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  1. The refundable will probably work the way any refundable OBC from a travel agent would work - any left over is refunded back to your credit card at the end of the cruise. Just my guess. We're actually happy with the change since we weren't planning to get off the ship in Mexico anyway. Now we have one more day with no ocean movement. Mid 60s in San Diego is a little chilly for sunning by the pool, though. But we'll still have data access with our U.S. phone plan.
  2. The only two ships that have the separate dining area (fish bowl description) are the Pinnacle class ones - Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. All the rest have breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill and dinner in the MDR with CO menus for Neptune Suite and Pinnacle Suite guests. There is no plan to alter any of the other ship designs. CO guests do not eat in the Pinnacle Grill. They simply have a CO breakfast menu in the MDR.
  3. On Pinnacle ships, you are eating breakfast and dinner in the separate Club Orange venue. I believe everyone is "as you wish" dining. You can certainly request the same wait staff, but I don't see how they could guarantee that. Early on, someone posted their daily extra entree item for each evening, but lately, someone else posted the item is now "ask your server for the special". The item was different from anything normally offered on the menu. Perhaps a recent Pinnacle ship Club Orange guest can elaborate.
  4. Edge is definitely NOT geared to an older crowd. Lots of live performances with a variety of styles and sizes of groups. Not just piano and violin! Very similar to the list vtcruising provided above on post #6. We were on Edge last April.
  5. The $14/day fee only is for the classic drink package, not the premium drink package that is one of your perks. So no worries.
  6. In less there has been a change in the policy in the past month (there would have been a big pushback!), we have always charged our onboard account (not a cash account). Any balance is simply part of the balance of all charges made on the ship. Requiring a separate cash account would be completely lame!
  7. Mom C, I concur with you on many points. We were on Sojourn for our first Seabourn cruise a few weeks ago - loved it! The crew was great. The production singers were very talented and the two dancers - perfection! Sounds like we have similar tastes in water...I really liked the concept of the containers of water they offered, but it doesn't taste as refreshing as one of the better waters with a truly low level of impurities. Hopefully that will improve as time goes on. Just my opinion, but with 20 years experience in the water purification industry, I'm a pretty good water taste-tester.
  8. Holland America has eliminated large production shows with singers and dancers across their line. They do still have smaller performance groups - Step One Dance Company, Postmodern Jukebox (vocal group) and Cantare doing shows. I saw Step One on Oosterdam on the Coastal recently - they were quite good. They did two different shows on our cruise. I have seen a YouTube on Postmodern - creative take on a Megan Trainer tune which I enjoyed. Of course the quality of the performance depends on the talents of the individuals. You can probably YouTube all three groups to get a better feel for what they offer.
  9. Sounds like they cut and pasted from a Holland America excursion.
  10. If the crew comes from outside the US, and are appropriately paid, they will not expect a tip. Many areas around the world consider tipping completely unnecessary or insulting. Seabourn ships are a great example where the service is excellent and tips are NOT expected. Hopefully, VV will be similar.
  11. These pre "maiden" voyages are actually pretty common in the cruise industry. Early completion prompted pre cruises for both S and E class Celebrity ships. I'm sure other lines do the same. You should thank those before you willing to pay to be the guinea pigs working out the kinks. Sounds like Sir Richard has plenty of surprises planned for the first real cruise. Should be amazing!
  12. Somewhere I read that the "special event" for CO guests was at the Captain's discretion. Of course NS guests get special meet and greets, etc not open to CO guests. PS guests are invited to a personally escorted extended behind the scenes ship tour. A lot happens on the ship while most guests are completely unaware.
  13. Interesting that some have enjoyed hosted tables on HAL. We are four star Mariners, cruising since 1995 and we had never even heard of hosted tables. On our first cruise on Seabourn (12 nights) just two weeks ago, we were invited to a hosted table every night beginning on day two. Seabourn seems to have a more accessable crew policy which we found quite refreshing. Expanding such a policy on HAL would be a nice improvement.
  14. We really enjoyed hosted tables on Seabourn where guests are invited to join crew members or guest speakers at hosted tables for dinner. Very interesting conversation and the hosts were very good. Sorry, but Holland America does not do hosted tables. But, as others have said, those who are willing to join others at dinner are usually open to friendly conversation.
  15. I can confirm receiving both the large bar of the exfoliant soap and L'Occitane soap. The third bar was probably the hand soap mentioned above - just removed the packaging before looking.
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