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  1. Sailing on the Ama Dara in one month. How are the wines they serve with lunch and dinner? Are they good wines or inexpensive wines? Any tips on this trip? We are also doing the land portion.
  2. We are looking at hotels in Nice for a 3 night stay early April 2019. Any thoughts on Mercure Nice Promenade Des Anglais vs. Holiday Inn Nice Center or Best Western Plus Hotel Brice Garden?
  3. patrinka

    Ama Dara

    Has anyone been on the Ama Dara Vietnam/Cambodia trip recently? I would love to get some suggestions and comments.
  4. Thank you. How about returning to the airport from the city hotel? Is it easy to get a taxi from the hotel and the cost approximately the same?
  5. Actually, our flights from the U.S. are to Bangkok. We are staying there a few days and do not need a Visa to arrive in Thailand. We then booked air separately from Bangkok to Vietnam so this is where we need the Visa to enter. From everything I have read we can use the Visa on Arrival multiple entry - cost is $50. plus $20. fee per person.
  6. We are arriving in Bangkok and need transfers to our hotel in the city. Is a taxi the best method and what does one cost approximately? Do we need THB to pay for the taxi?
  7. We are flying premium economy in the fall. Hope that it is comfortable. Sounds like Eva is a great airline.
  8. From what I have been advised the approval letter is all we need to depart from the U.S. Once we enter the airport in Hanoi we take the approval letter with photo's to the VOA counter and then get the actual Visa. I certainly hope this is accurate. I have read a number of reviews and this is what people have done.
  9. From what the cruise line has told me we can not use an e-visa for entering vietnam by cruise ship. We first enter via airport and then re enter via cruise ship. I was told a Visa on Arrival with multiple entry is the way to go. Hope this information is accurate!
  10. You are correct that e-visas are only for airport landing. However, from what I have read there is a visa on arrival that you can get the approval letter in advance and then pick up the visa at the airport. As long as you arrive by air then you can do a multiple visa and go in and out of Vietnam anywhere. This is what I have read and trying to determine that it is correct.
  11. We will be flying into Hanoi and spending 3 days there. Flying to Siem Reap, Cambodia for 3 days and then boarding a river cruise. We will then re-enter Vietnam via Tan Chau (on the river cruise). I believe that we can do a Visa on Arrival Multiple Entry since we enter Vietnam via Hanoi Airport and then re-enter via a port. Anyone have recent experience with this? If so what agency did you use for the VOA online application and letter? There are a lot that do this service and it is way less expensive than a Visa Service in the US.
  12. I saw a few weeks ago someone posted the wine menus from the Seaside. We are purchasing the wine package but would like to see what wines they have. Also, drinks by the glass. Can someone please tell me where the post is or re post as I can not locate it. Thanks!
  13. I believe I read a post that you can purchase a pre paid card for kids to use on the zip line, arcade games, bowling etc. and if you purchase a specific amount you get a bigger credit? Pay $50 and get $60? Is this correct? Can you purchase this in advance?
  14. What is the dress code for the dining room? I am reading everything from jeans and t shirts to formal wear. What actually is the protocol?
  15. Thanks for the replies. Would you do Bora Bora over Moorea? It seems that people suggest Moorea as you can get there on the ferry. How long does the ferry take?
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