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  1. I agree. At most I will lose my deposit. I’ve accepted that. I don’t want to lose more. Sorry for your difficulties. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I have a land trip to Africa booked with Vantage for February 2021. It no longer shows up as being available (the first date they show is July 2021 and there are dates that show as sold out. It still shows up in My Portfolio. I chatted with a rep last week, and they claimed that the trip is a go, and that they sometimes remove trips that are sold out. I have less than 2 months until final payment. Unless something changes drastically before that date, I will not make final payment. I'm hoping that they cancel before then, although I don't know about getting my deposit back. If I get only a credit (assuming that they do actually cancel) like @deec any trip I would book would be much closer to departure.
  3. On a phone there is a little flag that shows up when you hover. Top tight corner of the post. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Avalon may be open to Canadians, but I doubt that very many Canadians are ready to travel anywhere right now.
  5. Our province (Ontario) as well as Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia are all on the uptick. In Ontario, we have decreased the number of people allowed in non-monitored spaces to 10 indoors and 25 outdoors (from 25 and 50 respectively). Monitored spaces like restaurants, reception halls, and movie theatres are still at the old limits. While our infection numbers are as high as they were back in the spring, we have few hospitalizations which is very different. Personally, I go out only to grocery shop or cycle (with a few other stops sometimes) or to cycle. People are generally good at wearing masks, but we are starting to get some anti-mask demonstrations too.
  6. My next trip is supposed to be a trip to East Africa in February. I notice that the trip has been removed from the Vantage website (the first date they show for this trip is now July 1) but in an online chat with them yesterday they tell me the trip is a go. I have no intention of travelling that early; I'm hoping that they will cancel before the final payment date which will mean at least credit for my deposit (I would prefer cash back but I'm certainly not going to expect it). However, I will not make final payment for sure. The next trip after that is a bike and barge on the Moselle in September 2021 (which replaced the one that was cancelled in May). Since it is sort of river cruise-ish, I keep up on what is happening on this board. But with only 12 double cabins on board, and a few crew members, the numbers will be smaller and we will become mostly our own bubble. And most of the daily travel is outdoors on your bike, although there is some touring. Even for that, I have some doubts about whether it will doable, even though it is a year from now.
  7. Yesterday they announced the cancellation of this year's Toronto Christmas Market. It is held in a very old part of Toronto, and there is really no way to rearrange it to allow for physical distancing.
  8. Why do you think amend your booking won't work? Have you tried it? Give both reservation numbers and ask to combine them. Obviously won't work if all selections, but if there is 8anywhere for a note I would put it there. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. This one is. On the premier inn website at the bottom there is a contact us entry https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/contact-us.html On that page there is an option to amend your booking. I would try that.
  10. For the OP, note that it is Premier Inn, not Premium Inn. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Are you blocking pop-ups perhaps? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Click on your user name. (On my desktop it is in the top right.) Click on Profile. You will see your most recent posts, and also a spot to click for "See my activity".
  13. I had one day in Bangkok after my Irrawaddy trip. I had a 6 am flight from Yangon so I was pretty tired, and I was kind of templed out. I did a bike tour a bit off the beaten path combined with a boat tour. I had planned to go to an evening market, but I was exhausted so I just packed for my flight the next morning. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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