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  1. If you're talking about the bar tab preload with the extra $100 added along with up to $400 sailor loot offer - yes! Whether or not you qualify for the sailor loot depends on when you booked your cruise. They did that for us. But remember the bar $ can only be used at the bars on the ship or on Bimini.
  2. I agree that by offering a bar tab pre-load special in a dollar amount rather than just 15 drinks or unlimited will help to deter those crowds. Hope it works.
  3. I believe that is the comment from the author, not a quote from Virgin. No kids is one of the benefits I see quite often mentioned from posters as a reason for picking Virgin.
  4. Reasonable, yes, but I don't remember any instance on a ship where if the ship board credit is assigned to one person in the cabin, it could be transferred to anyone else. That is why I was wondering if my wife could use the app on my phone to buy a drink without my wrist band being there. That would make it so much easier and allow us to share the bar account.
  5. Yes, local taxes do apply. So the increased price if in port would be deducted from the balance on your account. All ships are required to charge it. Don't know of any that lower prices in port.
  6. We bought one for each cruise (we're doing a B2B in November). Any balance (like that's gonna happen!) cannot be transferred to the next cruise. The $300 (+$100 bonus) goes into one account assigned to one sailor. But that sailor can buy as many drinks at once as desired ( not just one at a time) and those can be shared. Wonder if the app (on a phone) can be in one part of the ship while my wrist thing is in another - with the ability to order from either?
  7. So 25% off drinks that were already reasonable. That sounds like a great deal! Thanks for the post.
  8. Just go to Virgin Voyages and click on suites - the couple pictured in the header is certainly not thirty-something years old. "Bransonite" is a good description. Good for everyone with the right attitude.
  9. Yes, easy on the phone. They have access to all available cabins, not just a computer generated option.
  10. Based on the location looking at google earth, I thought maybe they bought the Luna Beach club. But they were smart to use that as a buffer from the residential area further down the beach. Should be an amazing experience!
  11. Rbt001 - ah yes, casino perks...when the Casino manager recognizes us and greets us by name the first day without looking at the name on the machine, and we get free cabin and gambling money offers ... maybe we're spending just a bit too much time there! But we do love those perks!
  12. NCTribeFan - the prices on VV are not outrageous - prices are per cabin, not per person. They are very comparable to prices on other lines when a new class of ship debutes. You complain about the same old, same old but you are booked for 34 more nights of the same old. Why? We were on Carnival once - NEVER AGAIN! Break the mold and take that money and spend half the nights on a much better experience. You will never go back.
  13. And smoking is permitted in the casino on MSC at the discretion of the casino manager. Celebrity is 100% smoke-free.
  14. If you failed to see the Step One dance company, you blew it big time. It is not just "another dance group". This is a group of six extremely talented performers, utilizing the stunning range of the state-of-art visual capabilities of the Kdam stage (rain on the stage was amazing!). The sound was perfect, the music spanned 7 decades, the staging was creative, modern and so well done. I've seen the shows three times on two different ships. Best on the Kdam stage but a must-see on any HAL ship!
  15. No problem - we have gradually moved up the ladder - now staying in suites on some lines, just larger cabins on others. We like the extra square footage that the larger cabins provide and also enjoy a decent sized balcony. We are fond of cabins in the back of the ship. So the Cheeky Corner with the "even bigger balcony" seems like a perfect fit - not right under the top public deck where chair scraping can be an issue, and a few decks above the public space below. The included pick-up and delivery before and after the cruise, along with the perks of VIP access to the the top area of the ship and on Bimini are pretty cool. Always appreciative of everyone and of life. I've spoiled my wife and now there's no going back. 🙂
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