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  1. We are on the June sailing! I heard the September sailing is also sold out!
  2. Thank you. The itinerary we want is only on the Jade and Nautica. We will not be reserving the Haven or Penthouse on either. I know that Oceania is more luxurious but is it worth $4000. more? We are considering a balcony stateroom on the Jade.
  3. Thank you. How was the food? I have read mixed reviews and some said it was average.
  4. I am looking at the Jade for Nov 22 vs Nautica for same time frame. The itinerary is very similar however the cost on the Nautica is about $2000. more per person with similar perks. I have not been on either line in a while but years ago really enjoyed NCL. Both ships are older and neither has been refurbished recently (2017) for Jade and Nautica has not yet and not sure that will happen since covid. For $4000. difference for a couple what are your thoughts? How is the Jade and how is the food? I have read mixed reviews on both ships. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have a current wine list with wines by the glass? I can only find a dining room menu from 2018. Interested in the premier beverage package but can't see many decent wines under $12.
  6. I was told it is the first night but can change.
  7. Are either of these stores open on Sunday?
  8. We have a flight out of Honolulu at 7:30 am. What time should we leave the hotel in the Waikiki area to get to the airport? Flight out is on a Sunday.
  9. Can someone please confirm that the Wind Spirit still has snorkel equipment available for use during the cruise. Can you take a set and keep it in your stateroom for the cruise?
  10. We will have 9 people traveling together and would like a guide to pick us up at the airport and take us to Pearl Harbor and the surrounding sites for the afternoon. Any suggestions?
  11. I can't figure out this ferry schedule. Is there a place at the pier to purchase wine to take on board?
  12. We will be sailing on the Wind Spirit in October. We are taking the ferry from Moorea early Sunday morning arriving in Papeete. I believe we can not get on the ship until 1 pm. Does the ferry dock close to where the Wind Spirit is docked? Do you know if we can leave our luggage at the ship and wander for a few hours before we board? Is the pier close to the market and is it opened on Sunday? Any information on this sailing would be appreciated!
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