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  1. JRG - If you read through the past threads, you'll see how divisive this subject has become since its inception last November. No change at the present - still just on the two newest ships. All the info you need is in those threads. HAL probably wishes they would disappear, as they are generally unkind to the concept and execution. You are seeing more positive comments now, but HAL has lost long-time loyal customers in the process.
  2. Thanks for posting your experiences - so disappointed to hear that so much was not up to the usual Celebrity standard! I am paying particular attention because we are on the Eclipse going from Hawaii back to Vancouver at the end of this month. And we have two couples joining us, at our suggestion. So I'm feeling a little extra stress now hoping everything will go smoothly. We're all in Aqua and all have cruised before in Aqua. Wonder if a high % of the crew was at the end of their contract or maybe many new hires? Not an excuse, just thinking out loud. Certainly no reason to run out of food and good drink! Again, thanks for sharing and here's to much improved Celebrity cruises in your near future!
  3. Hi tfred - well, Virgin Voyages has bigger balconies on their ship, debuting in 2020. I guarantee you that we will enjoy our balcony (our suite balcony is almost 400 sq. ft.!) and drink (no drink package is offered - interesting move on Virgin's part) and gamble. All food venues are included so no problem there. They're bucking the norm, of course because they're Virgin, but to say "no one" is not correct.
  4. Was there a huge outcry when the S class debuted with queen-size beds? Don't remember any. The problem in the IV is not the length so much as the width of the bed. It is too big for the room layout and caused them to shorten the length of the veranda to accomodate the bed. We have a queen-size bed in our home. If I'm paying big bucks for a cabin, a larger veranda, folding doors that are air tight, and blackout curtains on the cabin side of the folding doors are much more important than a king sized bed. I'm sure I'll be flamed for this comment, but if you need a bed so big that you can't (or don't want) to reach over and touch your partner, you have more important issues than bed size!
  5. Hey Tom - Have to laugh...Looks like we'll all be skewing their age demographic big time. I'll be 68, my wife is not far behind and we're on your same cruise - doing a back-to-back starting on 9/13/20! Think VV's "young at heart" phrase is more about having the right attitude than anything else. Age is just a number (but it does get us free gym memberships!). We'll see you there with drinks in our hands as well. Cheers!
  6. There is no co-ed free sauna. There is a co-ed sauna as part of the fee based spa.
  7. There are a variety of individuals, duos, trios and larger bands playing at various venues throughout the day and evening. There may be jazz in the Grand Plaza earlier in the day and a larger group playing classic rock in the evening. We saw an individual guitarist playing in the rooftop garden in the afternoon and I have seen pictures of larger groups there at different times of the day. The club has live groups and DJs. The White party on deck around the pool one night had a great live band playing more current music followed by a great DJ. Live music back in Eden as well. No one style of music in any venue. Lots of options. Loved the cruise!
  8. No Celebrity ship is really geared toward ballroom style dancing. I know djs provide a bit on some ships, but even Holland America has eliminated live bands playing ballroom style music. Too bad, because their two story Queens Lounge on their new ships provides a nice sized dance floor with a stage large enough to support a great big band! Cunard probably is your best bet, both in the dance opportunities and their offer of a classier, more formal feel.
  9. No argument here - but it's important to present facts. Zephyrhills Spring is not salt-free. It has up to 6.8 parts per million (ppm) of sodium, up to 2.2 ppm of nitrate, up to 12 ppm of sulfate, plus other impurities and a total dissolved solids (tds) of 110-240 ppm. Fiji is not salt-free. It has 93 ppm of silica, plus other impurities and a tds of 222 ppm. The lower the tds number, the purer the water. Most companies who provide purified water ( Dasani, Smartwater, Sparkletts, Kirkland and Celebrity come to mind) all use either reverse osmosis or distillation to remove the impurities, including those listed above. Then they add a small amount of elements or electrolytes for taste, usually to a level of only about 25 ppm. So all of these waters are much purer than any spring water. Taste is completely subjective - you are used to water with a higher tds. I prefer purer water with a lower tds. But now you have the facts. Your choice.
  10. Please , don't start false rumors! The ship's water (especially the Celebrity water in the containers) DOES NOT have a higher sodium content! COMPLETELY FALSE! The food may have a higher sodium content, but not the water.
  11. hcat, a bit off topic, but I must take issue with your water comments. Fiji water, just because it is positioned as one of the most expensive waters on store shelves, doesn't make it better. Because it is spring water CERTAINLY doesn't make it better. I owned a water purification company for 20 years, starting in the early 70s and saw the level of impurities steadily increase in Arrowhead spring water, as demand increased and they had to draw from more lower quality springs. Yet people continued to think that because it came from a spring, it was pure. NOT TRUE! The water in the Celebrity containers is very high quality and produced by a process to make the taste and quality very consistent. What is "bad" to you? Does seeing it in an aluminum container trick your brain into tasting metallic? I could taste no such off taste, and I have a very sensitive palate when it comes to water. Does "thick" taste better to you? "Thick" is my description of water with higher TDS (total dissolved solids) or impurities. Celebrity water in containers has a low TDS. I understand taste is subjective, but please don't suggest Celebrity lower their standard to simply offering spring water in containers!
  12. We also enjoyed our Edge cruise. Curious if they are considering making the folding doors in the IV air tight to allow the AC to stay on, and putting blackout curtains on the inside of the folding doors to allow access to the veranda in the early morning without disturbing your partner? These two changes would make the IV much more acceptable to cruisers! Downsizing the bed to a queen would give them room to enlarge the veranda, allowing for normal lounge chairs and a larger table. I loved the IV concept, but it needs help. Will be following your thread to read of any improvements they mention. Enjoy your short cruise!
  13. Every Holland America ship offers free single-sex saunas either in the locker area, across or down the hall, or near the pool entrance to the Spa area. The Thermal Suite on HAL is a seperate, fee based space. Unlike other cruise lines, HAL has NOT removed the free option during drydock "upgrades". Thank you HAL!
  14. Can't believe I actually agree with ronbe65 on this one! Club Orange has been a rotten idea from to beginning. Bad for so many reason. It has to go away!
  15. Not a problem, they won't hold you back. Simply a way to try to keep everyone from arriving at once. Boarding usually starts around 11:30 or so.
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