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  1. The price for two for 14 days sounds pretty reasonable. Do you both typically use the Spa on a cruse? For some, the Spa is the highlight. I can't offer a educated opinion, since my wife hates to sweat - so we have never made use of it. The free single-sex sauna works fine for me. And we do enjoy the whirlpools together. Our cruise budget goes toward other activities. ☺
  2. Several around the pools on the lido deck. Open to all - bathing suits required.
  3. LAFFNVEGAS - Mimosas are complimentary in Pinnacle for breakfast. We enjoyed them two weeks ago!
  4. Sounds like many commenting have no idea about the CruiseCritic uproar that happened a few weeks ago. It wasn't about movies outside or in ComedyCentral, it was about the sudden elimination of free on-demand in stateroom movies. After hundreds of posts, calls and emails, Celebrity backed down and reinstated free in-cabin on-demand movies. Some don't partake, but for many, these offer an important option during chill time. So when the OP reported only one on-demand movie available, the calls began again - as it appeared Celebrity had broken their promise. However, after talking with Celebrity, they have again promised at least a dozen on-demand movies are available. Just making sure the promise is kept. As others have posted, maybe there is confusion during the selection process. So fix it!
  5. I just got off the phone with Captain's Club. They checked and confirmed that there are at least a dozen on-demand free movies available in your cabin on each sailing. So why was this not clear on Equinox? Has anyone else experienced this problem during the past month? Did you complain to the ship staff?
  6. So what the hell is going on here? There was a huge backlash several weeks ago when Celebrity announces no more free movies - it was now $14.95 per movie. After a major protest on CruiseCritic, Celebrity reversed their decision and brought back free on-demand movies. They began offering at least a dozen in-cabin on-demand movies. Sure, some people never watch them, but many enjoy some time in their cabins relaxing and catching up with a movie or two. Most major cruiselines offer lots of free movies. Guess it is time to start calling again. Please be sure to post responses.
  7. Folks - think outside the box. If your suitcase width is too wide, just OPEN the suitcase before sliding it under the bed. Problem solved. No need to lift the bed.
  8. I was on Edge back in April. There is NO single-sex sauna or steamroom on Edge. First Celebrity ship to not have one. VERY disappointed! ALL of the Spa spaces are co-ed with bathing suits required. Sorry!
  9. On both the Eurodam and our recent Oosterdam cruise, the Orange party was in BB King. To answer the question about buying something orange - they do have orange clothes in one of the shops. I might suggest a quick stop at your local Goodwill store. Plenty of orange this time of year. But orange is definitely NOT required! (Some people wore peach - I'll give them points for effort, especially with no pre-cruise warning!) The size of the venue does restrict the number of people who can attend. And the level of celebration does vary from ship to ship. On the Eurodam, the most enthusiasm occurred around 9:30, when the pub crawl group arrived. Lots of fun and wall-to-wall people on the dance floor. On our 6 night Oosterdam coastal cruise, no pub crawl, but still a fun evening with the energy of the BB King band.
  10. Also, the approach with Celebrity was to create the separate dining venue with a completely separate menu to increase the value for their higher level cabins. HAL's approach has nothing to do with added value for Suites. It is squeezing the last possible dollar out of those guests who want to cruise like Suite guests without paying Suite prices.
  11. I'm willing to bet that is not going to happen. They have spent almost zero dollars to implement this vision. It's now down to just a $15.00/person/day fire sale offer on some ships. Part of the $35/person draw on the two newest ships is the combo of open kitchen/see the prep/quick hot delivery. None of this can happen with just a wall.
  12. I find it kind of funny that they need an entire committee. The only change for Neptune Suite guests is a CO menu in the MDR and the addition of a dedicated express line in the anytime dining area for CO and Neptune guests. And there is a CO line at the guest services, which isn't needed by Neptunes. So a couple of signs and menus - that takes a committee? Maybe it is one person with bodyguards for protection from those opposed to the plan? 😁
  13. Interesting that you are so excited about the free laundry on HAL Neptune suites, but they don't offer any drinks, Internet or dedicated restaurants in their Suite package. I think most every other line offers so much more! And Celebrity has simply decided to reward loyalty with free laundry. Seriously, 7 day cruises should not require much laundry use anyway, unless you're not bringing any luggage.
  14. AA size and weight limits are normal. How do you even buy luggage that big? And why would you want to? Or have you never flown before? In that case, I'll be kinder, but I have a tough time keeping within the 50 lb range with regular size limits for longer cruises with formal nights or if we're in cooler climates. A 50% larger bag is crazy! I'd be why over the weight limit trying to half-fill the bag! And your back must kill you!
  15. Sorry, off topic (at least it was VIrgin related). Now back to uniforms - two thumbs up from us!
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