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  1. Even if there is a prepaid gratuity option check to see what it covers. It still may not cover local guides, just ship's personnel and cruise director.
  2. Even without the notice, bookmarking the page makes sense.
  3. Talk to your card issuer and find out whether your card can be used in the countries you want, and if so whether it is at particular banks only. You do know that there are 2 main networks, Citrus and Plus? Check the logos on your card, and then search the websites of those operators to find out where the card can be used. You might want to read this with its links https://www.smartertravel.com/atms-abroad-travelers-need-know/
  4. If you have to dial the 44 you don't use the zero. If you don't dial 44 you need the zero.
  5. What direction are you going? I went from Hanoi to Siemens Reap then we cruised the Mekong back into Vietnam. This required a multiple entry Vietnam Visa, which I applied for by email through the Vietnamese Embassy in Ottawa. Ama arranged for the Cambodian Visas for us when we flew to Siem Reap.
  6. Yes, but that shouldn't be done from within a roll call, rather from the ship name.
  7. The flowers in Keukenhof don't get cut, although they do get past their prime and will be trimmed. But they plant flowers that will bloom and different times, so there is likely to still be some left. The flowers being cut refers to the bulb fields all over the Netherlands (not the ones in Keukenhof, although from the windmill in the garden it is possible to see bulb fields), where flowers are grown for the bulbs. They are cut fairly soon after they bloom, so you are unlikely to see too many of them. This is a picture of a tulip field. Keukenhof is gardens, meant to be seen. The displays are designed to look beautiful. I can't seem to copy a picture of Keukenhof, but here is a link to the website where there is a video. https://keukenhof.nl/en/what-is-keukenhof
  8. Maybe that is part of it, but there are 60 countries whose nationals will have to apply for an ETIAS. It isn't a visa; it is a pre-approval to enter the Schengen Zone. By the way, it doesn't begin until 2021.
  9. I don't think that was a TA. It was a tour company, a sister company to Avalon.
  10. The Chef's Table is a capacity limited tasting menu. All passengers are allowed to book it for one night. The Captain does not attend. On some of my cruises there has been a Captain's table, although not every night. You can't book it; you might be invited to attend.
  11. You can no longer line up for entrance to Anne Frank House; all tickets must be purchased in advance. Regular tickets go on sale 2 months in advance. https://www.annefrank.org/en/museum/tickets/
  12. I still think that Keukenhof is the best place to see tulips. You might still have some tulip fields at that date, but most of them will have been cut. Keukenhof should still have beautiful flowers.
  13. Or more to the point, getting Google cameras out to take the pictures.
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