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  1. gnome12

    AMA 2023

    It says it in my email. 46 night trip. We are thrilled to announce our most remarkable experience on the rivers to date, brought to you by our very own Co-Founder, Rudi Schreiner: AmaWaterways' Seven River Journey Through Europe. Never before offered in the history of river cruising, this phenomenal 46-night exploration of Europe sails through fourteen fascinating countries and includes brand-new excursions as well as the exclusive experiences only AmaWaterways provides. Watch our video for a sneak preview and stay tuned for more!
  2. It is! I hope that I will get a chance to see it in September, but it is feeling less and less likely.
  3. Vantage has just announced that they are postponing all journeys through August 25.
  4. If you reread @notamermaid’s post it does say from Paris is downstream. Paris as a highlight post-cruise is upstream.
  5. Perhaps they have seen how few trips have sailed successfully over the last few years?
  6. I think that it might be Cambodia, on the road between Siem Reap and where we boarded the ship on the Tonle River. We stopped for lunch along the way. I remember avoiding the insect market at the stop.
  7. The crew is generally young and from all over. There may be no way to get them vaccinated yet.
  8. I have been kicked off Safari on my iPhone a few times.
  9. It is hard to set a hard and fast time, but I didn’t want to get into time zone conversions.
  10. Wild card. Maybe we can try and let someone who hasn’t posted a picture have a chance for the rest of Saturday.
  11. And Ontario is only vaccinating over 80s in a few locations; province-wide they start March 15.
  12. I have attended sing-along Sound of Music showings a few times now. They are hokey, but a lot of fun. I sing along to most musicals when I watch at home, but I do live alone. (I've also been to sing-along Mamma Mia! and sing-along Hairspray.)
  13. Canada just approved AstraZeneca today. This news doesn't sound helpful for us either.
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