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  1. Completely agree, and this over about a two hour period. Not fair to have people who have no clue about the HAL pub crawls making up "facts". The pub crawl on the Eurodam at the end of April was the same night as the Orange night celebration and ended in the B.B.King lounge. Very fun!
  2. It is breakfast and dinner only and the HAL news release states that on ships other than the two newest, a portion of the main dining room will be set aside for CO guests. There is no mention of any strutural seperation, so there probably won't be any change in the ship's layout PDF. If they are consistent, Pinnacle Grill will closed to Suite guests for breakfast.
  3. Glad you agree....We did mention it. Didn't get much of a response. Also sent a detailed email to HAL. Our cruise ended on May 25th. Still no response at all from HAL.
  4. Sorry to burst the bubble, but I just talked to my Viking agent who talked to Operations. Viking has NO PLANS to eliminate the smoking areas on top of any of their Viking Ocean ships. It makes no sence that Viking, in their own website and print brochures, would list no smoking as a reason to book their ships, when their actual policy is no different than 90% of the cruiselines. 😕
  5. Sorry to have started this thread. Just talked to my Viking agent who talked to Operations. There is no plan to eliminate the smoking areas on top of any of the Viking Ocean ships. Makes no sence that Viking's own advertising, both in print and on their website, states that no smoking is something that makes their ships different. Their actual policy is no different than 90% of the cruise lines.
  6. I had posted on the other non-smoking thread on ships to correct someone who said Viking was non-smoking, but she came back saying her brochure said...Then someone else posted the page in the newest brochure and circled the no smoking part of the "What Viking is Not". He stated it was a new policy to go into effect soon. Since I also saw this on Viking's site with no exceptions listed, I believed it to be true, especially when (with the exception of the iffy "no lines" comment), everything else on that page is true. Sorry if I took Viking literally. Why is it in their literature and website?
  7. No, on our first PS cruise, when we ordered breakfast in our Suite, the room service person came and offered to set the dining room table with a table cloth, etc. When we had afternoon tea for four delivered, it was set on our dining room table, just like the restaurant, with a white table cloth and all the extras you would expect at high tea. There was never a special request for this level of service. If you haven't been in a Pinnacle Suite, you need to know that there is an actual dining room with a dining table that could seat at least six comfortably, and next to that a cabinet with a complete set of Waterford crystal, special silverware and all the other items necessary for a fabulous meal and a separate room (butler's pantry) that even has its own entrance. Based on our first PS cruise, we had a reasonable expectation of the service level on our next PS cruise. When we got our first breakfast delivered without any offer of a table cloth or anything else, I thought it was odd, but was it my fault for not complaining? I didn't want to be "one of those people"! When we requested dinner in our Suite from the Neptune Lounge Concierge, I fully expected the experience everyone else on this thread has described. We got exactly what someone in an inside cabin would get - covered dishes on a tray. Was I supposed to specifically request two servers, white linen service and don't forget the crystal? Again, I didn't want to be "one of those people", but at this level of Suite and pricepoint, it should be the norm. Based on everyone else's comments, it is.
  8. The picture of the page of Viking's latest brochure is posted on a Celebrity thread someone recently started asking if there were any non-smoking ships. Post #40 by DrKoob shows the page titled "What Viking is not". Sorry I don't know to copy that page to here. He circled no smoking.The same information shows up on Viking's website when you click on the subject "What Viking is not".
  9. It was just brought to our attention that in their new brochure, Viking is instituting no smoking on their ships! There is no mention of any limited area outside for smoking. On our January Sky cruise, there was a small area on top of the ship in the snow where smoking was permitted. They certainly will be leading the industry with this policy. We are thrilled to see this! I'm sure some others will not be so happy.
  10. Wow! That is a great change in their policy. We have a cruise booked with them next year. Thanks to you both for the update! Will love our next cruise with them even more!
  11. I just looked up the page on what Viking is not and you are right, it does say no smoking. Strange because there was definitely a smoking area with ash trays and several chairs filled with smokers IN THE SNOW on the top deck. Getting rid of smoking completely would be great! If that is their new policy, they should be making a big deal about it!
  12. We were on the Viking Sky in January, and they DID have a smoking section outside on top of the ship. So inside is 100% non-smoking, but not the entire ship.
  13. Hi CTOM - We are much like you. You will love the space and privacy of the Pinnacle Suite. We had a table for two in the MDR most nights and the service was fine. Kazu's description is correct. The Concierge is very respectful of any request you have and can make room service aware that you don't want anything special, just delivery. Be sure to express your wish to the Concierge in the Neptune Lounge when you first arrive. After reading all the reports of how dinner is usually presented in the PS, we were really looking forward to a romantic dinner or a romantic breakfast. But as you read in my comments in a previous post, we never got either, just delivery. Very disappointing for us. But it would have been perfect for you.
  14. It's great that people have talked up this CO. So now HAL thinks it is a success and is rolling this out to the rest of the fleet. Oh, and they've lowered the price to make sure every seat is filled. But for those of us in Neptune Suites in anything other than the two newest ships, we're getting kicked out of our Pinnacle Grill for breakfast and get to eat in the MDR, with no food cooked to order in front of you. The rest of the fleet is not designed for open prep areas in the MDR and they 're not going to spend the money to convert. No way is breakdast and dinner in the MDR any kind of an upgrade. Why would anyone pay even $25 per day for the same food in the same space that is free to all? I've been flamed before, and I'm sure I will again, but I still believe that CO is flawed. Contrary to what others say, I don't hate HAL, but it certainly appears that they have opted for a short-term gain with CO without fully considering the loss of loyalty of 4 star Mariners (giving perks to CO that had been reserved for 4 star Mariners) , and the reduced value of their Suite product. CO offers most of the Suite perks, without the Suite price. Maybe their next step is to replace the Neptune Lounge with several inside cabins. Then they can just sell every cabin on the ship by the square foot. No perks for anyone. Okay, down off my soapbox.
  15. I agree about Cuba. Virgin would have been the newest ship going there. We went back in Oct. of 2017 and really enjoyed the experience. Hope the ban doesn't last long. I'm sure once more Virgin ships are available, they will be more creative with their itineraries, both the ports and lengths of their cruises. Just sea days are just fine with us, also! We already do that on cruises to Mexico - never get off the ship.
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