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    Tor's Corner

    Tor has posted his latest message on Viking.TV May 28th.
  2. No way! Remember they only have one or two ships to book. Others have way more. We'd also cancel if kids were allowed.
  3. They ARE offering 125% FCC OR a refund of money paid.
  4. There was an attempt back in July of 2011 to alter the PVSA with bill H.R. 2460. It would have eliminated the foreign port requirement for passenger vessels traveling for more than 24 hours with a portion being on the high seas. I don't believe the bill got out of committee in the House of Representatives. Now, after reading about the cruiseline tax benefits for the cruises remaining "foreign", I understand why there wouldn't be any support for such a bill from the cruise industry. I agree with others that regardless of the PVSA, with closed ports, 14-day quarantines, lack of available flights and no available vaccine, any cruiseline would have a VERY hard time filling a ship for the rest of 2020.
  5. Thanks for posting the explanation for those with covid-19 who use a CPAP machine.
  6. It is not safe for others to be in close contact with ANYONE with the virus, not just someone who has the virus with a CPAP machine. No one has ever suggested that CPAP machines prevent the spread of the virus. As I mentioned, a normal CPAP machine is not a closed system. Perhaps the revised design being developed is different.
  7. I don't understand the purpose of or the emphasis by the poster. I have used a CPAP machine for 30 years. It is used by many with sleep apnea to create a positive airflow to keep our airway open for normal breathing when we sleep. We breathe out normally. It is not a closed system. Anyone who has the virus could contaminate the surrounding air, not just CPAP users. We do not have compromised immune systems or other physical ailments and are no more likely to contract the virus than any other healthy human. So why the post?
  8. Thanks colbe for the Facebook notification. It helps to dispel some rumors. Facts are so important - as the two ships progress, I'm sure more updates will follow.
  9. Celebrity has just canceled all Alaska cruises through July 1. HAL shouldn't be far behind. Do wait for them to cancel to get better refund and FCC options from HAL.
  10. The cruise lines and airlines really need to be on the same page. If we reschedule our cruise to a similar one next May, it is a few weeks past the one year voucher being offered by the airline. Why don't they all offer vouchers through the end of 2021?
  11. Since they are on the ship away from any land or contact with people for 30 days and the virus has a 14 day exposure period, my math tells me there isn't any concern. I hope you didn't mean to but using the word sanitize twice in reference to the crew use of the cabins sounds like the crew is somehow less acceptable than any other guest using the cabin. They're welcome in my cabin anytime!
  12. Raising the outside of the white edge 3 feet, raising the water level to allow the loungers to be in the water like on Celebrity Edge (sorry, don't have an Edge picture for an easy visual) and thus making the dark blue area swimable, would help minimize the tiny pool problem without a major redesign.
  13. Sorry the Oct. Dates only apply to the Med. You are right.
  14. Ths website lists cruises through Oct. 2021.
  15. If I were Virgin, I'd really want to fill the Scarlet Lady's current schedule, especially with the second ship coming online next spring. Rebooking from the cancelled cruises these next few months will help. Unless they sell out of cabin options on multiple sail dates, I wouldn't count on future schedules at least until the first paying sailors in July and August.
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