can see my signature and other's with no problem. You can't see signatures on the mobile site.
  13. gnome12

    Visa service - China, Cambodia, Vietnam

    For Vietnam you might look at visa by email from the Embassy. The advantage is that you don't have to send in your passport, they send you back a paper visa to put in the passport. (I'm pretty sure that this is now available to Americans; it wasn't last year.) You might want to check out the latest info in the River Cruising forum, since those doing the Mekong need Vietnamese and Cambodian visas.
  14. Others have noted that too, particularly with regard to bold fonts. Everything looked fine in preview, but the final version didn't seem to be bold.
  15. It all looks fine to me; I'm using Chrome on my desktop.